Children Left in House Unsupervised Cause Fire and Burn to Death

Children Left in House Unsupervised Cause Fire and Burn to Death

Children Left in House Unsupervised Cause Fire and Burn to Death

Somewhere in India, children were left in a house unsuprvised. They caused a fire, and suffered the flames.

The video shows the community members crying and wailing as two small children appear to have been burned to death. One child seems to exhibit signs of possible life, but with everyone too busy whining, I wonder what his realistic outlooks on life are.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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141 thoughts on “Children Left in House Unsupervised Cause Fire and Burn to Death”

    1. would you be able to rest in peace with all that racket going on? and where’s the profile pic of the spanish tart, that was much more aesthetically pleasing

          1. I know sookie, felipe keeps changing it, i thought he was a she for a while, i think i’ll stick toFrankenstein myself

    2. Not sad. In fact, this is pretty joyful – two stupid fucks who don’t know what they are doing made a mistake of playing with fire, which cost them their lives.

      Don’t give me “they were to young to know what they were doing” argument. When I was their age, I knew not to drink unknown liquids, not to stick fingers into electric socket and not to set things ablaze. If you’re capable of lightning a match, you’re grown enough to be responsible for not burning yourself with it, and if you do, this is your fucking fault. There. I said it.

    3. Thats why i never let my son alone not even for one minute. All i takes is seconds for something bad to happen or for someone to snatch your children. Until there old enough nothing is more important then looking after your seed. You hear about it to much a phone call a text you forgot something in the house you look away to talk to someone for a minute turn back around there gone.

  1. The fuckwits do the same when they come to england, blow the houses up, set fire to them, they’re retards, all they can do is sell stuff, they literally have no idea how to operate a gas fire or a boiler

      1. i was just gonna say that Goreman77, they’ll never make it to england where the streets are paved with gold, that’s the party line anyway designed to lure them in, i counted one north african bitch yesterday with 7 little sprogs, as fast as they die these cunts are breeding

          1. I bought the daily star this morning , the guy serving me had his son sitting on the counter teaching him how to use the till , mofo was 2 at the very most . Cunt already had some stubble

      1. As we know Deathdew, daeth isn’t always a bad thing, yeah sure the mother’s a bit upset but think of all the misery the little cunts have avoided , lucky bastards

      1. Ah yes @polluted. Yep, back to ze jokes, lol.

        Well I have a good idea how the fire started. One of the lads was told to fart onto a lighted match, and the methane just ignited with a whoosh and soon everything was on fire.

  2. They had little chance anyway, you read the write up “children were left in a house unsuprvised.” Probably since they were born because the family all went to work and put money before life, it’s a paki thing, get over it. Trust me, these people don’t give a shit about each other.

  3. They were probably hungry as fuck and tired of the smelly garbage their caretaker provides. Too bad the caretaker was so blind to the fact the children were willing to learn new things and didn’t know everything associated with Fire Safety.

  4. Maybe the women were engaging in a spell singing performance in order to reverse the death caused by the fire and bring the kids back to life.

    It sounded like a colony of human female cicadas. Probably heard them a mile away.

    Shit, it’s possible the kids did themselves in to get away from hearing it every day.

  5. Listen to these hysterical freaks! They’re all wailing “why, why, why.” Yeah, who would think that little kids left unattended would get into danger? No surprise, shitskin children left alone die all of the time even here in America.

  6. Parents from India are the worst. I live/work in an American tourist destination, and when they come here, they let their kids run all over the place, doing whatever, without any reprimanding or supervision of any kind. And yes, they all smell like curry. That said, nobody likes burnt curry, so, y’know, thoughts and prayers or whatever

          1. I thought you were moody a while back, I apologize, damn you’re getting lots of these lol

          1. Thanks for that Gail, I’m glad we are ok, and I do mean you are quite funny for a girl !!

  7. Poor kids, I hope they weren’t able to hear all the hysterical screaming from these annoying cunts, like that would change anything. Ever noticed that only women from third world countries do this? What’s the point? It’s her own fault anyway, I’d probably kill myself if I was her.

  8. When I was about 10 I decided I didn’t want kids. This one little bastard stuck his tongue out at me and I thought, ‘You are ugly. I’d have to beat you everyday.’ Not good. Luckily I never had any. I do joke saying ~ ‘I wish I never had children. Oh, my gawd! My fuck’n wish just came true!’

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