Burn Victim Walks Around Naked

Burned Man Walking Around Naked

Burned Man Walking Around Naked

Possible self immolation aftermath shows a naked man walking around, very shamelessly I might add, with obvious burn wounds. I would imagine he is in a great deal of pain. The man keeps yelling but I don’t know what he is saying. As he aimlessly wonders around, the camera men capture him in all his nakedness.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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  1. I guess society says I should feel bad for the guy, and I kinda do but it’s one of the funniest videos I’ve seen. I wish I could buy one of these “people,” for a pet. It would sure help with my PTSD. Thanks for giving me a few seconds of REAL laughter, @african-angel and Best Gore.

      1. “Fair dinkum,” my Best Gore friend. Probably the best advice I’ve had since, “Don’t cum in her ass. She’ll just think you love her.” I really dodged a bullet then and am sure you’ve saved me from some horrific, yet welcomed death now. 🙂


        1. Damn, I just burned my hand on a frying pan and it hurts like hell…I can’t even imagine the pain this guy must be enduring. Had ice on it for a good few hours off and on…its fine when cold but take off the coolness for 5 seconds and it is comparable to being kicked in the nuts. Watching this doesn’t make me feel so bad now. If this guy did have any kind of dick i can imagine why its permanently retreated.

        1. The scientific term would be “Beaner wiener.”

          Here is the correct usage, my friend: “Why do Mexican women fuck donkeys? Because the donkeys are cleaner than Beaner Wiener.” This terminology lesson is free as a showing of fair play. Please don’t fuck up picking on Beaners again. (Fuck it. Pick on everyone! hehehehe)



          1. My dearest Kanpol….

            Here, let me help you a bit.

            “You’re a ‘lil weenie. Where I come from pieces of shit like you will have your head cut off quickly. I hope someday you will meet what you are looking for.”

            Now that that’s clear, I will take you up on the offer. I’m looking for a woman who will swallow. Since you sound like a helpful sort, I’ll be waiting for you. 😉


        1. much prefer you other face pic you look hunky on that one this one you look skinny and ur beard getting too long now its never ok for a bloke wether hes a hetero or gay or bi to let his beard n tache get groce like a santa type

          1. There, I changed my avi pic, because you savaged my last one.
            *drying my tears*

            My beard, acts as a camouflage, when I’m going face first into a hairy snatch.

          1. Ha! You wouldn’t be the first gay man to lust after me. In my youth ,i ‘d have gay men coming up to me all the time. If i turned gay ,i would go visit shiteaterfag first as i promised him and i always try to keep my promises. I’d beat him good and proper first though ’cause he has been a bad boy .

            Anyway ,you and your palm? You are good- looking ,intelligent,cashed-up and funny. I can’t see you having problems with the ladies.


          2. The only problem I have with the ladies, is where to bury the bodies, when I’m done with them. They’re really stacking up in my garage.

            I would love to visit Australia, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Aussie girls.

            BTW, don’t tell anyone about the serial killer thing, that could really mess up my dating action.

          3. @hopingfornemesis
            Aussies and yanks, have a lot in common.

            We both live in former British colonies, and the first European immigrants to settle, were tough, and adventurous.

            Unfortunately, now our countries, are filled with a bunch of fat, lazy and credulous boobs.

            In the States, we refer to them as, Boobus Americanus.

            I would still love to visit Australia. What state do you live in? I have heard, that the top end, has amazing opportunities for camping and adventure.

    1. “I wish I could buy one of these “people,” for a pet.”
      I’m alt-right and even I think it’s fucked up when people talk this way about anybody who isn’t white. The hell is wrong with you.

          1. I’ve tried to right click on a person’s name on here, like BlondeBitch99, but I can’t seem to find how to put through a friend request. I’m not trying to stalk ya, but figured I’d ask since you just posted a note. Do you know how to do it? I kinda thought it might be something I would be allowed to do. Hmmmm.
            Any help is appreciated, BlondeBitch99.


        1. To add a friend, click on the person’s name. Once their profile comes up, there will be a box beneath their picture that says “add friend”. Click that. You should be able to do it , seeing that you have “VIP” status. I don’t even have that. I’m gonna have to have a talk with higher ups.

          1. Bring knee pads and some Preparation-H. They’re pretty tough on requirements for VIP. ROTFLMAO. 🙂

            (Damn. Makes my jaw sore just remembering it.)

            ***UPDATE…I just tried that and there is nothing under the avitar of whomever I click on. I’m using Opera (most of the time via VPN, but it happens if VPN is on or not) and Have an iMac (iOS 10.14.6 – I just updated it earlier today, 31-8-19) I’ve also tried saying “Fuck, shit, piss and screw any times over, and with varying levels of sound. I even tried getting my amp to 11 but no luck)


          2. @honkeykong
            Hey big daddy, you have VIP status with me. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!, I’m not gay, just get that out of your mind right now.

            I have heard, that having VIP status on BG, is like being a high roller in Vegas. The taps are open, and the woman do anything you want, four way, five way, it doesn’t matter.

            Once you get your VIP status, maybe, you can put in a good word for me.

      1. That makes no sense at all. What does his race have to do with this? He said that he would like someone like that as a ‘pet’ because of his behavior. His race has nothing to do with it, if he were white he probably would have commented exactly the same thing. How does one bring up ‘alt right’ in this discussion amazes me.

          1. The Netherlands have always been small and thus forced by necessity to trade and be open with the rest of the world.

            They were a maritime power like England but culturally they were more into trade than power . So that national trait has been in them for a long time.

            Never strong nor interested enough in power ,they stuck to knowledge and making money which is why they excelled in novelties like tulips (originally a Asia Minor /Turkish Plant,printing books and why Jews were there when most other countries kicked them out.

            So they are the most romantic /passionate /cosmopolitan of the Teutonic Peoples if you will. Like modern Scandinavians . This makes the average Dutch person relatively open minded and tolerant so they travel to other countries due to them being close by and cheap to get to.

            This makes the Dutch generally nice people but it will fuck them as they are not discriminating. Their tolerance and acceptance of others has not and will not be reciprocated by the headchoppers. The latter see tolerance and Humanism as weakness and stupidity and take advantage of it.

            Holland is filled with filthy, obstinate,rabid and thankless Africans and Turcos laughing all the way into subsidised houses,paychecques and pussy whilst wanting to retain their own tribal mores. Fuck off cunts!

    2. I’m just wondering did he burn his fucking dick off or does he just have a thimble dick???? He’s probably better off dead i mean lets be realistic he will never be able to satisfy anyone with that little thing so he is just going to live a really lonely life anyways!

        1. My favouite cuisine is Indian (and similar). I absolutely LOVE that food!

          I did notice that you showed no love for the whole sexual encounter. Although strictly a mental exercise with Sea Otters, I’m sure you can appreciate a waterproof coat, strong jaws and a sweet face that just begs to be ripped open and eaten, as having a smoke after would just be unhealthy. As such I see that you may not be quite as committed to the whole “Gore Culture,” as your admiring public may have imagined you as being. As a showing of good standing, please do think of really perverted things to do to Sea Otters, as well as an invertebrate of your choice. (I wouldn’t pick a Box Jelly, though.) Share with the class young man, share with the class. 😉

          I hope this finds you well, or at least maintained through proper medication.

          ~peace my fellow fucked up friend.


          1. I can’t remember the last time i wanked my own dick . Isn’t that what we have women for?

            Lest you think me conceited, let me admit i could both wank off and fuck three to four times a day when i was much younger. Middle age is a coldhearted bitch and i hate her! So no ,it isnt that I look down on wanking ; it just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. I need the real thing ,a woman’s touch , know what I mean?

            Gore? You are right as I am not into gore. I only came on to witness what American-weaponised headchoppers were doing to people because i knew they would try to cover it up . Also I love analysing the crime s enes and animal attack posts etc .So then i just stayed on because of the good comments and people i have found here. Most are now gone and I feel like an orphan who will fade away soon.

            I did like the South Park san diego clip as it was funny but i liked American Dad and the other satirical comic series better. Lol

    1. I think you fucked up. I’m sure you meant 7.4 CM. Yeah…I’m white and if I get into cold water/weather I end up with a vagina. I’m happy with that lot in life as I’m still superior to the niggers, beaners and other sub-human jokes the aliens left here when they built Earth, AKA: “The Alien Ant Farm of The Universe.”


    2. 7.4 inches, really you have to add that .4???? Did you measure yourself???? are you 16???? Do grown azz men measure themselves, a damn real man doesn’t need too cause a real man can make us bitches cum whenever however he likes, its like a mind fuck, you make wanna beg you to fuck me thats a wrap , you own my body

      1. Sometimes length matters.

        I lost a friend back in 1965 when we were playing pepper. I batted the ball and it hit Dom halfway up the thigh. He started screaming like a fiend, and I found out the ball hit him in the glans.

        I just laughed like hell, and comments were made – not by me – regarding Sicily and ethnic and racial migrations and lengthwise tendencies. But I was less sensitive than Dom’s weenie and I continued to laugh, so that was the kiss of death baseball-wise.

    1. You’re starting to get the way of it, little boy.

      As I’ve told you in other messages (Anyone who wants to see the abuse this idiot will put up with, just check out my activity and see what kind of crazy, stupid shit I’ve written about this loser) “Please ask whomever reads and explains these posts to you to show you more about how to write. I give you and your helper monkey respect in the advancement in using the shift key. There’s still room for improvement, but you’re headed in the right direction. If you want to study ahead and learn about what a person might want to use an apostrophe for when they write, you might want to focus on this example: “Wont,” is really “Won’t.” See what I did there? Kinda clever. Yeah…I learned that in elementary school.

      The only thing I am honestly wondering about in regards to you is just how long I will be able to fuck with you before you either stop showing up here/posting on Best Gore or you just do the right thing and preform a VERY late term abortion on yourself. Just the thought of that video is kind of arousing, although I would feel kinda lost without somebody as sad as you posting on here. However you decide to interpret that is entirely up to you. I would NEVER encourage anyone to commit suicide. (In public anyway.) IF you feel that’s an option, please seek some professional help. If that fails, please post the video on here. I promise to write something befitting of your ignorance in honour of your contribution to making this planet a better place to live for the rest of us.

      I really do love you. XOXO If you keep writing, I am ready to get rid of my satellite television service and just enjoy your stupidity. It would be great if you keep posting as it would save me $60 (USD) every month. Money I could easily justify donating to Best Gore.

      Keeping with tradition I now have wasted more of your time than you and all of your biological relatives of yours could ever claim back. Do you really think you’re not going to be fucked with ad-noisome? I will be posting this to as many of your comments as I can. Aren’t you glad you decided to get my attention. If you’re able, please look up at how hyper-focused a person with PTSD (Yeah…it’s really fucking severe can become with something. I’lll stick with the PTSD and be glad I’m not you. That would be worse.)


        1. You’re so cute, Little Boy.

          Perhaps you can clear up something for me. You call yourself “Johnny,” but you have @badanddy as well. I’m guessing you prefer “Johnny,” but I’m happy to use the name, “Andy,” if you’d rather I do that. I hope you’re not using the name, “Johnny,” to hide from the name, “Andy.” I’m guessing you’d do that because when you were Andy and when you were “bad” your uncle/dad/random illegal would fuck you and make you do very naughty things to their cocks, balls and assholes. I’d hate to think that I’ve brought up bad memories from your childhood. If I’ve done so, I’m really sorry…almost.

          I still think you’re a fun toy to bait into writing more stupidity. You have yet to disappoint. Since it’s most likely that you were sexually abused in horrific (Read awesome Gore material) by a huge number of men and barn yard animals. Granted, I’m sure the poor barn yard animals were YOUR victims and not the perps. Yes! I’m sure that’s the truth. Congratulations, Johnny. (Or sexually abused Andy…whichever…same difference) You now have the distinction of being the ONLY person that, when I think of their name, I can hear the sound of cum sloshing in their ass when they walk. I just thank God that you can only write as I’d hate to be close to you when you let loose with a cum burp.

          Now spit out Uncle [insert Uncle’s name here] cum, put down the butt plug and wash your hands so you can reply with something more stupid that I could ever hope to come up with.

          Love ya little fella. 😉

          BTW: It’s okay if you just call me “Dad.” It seems like you’re struggling with writing out “Manbearpig.” Again. Sorry for using multi syllable words. I’m really not trying to bully you by doing that.


          1. @hopingfornemesis

            Seriously, mate ..
            You ought to just shut the fuck up!
            With all these ‘rambling’ posts ..
            You are just making yourself look like what you really are:
            An Idiot!
            People are watching!
            And looking at your ‘tirade’ of bullshit, directed against an innocent guy.. Why?..
            Because he simply made a ‘joke’ – just like everybody else here..
            You truly are a porcupine-dick, mate..
            Fuck off!!….

          2. I’m so sorry I’ve upset you so. I honestly thought you weren’t that weak. Since it’s clearly not fair to you at all for me to continue to just verbally bitch slap you (I kinda feel dirty picking on somebody so weak. I’ve proven nothing. Just like if I’d stepped on an insignificant bug.) throughout the night. I’m kinda tired and figure I ought to have a sleep. This would be a great time for you to get your blanket, stuffed toy and a cup of warm milk so you can have a little nap as you’re really getting cranky. Your replies were pretty sad to begin with, but have now become nothing short of total failures. I am sure it’s only because you’re so tired of having your ass handed to you at every turn, but I guess it could be Anemia talking and not just a no-self esteem, male rape victim, barn yard animal raping fag talking. That’s enough about your attractive qualities.

            Thank you for the entertainment and be sure to sleep with your back to the wall. Wouldn’t want “bad touches” in yer arse again. I would hope you still have feeling in your ass. I guess you could be numb back there from all of the anal abuse you seem to have endured. Whatever the case is, I’m just glad that you don’t seem to have had any injuries to your head/face when your ass has been destroyed so severely. You’re a lucky little boy.

            Be well, my son.



          3. I can’t quit you, @hopingfornemesis ! Fuck that makes me sick to even say that in a joking way. Sorry, mate. I love Kevin Bloody Wilson’s set he did in London where he was talking about being in a poofter bar and dropped his wallet. He said he kicked the thing all the way out to the car because he didn’t want any dough-eyed, limp-wristed, tail-gunning poofters sneaking up behind him. I think Kevin Bloody Wilson is my spirit animal…along with Rodney Rude and Steady Eddy. 😉
            I guess you and I can just get comfortable with the expression: “It’s not gay as long as you don’t make eye contact.” It seems to work for those ‘Casanovas,” in African countries. I would love to share a story about me mate, Stephen French (Sgt. Australian Army) and what we did when this old bastard was being a Dory Evans and having a sticky beak at me mate and I. (Yes, I did have almost zero Yank accent when I lived there. Kiwis thought I was just some fucked in the head yabbo, and the Aussies figured I was just some fucked in the head Kiwi. Same difference, ay? Remember the tomato sauce commercial in NZ that ended with, “No worries mate. It was only an Aussie.” right after the Aussie was hit by a train? (Yes, I am very aware of the slang “Train smash,” for tomato sauce. Learned that when I worked for a Kiwi doing long lining out of Brissy in 2002/2004. 600 KM off the coast of QLD is a magical fucking place. Especially when the sea kicks up a little and it’s 03:00 and dark as shit. What the fuck did I do one time? I was on wheel watch and as such was the only one awake. I’d occasionally stop the boat, connect a drift line between the boat and me then chuck myself over the side (sometimes through the sea door) and have a swim. Didn’t give a fuck that we were catching Makos, Sail Fish, Blue Sharks and other bitey little fuckers. I love the water and couldn’t help it. Nothing like dropping in when the surface temp of the water is +29(c) at is still that fucking beautiful at 40 metres. Fuck it. After those memories, I’m forever in your debt. I don’t get to smile much. Since you’ve been a champion throughout this, I’m prepared to offer myself as a surrogate for any children you want to have. Give yer Shelia a break, ay? (Another funny from Kevin Bloody Wilson was that he liked doggie fashion best because you can both watch tele and the bloke has a place to rest his tinny. 😉 ) Fuck. I should just move back. I miss home so much. It was more like a home to me than here in the states. I’ll shut up now. Sorry for getting so mushy. Here, let me fix that…………….
            I didn’t used to like cats, but then discovered I was cooking them wrong.
            That’s better.

            WOW! I’m more fucked up than I realised. I just went and reread what I’ve written. Normally I’d just chuck it, but it’s too fucking stupid and scatter brained not to share. I don’t think that would be nice of me to hold it back. Told ya my brain has been fucked up. 4 skull fractures & brain injuries, as well as having died 3 times. Twice at hospital in Southport, QLD (Gold Cost Hospital) and once here. I had been playing a bit rough and didn’t know I was bleeding internally. (This was in the states) Ended up in ICU for 10 days and was given 7 units of blood. Sorted. (I lived in England, Belgium & South Africa as well as Australia. My slang can drive people around the twist in a second. Mate in England laughed his ass off at me because I said something but the statement had slang from Alaska, Canada, UK, South Africa and Australia. I am kinda fucked in my vernacular, not just mentally. Sorry for the novel. Hope you are well. I’ll piss off now. 🙂


          4. I just got a notice on my Brissy Lion’s app (I also love The Pies!) that Lachie Neale got the Brownlow medal! How fucking awesome. Long trip for him since growing up in Adelaide, ay? To be fair, let’s give a “Go The Power,” to be nice to the bloke. He has more Brownlow medals than I do. 😉 Side note: I am missing two teeth from playing Footy. The dick head that did it ended up with a fractured jaw and 3 broken ribs. Great guy; Just a cheap fucking shot he took. We got fucking maggoted after that shit. We were both hurting, so it was quite welcomed by both of us. Another side fact: My nephew in law, Chris Payne actually signed with a pro footy club back in 2004(?) out of Victoria. Poor bastard actually lived in Moe, VIC. What a shit hole. I forget the club’s name…ex wife’s side of the family and haven’t spoken to him since 2007.
            I have contact with somebody who might be able to give you my personal email addy, if you’d like. Let me know and I’ll drop a note to them with it to pass to you. Not trying to put you on the spot. Just enjoying remembering what a beautiful part of my life living there was. The ONLY thing better is my life with my daughter. I grew up with aviation and live and breathe it even now. Australia (the people, culture and my favourite beer: Toohey’s New. I love XXXX and VB as well.) is almost as meaningful to me as my child. No shit. Anyway, let me know if you’d like me to give you my email addy, mate.

        2. @badanddy
          What’s even funnier is the fact that after I told you I never read your replies, you still reply to me.
          When I see the notification that you replied to one of my posts, I just delete it. It makes my day, every single time.

          But sincerely, if you don’t mind showing your willful ignorance to the world, then keep it up. It’s not like I ever read what your replies actually say. But the fact that you reply at all is the actual joke.

          1. I fully agree with you, GutSAckFlayed. Here’s the fucked up part about what I post. I’m on 200 MG of Zoloft per day, plus 200 Oxys (10 mg) a month and 200 Oxys (5 mg) per month not to mention my love of 420. If it wasn’t for 420, I’d have a serious problem with Oxy. I’m pretty fucked up most of the time. What you are seeing is me on so much shit that it would probably kill many people. It’s all about physical tolerance. I’m not having a go at you, nor am I fishing for sympathy. I’m still breathing, so what the hell is there to complain about other than that? Those are kinda the more notable meds I’m on. If I can figure out how to mellow myself out more, without doing a “Heath Ledger,” then I’m all for it.


  2. I’m not Hispanic but i speak Spanish he’s speaking Portuguese towards the end he spoke of his wife the guy filming asked him if he killed her i think he responded by she left me some Brazilian can translate and tell us what the heck is saying.

    1. I love the fact that this clown would do this shit over a cunt. OMFG!!! This is too funny. Thanks for the insight, Tony.

      Your post could only become better if you’re from Spain. I lived in Tarragona for 8 months and absolutely fell in love with the country, culture & food. While I border Mexico now, I just don’t see the attraction to a culture (Mexican) that is primarily made up of Tequila and tacos.


      Me encanta el hecho de que este payaso haría esta mierda por un coño. OMFG !!! Esto es demasiado gracioso. Gracias por la información, Tony.

      Tu publicación solo podría mejorar si eres de España. Viví en Tarragona durante 8 meses y me enamoré absolutamente del país, la cultura y la comida. Aunque ahora limito con México, no veo la atracción por una cultura (mexicana) que se compone principalmente de tequila y tacos.

        1. My knowledge of Spanish is only as good as a web based translate program. LOL. I try to be considerate to others on here, (Unless I’m fucking with them, be it in fun or not) as I get that not everyone has English as a first language.

          While I was fluent in French in elementary school, I haven’t been for along time. (Decades)

          See? Told ya I’m a fuck-tard. 😉 This explains why I’m not allowed to post to forums or make friend requests. Best Gore is smarter than people may think. Hehehehehe.


  3. Poor Guy is in so much pain that his junk has shrunk down to the size of a kids cock. 🙁 That is to add insult to injuries i could say, cause pain, and cold water are 2 of the things that will make a man shrink like that. Poor Guy must be in so much pain, God-Bless Him. 🙁

      1. @★ ϺƎƗИ ƑƲȞɌƩƦ ★
        Yea No Bud, i wish i knew myself what he kept repeating. Lets see what i can do for us. 🙂


          1. @★ ϺƎƗИ ƑƲȞɌƩƦ ★
            Yes water indeed, as i just got myself a coffee, cause i myself got Dry- Mouth also from Smoking a Big Blunt-O-Hashish , lol. 😉

          1. @The Captain In my oppinion I think he would have preferred some water rather than a thousand dollars

          2. @The Captain
            You sick son of a bitch, You Are So Funny Dude,,, that i fucking spilled my hot coffee on my lap, wetting my pajama bottoms, from laughing so hard while holding my cup. Ha, ha! 🙂

          3. I really appreciate that @kasper88. These days I try to make it a point to be as reasonable and positive as I can be whether on the internet or in life. @thedre has been here forever and always has seemed to have only good things to say as well, someone I look forward to seeing comments from. And speaking of comments and getting back on topic, I actually laughed at what you said about this guy running out of gas, @the-captain. Great profile picture, too.

          4. @jsmith666

            Thanks Man. And you both are great B G Members, and the type that we love to have join us, cause you’s are not trolls,,, trouble makers,,, and the like You both are just good, and normal type of honest, open-minded individuals.
            Andre. 🙂

          5. @jsmith666

            Thanks Man. And you both are great B G Members, and the type that we love to have join us, cause you’s are not trolls,,, trouble makers,,, and the like You both are just good, and normal type of honest, open-minded individuals.
            Andre. 🙂

        1. Sup dude?
          He speaks brazilian portuguese, it was quite sad actually… he said that he had clinical depression … and he fucked up his life, in the end of the video he saidd he tried to kill his wife cutting her neck 5 years ago. He also said he’s an employ at “UsiMinas” (which is probably an Ethanol usine) and he immolated himself, I couldn’t understand what he was repeating also cause he was screaming … but he said he made some comments on the internet saying that god doesn’t exist o.O lol … that’s all I could pick up.

  4. He’s in shock and hallucinating that he’s walking around in Hell’s hot sand.

    Sounds and looks like it could be an airfield. Maybe he got burned by jet fuel? He’s crying like a bitch though, not even burned much.

    1. I will feed you to the niggers down in the cargo hold you land lubber!
      Now with that said….Here is the translation.

      Girl girl girl
      You gonna set me on fire
      My brain is flaming
      I don’t know which way to go

      Your kisses lift me higher
      Like the sweet song of a choir
      You light my morning sky
      With burning love

      Ooh ooh ooh
      I feel my temperature rising
      Help me I’m flaming
      I must be a hundred and nine

      Burning burning burning
      And nothing can cool me
      I just might turn into smoke
      But I feel fine

      Cause your kisses lift me higher
      Like a sweet song of a choir
      And you light my morning sky
      With burning love

      It’s coming closer
      The flames are reaching my body
      Please won’t you help me
      I feel like I’m slipping away

      It’s hard to breath
      And my chest is heaving
      Lord Almighty,
      I’m burning a hole where I lay

      Cause your kisses lift me higher
      Like the sweet song of a choir
      You light my morning sky
      With burning love

      With burning love
      Ah, ah, burning love
      I’m just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
      Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
      Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
      Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
      Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
      Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love

  5. 40% of comments are about the micro penis, the other 40% of the comments consist about how much a faggot this guy is. 9% actually commented about his horrific condition. 1% asked about the guys fucking socks. XD

    I love bestgore. <3

  6. He’s very small down there, LOL! It seems like people are just filming him and watching him scream in pain but nobody seems to want to help him. That burn must hurt really bad. It looks much worse on his back with peeling skin and terrible pain. He needs emergency care, he really does!

  7. It seems it happened in Brazil. As I could understand it, the dialogue goes like this:
    BG – burned guy; P – a person there.
    Someone approachs the scene and says:
    P: – He’s filming.
    BG: – Film it. Register it. I have blasphemed against god. I screwed up my life.
    I have blasphemed against god. (BG repeats this many times)
    P: – What did you say against god?
    BG: – I said that god did not exist. It’s on the net. I scresed up my life.
    P: – Where are you from?
    BG: – I’m from veneza II(?). I work at usiminas.
    P: – What’s your name?
    BG: – Tiago vitor da silva. I work at usiminas.
    P: – Why did you set yourself in fire?
    BG: – I have deep depression. I was evangelical. I have blasphemed against god.
    P: – What did you do with your family?
    BG: – I did nothing.I put a knife at my wife’s neck but I did not kill her.
    P: – Did you kill her?
    BG: – She did no die.
    P: – Did you do it today?
    BG: – No it was a week ago.
    P: – What a mess…

  8. Doesn’t look like he poured flammable liquid all over himself to self immolate judging by the burns but it could be and he’s just sloppy. He’s definitely out of his shit though! The other guys are like, keep the fuck away naked crazy man!

  9. Wow. A mental case that found a knife and a lighter. He could of cooked a chicken or something delicious. Instead he got confused, tore off his clothes, played with the lighter and put a knife to his wife’s neck. I guess they got KFC afterwards.

  10. ele é brasileiro, disse que está pagando por dizer que não acreditava em deus, na internet.
    disse que deu uma facada no pescoço da esposa a 5 anos atras mas, ela não morreu.
    mas não disse como foi queimado.

  11. That’s a weird video. Why is the guy naked but wearing shoes?
    The people there are either filming him or walking away from him. Why is there no ambulance or police yet? Why is he naked but wearing shoes? So many questions and so little answers!

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