CCTV Man Immolates – Close Up Aftermath

CCTV Man Immolates - Close Up Aftermath

CCTV Man Immolates - Close Up Aftermath

There are two merged together here, both from the 3rd of July this year, the first one shows CCTV footage of a man in front of hotel walking to the corner of a street where he stands there for a moment before dousing himself with gasoline and sets himself on fire.. Only to realize that it is not an easy way to go. He then panics and runs around the street, probably regretting his insane decision. The people in the video are speaking Spanglish but other than that I’m not really sure where this is from.

The close up video shows the aftermath of the incident. The guy is absolutely burnt to a crisp. He is paralyzed in pain and looks as if he was frozen while sitting in a armchair, however he is definitely vary far from being frozen, or even room temp at this point. As he sits there and smokes up the neighborhood with his burning flesh, good samaritans extinguish him. Then he lays out onto the pavement as if he had a hard day of work and I can’t say I blame him.


Ok, as I’m watching everybody arguing about what the hell were they saying, i’m going to do my brazilian role here and translate it to you guys.

Here it goes:
“look, he’s going down the sidewalk with the bag in his hands
yes, there he is
it’s not a bag, it’s a jerry can
jerry can, yes
the can with gasoline
look! look!
it was quick, right? he pour it right away
yes, it was
he’s a big guy right? tall…
he trhew on himself
are you seeing it?
this is the fire from the can”

and the footage part:
“dude, why did you do this son?
more water
look, his cellphone
do you have….”

Thank you @jamal141 for the translation!

Props to Best Gore member @curi960 for the video:

Brandi ®

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      1. No I just knew that one word “gasoline” meant gasoline and so when I first write about it I assumed it was in Spanish, but then when I went to work that same day, I had all the Spanish people listen to it and they said it was “Portuguese or something, they just use some Spanish words sometimes” although my one friend who lived in south America for a few months said she heard the word “hotel” in there so I don’t know.. Maybe someone can translate.. I only know like colors and numbers and some random stuff. @hopingfornemesis

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      1. I imagine it would take an insane amount of restraint/discipline to just sit there while burning to a crisp, wether you want to go through with it or not. But yes, I suppose there’s a strong possibility a lot of them are on drugs, or maybe just have serious psychological issues.

  4. I got sunburn just over a week ago and I’m still feeling the effects now. It was a pretty deep burn and the first few days were absolute agony – barely able to move/work/sleep without the sore skin torturing me and the constant burn reminding me of my stupid decision to not put on any sun cream. I can’t even begin to think of how this guy is feeling..

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