Burnt to Death in an Explosion

Burnt to Death in an Explosion

Man, it just sucks beyond reckoning when moment of death catches you with the pants half way down your thighs. These man got burnt to death in an explosion that didn’t give them a chance to escape, but when it comes to our title guy, it kind of looks like he was taking a piss when the flames of death engulfed him. There’s even a stain on the fence behind him. I don’t know why he would pull his pants this low down to take a leak on a fence, but maybe they slid lower after he let go as he was being crisped.

Only other reason why there would be a man with pants down is if he was enjoying a mighty head. But fi he was getting a BJ from a taxi girl, there would be a well done pair of tits laying next to him, wouldn’t there? I seriously think man was just draining his bladder when the explosion took place and burnt him to death with his pants down. Talk about a piss-on day.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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