Child with Hand Burned by Touching Bottle with Hot Water

Glossy Looking Hand Burn

Child with Hand Burned by Touching Bottle with Hot Water

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @durga, whose child burned her hand touching a bottle with boiling hot water:

I feel like a shit mom for this happening, but this my 2 year old’s hand after she pushed a bottle I was filling with scolding hot water (cause she was mad I said no) that was under the water dispenser. I think she would have been fine had she not started frantically pulling off skin.

That hand seems burned badly enough to be serious regardless of whether skin was pulled off or not. Hope your daughter heals well. Thanks a lot for the pics, @durga:

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185 thoughts on “Child with Hand Burned by Touching Bottle with Hot Water”

  1. When I was a very young child, I had an obsession with the iron. Whenever my mom was ironing clothes, I would always try to touch it, just because she said not to. One day, she had enough. She said sure, go ahead, touch it. I didn’t want to touch the iron any more after that.

  2. When I was between 5-7 years old, I moved a pan of boiling water off the burner so I could get a better look at those cool looking red coils. Then I decided to touch those cool looking red coils with the palm of my hand. They weren’t all that cool 😀
    That’ll just give her something to brag about later…no worries 😛

  3. When I was 9, a full kettle of freshly boiled water fell on me from a windowsill. I can remember the pain like it was yesterday – we did the wrong thing too, pulled my clothes off and jumped into an ice cold bath while waiting for an ambulance. I can still remember my screams and the shock I went into from the pain, half of my body blistered up fast and they were angry looking yellow blisters. I narrowly avoided skin grafts, I remember having to have daily iodine baths in hospital and bandages changed daily but they’d pull off the skin as they were pulled off. Had an operation to pop all the blisters and remove skin layers. The morbid side of me now wishes I’d had photos because it looked incredible. Thankfully I am not scarred at all now, but the skin that was burnt has a slightly different texture to it.

  4. That shit is gonna blister like a sum bitch! My fingers got burned just like like that 3 weeks ago… It hurt sooo fucking bad.

    So sorry that happened to your kid. It’s a lesson that will teach em to listen to mommy, though.

    Speedy recovery!

          1. Yeah my husband was at work this was right before her nap, I was mix hot water with milk and pediasure powder. I doubt she will blame me for everything.

        1. @seraphim-serenata I have put gauze on it but sticks to the gauze and I end making her bleed. She will keep it on but I don’t know if I should let out of bandages or keep them on. The doc says to keep it covered but it won’t heal if i keep ripping off skin every time I change the bandage.

          1. Well, shit…. For me
            .. I put like a Neosporin type of gel for burns… Butt I putt Gauze then this wrapping paper that acts like a cast, type thing over it

            If it sticks run water over it to loosen it up… Believe me I know
            … I had severe burns…

            Just take care of your daughter to grow up the BEST that she can!!

          2. @seraphim-serenata Other then her thinking this was good idea she is pretty smart and sweet. I stay at home with her to make sure she does turn out to be good. I ran out and found some hopefully “non stick gauze” so we will see how that turns out.

  5. Don’t beat yourself up too much, if the comments here prove anything, it’s that kiddies and burny things will usually find eachother in some way or another. My brother pulled an iron down on his his hand as a toddler and I actually stuck my fingers in an open fire (that was last week though *chortle*) It’ll sure teach them a lesson anyway! It looks like it’ll heal well in time. Speedy recovery to the baba!

    1. Lol.. Was thinking the same butt then again, she could have boiled water on stove and was filling bottle with it over sink… Not sure why unless she was cleaning it. I use a scrubber and Dawn while cleaning my baby’s bottle

  6. Poor child! That looks awful hope you put hand in cold water straight away it helps stop the burn and swelling.

    My 16 month old son got burnt by pulling a cup of coffee off the bench onto his face and chest when my sister left the cup too close to the edge. I’ll never forget that scream! Ripped his clothes off put him in a bath with running cold water while I screamed to my sister and her husband to call the ambulance. His face (the left side from his eye to jaw) and chest were horribly burned but thank God, he healed well. To this day my sister has never apologised!

  7. So, let me get this clear.

    A 2 year old girl utilized one of the primal lowest human instincts (rage, anger) to willingly push a bottle of scalding hot water, potentially spilling it all around and causing serious burns not just to herself, but to her mother as well, and anyone who could be around (including pets), burned her hands in the process so bad it will leave a scar for a life time, and somehow, we don’t hold her accountable and give her a pass because she’s too young to know what she was doing?

    Fuck that. Guess this is one of the reasons I don’t want kids.

      1. What concept? That kids at 2 years of age should know what is dangerous and what’s not? That she should already have a concept of “cold”, “hot”, and “scalding fucking hot” in her mind, and remember, it was not an accident. She did this on purpose because she’s a brat.

        What concept I don’t understand?

        1. Well I usually never expose my child to hot things…believe it or not, so I don’t think she realized til now that hot is bad and it comes from the water dispenser. She tried once again to hold the bottle but telling no she finally listened. She isn’t a brat she is 2.

        2. She might indeed have pushed the bottle in a bratty moment but guess what? Toddlers have temper tantrums and at that age, are not fully aware of the consequences of their actions. They don’t plop out of the womb as fully formed people, you know. They learn from their environment and they develop. Of course they have an instinctive fear of danger as all primates do but they don’t know everything, including perhaps what temperature water is currently coming out of the taps….

          You can no more hold a toddler accountable for their actions than you can an animal. They often don’t know any better. That’s what you don’t appear to understand.

      1. @Durga90 I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in the idiot comments from the keyboard jackasses who claim to be better parents, yet they aren’t parents themselves (because they are pussies and couldn’t hack it!). You didn’t wake up that morning thinking “I wanna burn the shit out of my precious baby today”. We all make mistakes as parents, (I’ve had my fair share and my kids are now teenagers that are perfectly fine), and kids are fast as fuck. I hope she has a speedy recovery, sweet little thing.

        1. @ankun256 You didn’t offend me. I get what you are saying, but two years usually go through a phase of independence and they are a pain in the ass. This would be one of those moments. She finally learned her lesson, and won’t go near the thing and when she did I just said no and she listened. I don’t expose my kids to these things so she didn’t know, now sadly she does.

    1. How you know this? I did some dumb shit twice. I blew my load in a stupid bitch, and then did it again the next day because it was awesome. Having a kid with her would have been the equivalent to sticking my head in a fire and inhaling. Dumb times…worth it.

        1. Not a direct comparison, no. If you knew this woman though, you would probably understand. She stole dudes phone numbers out of my contact list and banged them behind my back. It was wild!

  8. I touched the bottom of a clothes iron when I was a kid and burned the fuck out of my hand. Kids are curious and will do shit unless told not to, and then might do it anyway.

    Kids are dumb. They may stay dumb if their parents are idiots. Talk to them like they’re adults and they will act like one.

  9. Yet another ignorant cunt “mother!” Why the fuck is a toddler even near you while you’re filling a bottle with scalding water? That’s as fucking stupid as the call I went on several years ago where another ignorant “mother” thought it was a good idea to let her six year old son put gasoline in the car and he pulled the nozzle out but wouldn’t let go of the handle so he splashed gasoline in his eyes, ingested some and soaked his clothing in it.

    This cunt’s husband probably mows the lawn with the kids in the yard too! Too many people have zero fucking common sense. Oh, yeah, I had my baby next to me and told her “no” and she didn’t like it and hit the bottle. Wow, imagine that, a little kid didn’t like being told no and reacted. Who would have ever seen that coming? Fucking idiot!

    There are rarely “accidents,” just fucking stupidity and ignorance that leads to injuries. The majority of “accidents” can be prevented by simple precaution and common sense.

    And a burn like this to a child’s hand is very serious and can result in loss of motion and disfigurement. Good luck “mom.” Actually, good luck to your kid, she’s gonna need it!

          1. @honkeykong of course I also never stop to go check on them at all either -_- I’m the only one here all day, it takes a shit ton more time but yes i do,and stop and check on them as I do it

  10. I’m not convinced by this story the mom is posting….Why the fuck would you post your child’s injuries on this site??Munchausen by Proxy much? Maybe CPS needs to be called….something doesn’t make sense and a kid could be in danger.

    1. Then call them. This was two days after it happened she is acting fine, playing and doing normal 2 year old things. I didn’t pull out my phone the moment it happened nor am posting her face or anything else. I’m just sharing the gore, that’s all.

    2. We have a primo water dispenser that gives both hot and cold water. I was putting hot water in a bottle to mix with milk and pediasure powder before her nap. She got mad when I kept pushing her away telling no it’s hot, so she got mad and pushed my hand and the bottle and moved out from under water and burned the fuck out of her hand.

          1. Fuck no, post away! And if you ever murder your husband with that lawnmower of yours, wear a Go-Pro. You know where to send it… Wait, scratch that. Mark’s already been arrested for a similar thing. We need our leader to keep posting for us sick fucks, not sitting in jail. 😉

          1. I actually had to look that up… Never heard of that till now… From Mice and men, refers to a dead mice in his pocket, thanks for the reference.
            Never thought I’d learn something from carnage! 😉

          1. For henna or fingering henna lol. I purposely put henna on my fingertips and toes.then paint my fingernails lol cause yeah look like have a disease lol

  11. I do believe this site serves great educational purpose, so thanks for sharing your story despite knowing shit comments would inevitably come your way. All the best to the whole family.

      1. and girl hang in there … People who don’t have kids don’t get that accidents do happen and it doesn’t mean you’re not a great mom… After all minor accidents happens every day to all of us . good thing you and your baby are well though 🙂

  12. Always, always, always immerse second degree burns in ice water immediately. The cold water takes the heat out of the burn, stopping further damage, and greatly eases the pain. Burns treated this way heal faster. Also do everything you can to keep the damaged skin in place so that it protects the raw flesh under it.

  13. I used to be (and still am to an extent) absolutely obsessed with fire. My grandpa would always have his fireplace going and I would just sit in front of it for hours, watching the fire eat away at the logs and other shit I threw in there.

    Suffice to say my hand ended up like this at one point. Sometimes fucking up is the best way for kids to learn.

          1. I kept mine for 3 years, it felt strange with my new one. I wouldn’t base much on what anyone’s avi is….
            I think I mentioned something about sphinkys unique avi, it is a strange one.

          2. I can’t find the post, but I remember you mention you where jealous of it. We all made nice comments… and he said something like “Mark gave it to me” Lol … I admit yours look a lot better. Very very cute. It doesn’t look like the dog in your old pic tho. @illegalsmile55

          3. That dog in my other pic is sitting on my lap right now. He went blind this year, poor little guy. It’s sad when they get old, my other dog has diabetes and Cushing syndrome, he gets two shots a day, and meds for Cushing that costs $160.00 a month. That’s why I’m always home, too broke to go anywhere but work.

          4. So sorry to hear that @illegalsmile55, but I’m glad they are in good hands. Try not to laugh when he knocks his head on the wall. It sounds like a good excuse to keep baking weed brownies 🙂

      1. As we know, MARK gives everyone their own unique personal avi to begin with and although they seem silly and stupid, they’re sort of a “birthMARK”.. We were ALL born with them.. Some choose to change them(awesome!), I, however, happen to like my avi.. Besides, how easy would it be to find an image that sez Sphincterpiston!.. Seriously!

        .. Illegalsmile… That Chihuahua of yers looks kinda soft and juicy… Again, just sayin!

          1. Easy R2R!… You’re talkin to SS, a legend of the BG fight club, he fights off meth and crack addicts who try to corrupt fine fast food dining experiences…You should commend him as a HERO.. Not because of the aforementioned, because SS makes the best HERO sandwiches ever!… So I’ve heard

  14. DeI remember one time, as a little kid, my old man told me not to fuck around with his shaving razor. Being a fucking little kid, of course I played with it. Sliced thru paper sheets, the vegetables for that night’s dinner, a teddy bear, the tip of my pinky,….uh oh…

    After fixing me up, my old man asked me, “what did we learn today, you dumb little bastard?”.

    And I learned you don’t fuck with another man’s razor.

  15. Sorry mom, that skin was coming off as soon as it delaminated. No saving it. That wound can be healed almost scarless with peoper treatment. Moist woundbed and regular dressing changes with whatever the latest wound treatment medication is available these days.

  16. When I was around 4 or 5 my mom had the stove on and I guess I saw the bright red element heated up red hot and thought it would be a good idea to place my entire hand on it palm down, well I cried for many hours after that and the moral of the story is not to touch things that are hot enough to burn you. Sure you aren’t a bad mother, these type of things happen unfortunately kids need to be watched 24/7 in order for them not to happen which is almost impossible.

    1. @majindjinn we have a primo water dispenser that gives out horribly hot water. I usually fulfill her bottle before her nap with half hot water and half cold milk with pediasure powder in it. She wanted to help me hold the bottle, I told her no and she pushed it. It looks way better now, and hardly any scaring

      1. Good to hear… I take it as she grows the skin and scars will naurally replicate also adding a benefit as the body “stretches”…

        I got a few tiny scars that havent healed… But i got those at an older age…

        Yea and that water dispenser must be ultra supreme…

  17. What a horrible parent!!! No just pulling your leg, Happens to the best of us. My daughter was the same age as your Lil one when she split Boiling hot black coffee all over her face, I felt like a right asshole for days

    1. @analsecretions I pulled a boiling hot cup o’ noodles off the counter all over my back as a toddler – my ma said she could see my skin peeling off in front of her. I also almost choked to death on a piece of decorative wheat stalk, but she’s got me snowed because I’m *pretty* sure they weren’t intentional haha

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