Charred Body with Arm Eaten by Wildlife and Maggots Eating Face

Charred Body with Arm Eaten by Wildlife and Maggots Eating Face

In this video, a charred body is being brought into a funeral home in one of those Brazilian carbon fiber coffins. Good for the funeral home employees – the body is already pre fried so cremation will be fast.

Some wildlife already took a munch on a well done arm and maggots are feasting on facial cavities, especially inside the mouth and in the eye sockets.

I don’t know what burned this guy to a crisp but it looks as though he felt the pain as he was being burned (ie he wasn’t dead).


In the meantime I laid my hands on a related video which shows the victim being found in the brush:

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37 thoughts on “Charred Body with Arm Eaten by Wildlife and Maggots Eating Face”

    1. Ah, @FD, I was hoping someone’d bring up the subject. One day I saw my father lying on the kitchen table with his legs up in the air, while my brother was standing behind him with a lighter, lighting a big fart coming out of my father’s ass. It was a blue flame. Lighting a fart is also called a Blue Angel.

      Don’t know why I had to think about this. Maybe it’s in the air.

      1. Thompson:

        “Don?t know why I had to think about this.”

        Posttraumatic stress disorder. That would be a hard memory for anybody to live down. I mean, it was your FATHER doing it on the KITCHEN TABLE! Hahaha.

        Me and my friends used to do that shit when we were in middle school, but we always lit our own. Damn near burned our balls off every time, but we weren’t comfortable enough to give each other a…hand…down there, if you catch my drift.

  1. With respect to the observation that the arm was scavanged by some hungry critters…. I would think not. The arm appears to have been carbonized and the brittle pieces broke off on impact with the gurney they put him (?) on.

    This guy was clearly roasted alive. It appears to have been fairly quick… Unlike his pals in Africa being necklaced…

  2. I watched a T.V. program recently which said that flies and other insects start invading the body just half an hour after a person dies outdoors, and start laying eggs. They crawl in through the facial orifices. This explains why the maggots are concentrated in the mouth and eye sockets of this individual.
    The show also talks about this place here in the states, in Tennessee I think, called the “body farm.” Its a place where scientists study human decomposition. Basically, they do this by leaving a bunch of stiffs strewn about outside to rot. Then thery return periodically to check on the bodies, in order to observe what they look like at specific points in the decomposition process . Hence the name “body farm.”
    Its probably already been mentioned at some point by somebody on best gore. I just thought it was interesting in relation to this particular post.

  3. I’ve heard about the body farm – absolutely fascinating place. They leave bodies in various stages of death in different evvironments and then study them Did you know you can actually donate your body to the body farm?

  4. Couldn’t get access to the first video. The guys in the second vid are tougher than our puking cameraman. They did more of what I would do: take a good look, pick a little, prod a little. Whiff didn’t seem to be too bad either. Maybe because the body was flamb?ed already, or it was a fresh one. Corpse odour isn’t too bad anyway, I think. I mean, it’s disgusting, but if your fascination with the dead one is strong enough, it can overrule the smell.

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