Homo Cunt Pokes Hole in Charred Monkey Skull and Gay Cunts Film It

The Caption This Video Contest #1

In a Brazil prison, a prisoner is charred broiled to a burnt crisp. A prisoner holds a stick, making sure to get all sides evenly cooked.

If you look closely at the brain excrement squeezed out the frontal lobe, you get the notion he may still be alive.

Trying something new!! If you think you have the chops, try and caption this video. Video will be renamed with the best caption. I have a burning sensation you fuckers won’t let me down.


Thanks to all the users who sent in captions. Great effort!

winning Caption:
Homo Cunt Pokes Hole in Charred Monkey Skull and Gay Cunts Film It – @svarg26

Runners Up:
That’s One Way to Get An All-Over Tan – @nickykane
Fire Warden Skillfully Removes Blockage from Central Heating Unit – @svarg26
Roasted Homosapien BBQ-Party – @autismekvinnen
Brazilian Man Gets Sunburns – @lolocaransebes
Brazilian Prisoner Charredforlife – @carnage-2
Hot Convict Gets Poked – @robboned
Queer in Prison Catches Fire From so Much Friction Between Ass Cheeks – Prisoners Continue to Run a Train on His Smoking Asshole For Days to Say Goodbye – @dr-mantistobaggon

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

137 thoughts on “Homo Cunt Pokes Hole in Charred Monkey Skull and Gay Cunts Film It”

      1. @Drananaconda

        You, & I Bth my good brother, cause this @svarg dude and awesome B G Brother is Big-Time Funny. But the sad part is besides us two and a small few other members on here they fail to realize this and hate the guy instead,,, Fucking Sad!

          1. thanks dudes and steer well clear of the m5 today. a bunch of homo cunts with diabetes have converged on an overturned hershey’s delivery van.

    1. @hopingfornemesis
      It was indeed that intrepid grave robbing archaeologist Indiana Jones in “The Temple of Doom”.
      I believe they served beetle, eyeball soup, and snake surprise before the desert of chilled monkey brains.
      I loved that movie as a kid. Even got a replica knife/sword like he used to chop the rope bridge down during the escape.

      Tough crowd… I give you points for being in the right movie franchise. It was like 30+ yrs ago.

          1. Sure, so many of the new movies out are just special effects shows with a very light sprinkle of a plot. Or a recycled story line with, again, cgi laden imagery.

  1. For my review, I sought out the most authentic prison bbq I could find.
    I was impressed by their ingenuity when faced with a lack of pork at their prison pop up.
    Juan went wild with white wine. His friends tossed the tosser over the coals. Quickly searing in the juices. At the end, the most amazing bark was covering 90% of the long pork. Serving sizes are such that you shouldn’t need to ask for seconds, and don’t forget to ask for a sample of their smoky pink head cheese.
    As for ambiance, this isn’t a coat and tie affair. It’s mostly “come as you are”. Shorts and flip-flops welcome.

    1. Quite The BBQ They Got going there brother, lol. But like you said, They Better Let That Thing Cool Down before they, Even Attempt To Pig-Out On It! And Hopefully the inside is still be Somewhat Tender, since that “Dumb Bitch” poked holes into it and let lots of those tenderizing juices-out, That Stewpid-Cunt ! 🙁

      I Hope that you had a great time on your Birthday with your 2 Kids,,, Your Parents,,, & Friends All Over Broke. And your hangover,,, I Hope That It didn’t require too many Tylenol’s in Order To Kill/Cure That Headache The Next Morning, lol. 🙂

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