CCTV – Worker Blown Hard in China

CCTV - Worker Blown Hard in China

CCTV captures maintenance worker in China working on a giant capsule device. Perhaps fixing a leak in an empty gas tank of sorts.

Worker with a blue helmet gets blown hard, unable to release his atomic load. Blue balls are much worse than 3rd degree burns.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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    1. Thanks for the back info man I was wondering what that could have been. I know it looks like something that would normally be pressurized somehow but it was open and it looked like he was merely cleaning or repairing it. And diesel doesn’t normally ignite like that at all unless it’s atomized and even then…

  1. This is the culmination of China’s accelerated space program in technological realms . This not so
    futile achievement makes China the third country to independently send humans into space without space suits wearing blue helmets alone .
    Last heard , he is happily circling the earth as another earth’s satellite in industrial outfit with no respite and sending and receiving Data data back and forth.
    Whoever said blue balls of flame don’t serve a purpose must be a Non Chinese.

  2. Well there was some ooompha for sure there – I know it happened in China but he’s just gone over my place in Manchester UK, I thought it was the International Space Station going over at first with that travelling at 17,500 mph!

  3. Now that was the most awesome thing I’ve seen this week. Hey wasn’t the first astronaut Chinese? And his spaceship a chair with rockets attached to it? Looks like this is the closest we’ll ever get to seeing a re-enactment of that.

      1. @seraphim-serenata

        They seem to specialise in two chemical products:

        “It is widely used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, dyes and other organic products and is mainly for the synthesis of paracetamol, clofibrate ketone, vitamin B1 and compound nicotinamide. It can be used as the raw material of medicine and dyes, antioxidants and the developer.”

        “Nitrophenol is used mainly as an intermediate for the production of dyestuffs, pigments, rubber chemicals, and fungicides. Small amounts are used as an acid-base indicator and as a reagent for glucose.”

        Maybe @thedre can enlighten us.

  4. seriously looked and acted like a rocket engine. I wonder how much thrust it produced. This just gives you a scale of how powerful even a small rocket engine is. I guess this is what would happen if you stood behind a rocket engine when firing, you would disappear. Nasa must be laughing at the chinese space program.

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