Cambodian Man Suffers Electrical Burns to Arms and Crotch

Cambodian Man Suffers Electrical Burns to Arms and Crotch

In the Preah Sdach District, Prey Veng Province, Cambodia, a man suffered serious electrical burns to both arms and the crotch area. One hand had to be amputated at the forearm, while the other remained attached, but swollen and the arm had to be sliced lengthwise to release the pressure.

I don’t know if the zap was a workplace accident, or if the chap was messing with live wires at home, without knowing what he was doing.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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71 thoughts on “Cambodian Man Suffers Electrical Burns to Arms and Crotch”

      1. Looks like the same injuries a guy hot in Nashville tn a few hours ago. It seems he crawled through a fence and started to strip copper from the wires. There was an explosion his crotch was set on fire along with his arms too. The news is saying he might not survive.

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    1. Ikr look at his face!? It’s an appropriate expression for the pain but makes you want to shoot him, I mean this is in hospital and fixed up I don’t even want to know his face looked like at the time of incident.

    2. I don’t know, he might have super powers now. The bandage on his right arm looks to be charred as well. Maybe he stores residual current and only needs to learn how to control it.

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  3. His upper-inner thighs and groin are burnt to shit, but at least his package may still be intact. It’s hard to tell given the modesty cloth. Let’s hope he can keep his dick. After all, he already lost most of one of his arms.

  4. I’ve seen something similar to this on an A&E programme a few years ago. Same inner thigh burns. It was from some sort of motorbike malfunction, something to do with it blowing up while he was sat on it. This certainly looks very similar to that.

  5. This is a very clear cut case of a copper thief climbing live electrical wire to steal and probably straddled one electrical wire while attempting to cut the one above! And since he is a worse electrician then he is a thief all hell broke loose!! And considering this happen in Cambodia when he woke up in this shit hole hospital unable to afford a Tylenol the pain was to much to handle by the look on his face.

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