Cambodian Man Has Face Disfigured with Acid

Cambodian Man Has Face Disfigured with Acid

Video from Cambodia depicts a man whose face was burned and disfigured with acid. He looks as if acid melted his face, and it then solidified after forming bridges with chest and shoulders, eliminating the neck.

Burn marks can be seen all the way down his torso. He also appears to have difficulties closing his mouth, and probably lost all or much of his eye sight, due to acid getting in the eyes, and/or damaging eye lids.

Props to Best Gore member @BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker for the video:

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97 thoughts on “Cambodian Man Has Face Disfigured with Acid”

      1. This son of a bitch was still throwing up ignorant gang signs stating that he has learned absolutely fuck all and wouldn’t change even looking like something out of the walking dead. I would be put out of my misery’s in such-condition.

    1. I was gonna say something about all those nasty fuckin flies. You know the flies are laying maggots in those nasty eye holes ….imagine how many maggots are rolling around in dudes mouth….lol….fuck. That’s FUCT.

  1. I think she is asking him if he is enjoying sunning himself on the beautiful sun drenched beach of the “Wonderful Island Vacation” he won on Wheel Of Fortune.
    I think he said “Thanks Pat & Vanna!”

    *….actual quote may vary*

  2. Kinda looks like he’s had some surgeries to try closing gaps that were made in his skin. Both shoulders look like places where they tried stitching what was left of his skin together since where he lives don’t have the ability to do skin graphs, also his right arm looks partially fused to the side of his chest so there was probably a gap there where the skin burned from the acid. There’s also an area below his belly button.
    His face and neck look like they tried the same thing, pulling what skin was left together to close gaps but that left him literally with next to mobility. His inner bottom lip looks to now be dried like regular skin and now sits covering his chin area.
    Doesn’t have much muscle left on his face either seeing when he tries talking or making an expression, only a small portion still moves.
    Poor guy, he can’t even keep the flies off him. He currently looks infections free but with all those flies I’m sure he’s bound to end up with fly larvae inside different areas of his skin, cause him even more problems that he doesn’t need, he’s been through enough already! Sheesh!
    Although I could be wrong. Perhaps he hasn’t a single stitch of help and that’s what became of his skin after acid. But I thought I’ve been even acid burn victims that needed skin pulled and stitched together after a bit of healing, just to reclose the body back up with skin. Otherwise there will be open areas that will turn infectious. If I am wrong, sorry for this novel. Lol.

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            intelligent design is logical but a God is absolutely necessary for any other kind of intelligence, complexity is not self arising especially life based complexity.

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  3. Excuse me sir, I think you have something in your teeth..Oh, never mind it’s just a fly. Man this guy has a much stronger will to live than me, I would killed myself as soon as I got home, IF I could find my gun in that state.

  4. Imagine what the acids can do to the human skin. This man is disfigured beyond recognition and he will have to live with it until his dying day .
    Not even the best of plastic surgery can fix him up .For a moment it had me not believe as to what I am seeing as I thought it to be a sculpted bust of an alien
    Disregard safety and this is what you get

  5. i can give a rough translation of this. Basically the guy’s wife dump acid on him and he didn’t know why. She’s currently with another man. He married her in 2000 and he finished 9th grade. No acid damage below the waist and lives with his mom.

  6. If I was him, I’d ask to be shot in the head and put out of my misery, right now.

    Actually no, I’d speed dial my bro, tell him I’m about to die and could he kindly get rid of my porn stash hidden in my 3rd drawer in the cupboard at home, and put a Bible in my study room, there’s a good chap.

  7. just his skin got melted, lucky that the acid didnt got absorbed by his body and destroy inside,
    he still try to continu breathing by the nose, so its not obstructed.
    he cant talk, i guess the acid have go inside his mouth and destroy partially inside too.

    again.. the best show of shitty country where peoples live and work with danger without any security outfit or whatever.

    fucking business company that grow here and make peoples like him work in danger without giving a fuck about their lifes

  8. Wowowow! This is something I’ve never seen before. I have no idea how the skin could reform and reconnect like that. Could it have been a giant hole on his neck, so they stitched his chin to the next somewhat healthy area on his chest? Poor guy :/ he appears to have transparent eyelids now!

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