CJNG Sicarios Burn Face of Rival to Mock His Nickname – Ghost Rider

CJNG Sicarios Burn Face of Rival to Mock His Nickname - Ghost Rider

CJNG Sicarios Burn Face of Rival to Mock His Nickname - Ghost Rider

A group of sicarios from the CJNG cartel (Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel) burned the face of one of their rivals and recorded the man’s agony. The decision to burn his face was a way of making fun of his nickname – Ghost Rider.

The torture took place on a ranch near the town of Tepalcatepec in Michoacán state, Mexico, where the CJNG has been fighting various factions of Los Viagras and La Familia, who united and adapted the name “Carteles Unidos“.

Ghost Rider is said to have been the leader of Carteles Unidos. After his capture, the CJNG reportedly doused his face with isopropyl alcohol and set fire to it, as the victim screamed in agony and begged them to kill him.

Just like in the movies, the Ghost Rider Avenger“, one of the gunmen can be heard in the video taunting his victim.

Props to Best Gore member @anshargal for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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324 thoughts on “CJNG Sicarios Burn Face of Rival to Mock His Nickname – Ghost Rider”

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      1. Its the same guy. you can tell by his screams. this must be before they took him inside and used that rusty sickle type blade and box cutter to cut his throat and put the machete in his mouth. if u watch them back to back you will be able to tell its him. I don’t know what he did, but nothing would deserve what he went thru. i wouldn’t wish that suffering on anyone.

    1. Oh well, not to worry. He will be able to spend some of the greedy money he made to pay for his skin grafts, pain meds, hospital stay, countless plastic surgeries, and most importantly the best wig money can buy. He will be sooo sexy, with money to boot ! Lucky guy. Because everyone knows that once you have money, regardless of how you got it, life becomes perfect. I’m so jealous……….

      1. Ghost rider? Is he serious? What a wanker living in complete grandiose delusion completely removed from reality. Maybe now, after his ‘accident’ he will reassess his life and realise he is but a greedy fleshy virus who is also fucking ugly as all hell, both inside and out………

      1. The way those fuckers kept pouring more and more alcohol on him and sparking it up. Eyelids burned off. Lips burned off. Trapped in hell and no way to escape. Time runs very differently for a soul trapped in inescapable agony. That was an eternity to him.

        1. Cyanide is still a very painful and horrific way to die and death DOES NOT happen nearly as quickly as it does in melodramatic movies…..why can’t he just shoot himself in the head. I’m sure he carried a gun? The dumb bastard probably still thinks he can outsmart them……

          1. Note to self- never carry cyanide capsules! Glass capsules might ruin my dental work! Keep spare bullet for myself if in Mexico! If all else fails carry a sharp knife and teach them how to use it properly before they kill me-lol
            Was that his skin on his shirt? Did they burn his face then peel his skin off flake by flake?
            I’m sure he wishes he chose a different name!
            I’d choose pimpstar- lol then they might kill me with loads of hot chicks and sex- if I’m lucky!
            But knowing my luck they’d drop a 600 pound fat ass chick on me and I’d be on best gore! I can just see the title!
            Sicarios drop 600 pound heifer on guy nicknamed Pimpstar!
            Ha ha ha

      1. Most of the Bestgore awards are based on a 0 – 10 rating system. If you only tie for the best, come on, let’s be a team player.

        I think the points system is based on the classic suicide jumps. I never heard of any complaints from those contestants, so please fuck off with my best regards.

        1. Hell yeh dude, pretty fucked how they locked down wuhan from the rest of China yet they let people leave wuhan to travel around the world.. they knew exactly what was gonna happen, yet nobody is getting mad at the chinks.. most people I see are blaming trump and boris.. I guess people just wanna blame whites for everything lol

          1. Why are you bringing corona virus up? This awesome video is all about regret, hell, agony, Mexico and karma. Nothing at all like a man made virus from China………

          1. I don’t think you understand the difference between couldn’t and shouldn’t. How’d you get so dumb, because I smell junior college and florida on you….

          2. Couldn’t be further from the mark.. uk, couldn’t shouldn’t? Wtf are you talkin about? You aren’t even making sense you dumb fuck ahahha do us all a favour and kill yourself you nigger lover ahahhaha

    1. Sorry, we do not have whole cartel heads in our online store, but just ask your local butcher. He or she can surely set you up with one, so you can have the Mexican ethnic food adventure and enjoy some Smoked Cartel Head Barbacoa.

  1. He’s such an edgy character it’s not funny. That said, it is kind of weird that Marvel hasn’t put him on a thousand t-shirts by now. He’s got the look that would definitely get some edgy teens to put down money for some shirts.

  2. I just want to say thanks to whoever made it possible that we have the internet so we could have websites like BG, and I’m able to see how garbage humans are for real. I also would like to say FUCK YOU to John Lennon for singing that stupid song “Imagine” which contradicts everything.

    1. That sounds like an oscar speech you never had to deliver so you used it on bg. As for the john lennon bit, no one should take any notice of popular songs. It’s just a ridiculous thing to do. Actors, musicians, artists are all ass holes. I think lennon would agree.

    2. John Lennon? Great singer but by many accounts an absolute garbage -human himself . Fuck him and that shitty bulldyke called degeneres .I love how the truth comes out and all these ‘stars’ scramble like rats to salvage their reputatioms and of course the loot in their pockets.

      Fuck you too ,horrible boring tvshoe host bitch. God i hated seeing all those women in the audience idolising her. They all needed a a good slap and to be sent to the bedroom and kitchen .lol I knew it in my bones that de generes was a fraud hiding some really bad shit.

  3. Okay I did some research as almost all info on BG in inaccurate. Apperantly the guy being murdered is part of the “Los Viagras”, cartel based only in Michoacán. The torturers are from the “Jalisco Nueva Generación” cartel, based around most parts of Mexico. Both groups are murderers and torturers, and both groups have killed multiple innocent civilians including women and children. Right now Jalisco Nueva Generación is fighting Los Viagras for control of Michoacán, and as of now Los Viagras is “winning” the war.

      1. Supposedly Los Viagras is not a part of Cárteles Unidos, even though CU is also a rival of CJNG in Michoacán. Supposedly neither LV or La Familia are members of Cárteles Unidos, nor do they have anything to do with each other. This guy couldn’t possibly be the leader of either of those cartels/factions, mainly because he is part of LV, but also it would have gotten more exposure if he was the leader of a whole cartel.

    1. Probably. They did just as bad things and worse before video was invented. If anything, I think alot of these deaths would be less gruesome compared to the way they tortured and killed people throughout history.

        1. Fair enough. I would personally love to see the blood eagle on video though. Oh and all those old torture devices from the medieval ages being used on people too… for educational purposes ofcourse… not because I’m a sicko.

          1. ouch.. trying to be compassionate to fellow members is futile. anyways fuck you all. is that better? 🙂 p.s I’m not a whale. and yes I am female.. but that shouldn’t matter, geez

    2. I think you’re right POZ. The videos sure do get the point across better than photos or, like prior to the internet, just written news reports.
      My question is where does it stop? I get the feeling it doesn’t, the tortures they can come up with is endless.

      1. I guess it’s fair to say you’re old enough to remember, when The AP Wires were the thing to bank on, when it came to mainstream propaganda.

        Now, it serves as the Appetizer for the Mental Manipulation of the Masses, in the sense that it can control what happens in the end. Games shows on TV, promote this way of thinking as well.

    3. there are always people to watch. Thats the reason why , for instance, the romans had crucifixion as a death penalty. So that people could watch criminals slowly dying in extreme suffering. And also people got burned at the stake in Europe for witchcraft, so that other people could watch. A few hundred years ago, every country in the world was as violent as Mexico is today. Just read the story of the second voyage of the portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama to India in the 16th century. The violence was mexican cartel level, if not worse.
      So i think things are getting better.

        1. If smartphones were available, the 2nd voyage of Vasco da Gama to India in the 16th century would have enough gore to deserve a category of its own here. And Vasco was no drug cartel criminal, he was an european government authority, ambassador to the portuguese King. So, no matter what people say about these videos, i think things have improved a lot from a historical perspective.

    4. No doubt the video /digital age is making people do more horrible things to people nowadays compared to most peoples’ living memory.

      Yet ,Jack you are right ,Medieval and Ancient times could be much worse. Don’t forget people were hung , drawn and quartered in the UK until a couple of hundreds of years ago. Also public hangings and the body left in a cage to be eaten by crows and to stink to High Heaven. There is no limit to the depths of peoples’ cruelty which is why such people as in this vid need to be exterminated.

      All these executioners and possibly this burnt victim here-who likely did the same to others- need to be chained ,publicly paraded to the execution- ground ,whipped and then hung or shot to death for public ,quick but humane Justice. That will teach them.

      P.S these crimes would not occur if these ‘blue -collar ‘ types did not have ‘white collar’ politicians and police on- side. I don’t believe in free kicks. We need to do the same with a few crooked politicians and police commissioners to ensure justice is seen to be done. Then you will notice a lessening of crimes like drug-pushing and this crap.


      1. I dunno man, I think the Romans were onto something with the coliseum and gladiatorial exhibitions… ‘course they used slaves and POWs as well as criminals but that’s beside the point. They should just have these fuckers kill each other infront of a cheering crowd. I’d watch that shit.

      2. Honestly I don’t have a problem with bringing back the breaking wheel, if Cathy doesn’t object. Or even the ancient Persian rite of scaphism . Put that shit on pay-per-view.

        We aren’t any less brutal than those who came before. Just more cold and detached in a sort of mass corporatist way. I’m sure that’s by design. Keep the people dull. We are still animals underneath.

    5. No the videos are actually filmed as warnings, and are sent to their rivals. The rivals watch it, get angry, and vow to be worse. That’s all this is, is enemy factions trying to “one-up” each other.
      We’re just lucky to have the vids leaked so we can watch them.
      This is now one of my favs, with my 2nd being the guy getting his genitals eaten off by a pittbull.

      1. Did this guy survive? All this the cartels tape is usually some horrible shit. But if You wanna really spread fear. Don’t execute guys like this. On a slow Sat round up a dozen guys give them the torch treatment only, then drop them at an er.

          1. It’s supposed to be a horror film. It’s a remake of the brilliant original Wicker Man with Christopher Lee as the main villain. Why they remade it? Who cares. It’s funny as hell. The whole damned thing is comedy gold!

          2. It’s supposed to be a horror film in the same way that British Police are meant to be law enforcers. The attempt is unconvincing and the outcome accidentally hilarious.

          3. I just checked Netflix last night but apparently they don’t have it. I watched the trailer on YouTube though, even that gave me a chuckle.

          4. YES! another MST/Rifftrax fan? My roomie hates them, but I catch at least one a week. I watched back way back when they started. Some are better than others…but I don’t remember seeing Wicker Man. I looked to see if it was on Prime or HULU…nope.

          5. Ewww! Looks to be a good one. I’ll have to track that one down. I hate Cage and look forward to them slamming him like the dork he is.
            BTW, I see you have reached a BG high plateau; when someone uses your name as their username with an immature add-on. Congrats!

          6. Haha why thank you. It’s good to know that I’m fitting in for once. I am an ambitious man, after all.

            I guess this guy doesn’t yet get it. I’m taking up rent in his head and am laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwhile the louse thinks I give a shit if he tries to adorn my name. The only thing that’s insulted in this situation is my intelligence. The only thing this all proves is that he’s not very good at this game.

            You doin good?


  4. Fucking hell, this is brutal! The background music made it just that little bit more terrifying too. I’m completely out of touch with all of the cartels, what they’re doing in what country, why and to whom (I literally just come here for the videos) – but the comments tell me I’m not right to feel sorry for this guy? If so and he is also someone who tortures people, then I hope these guys didn’t even finish him off and left him to deal with the outcome alive. Bravo for this feature. Definitely up there as one of the most shocking!

  5. Man thats some ancient caveman torture. I haven’t seen a real full on torture like this in awhile on best gore. got tired of all these half ass punishments where the people are just gonna fuck people over again. The best i saw was when a friend showed me footage of a guy stuck sewing needles in this dudes finger nails and toe nails. He would show a sewing needle to his eye and make him watch as he slowly put it in. The guy screamed so much he blew out his vocal cords where he could no longer scream. He would put 2 to 3 in each nail. He would pass out but soon as another sewing needle went in he would wake up screaming and shaking and trembling. The best part is he had him tied to a tree in the woods and just left him there to suffer didn’t even bother killing him. When you get tortured by a savage you never gonna do whatever u did again thats for sure.

  6. What a fucking waste of life!!!
    These fucking beaners don’t have access to any high octane gasoline??
    And why not first burn off his cock and balls?? Oh I forgot it’s ghost Rider….I wonder what they will do to….Flathead and El Flip Flop Rodriguez when they get caught.
    But seriously I feel like going down to Mexico as some sort of torture advisor, I mean really what a waste…This Cholo definitely should have invested in a cyanide filled fake tooth…..he really could have cheated these amateurs out of their antics….
    And that shitty 4 megapixel camera wtf??? That dirty Sanchez with the shitty 2004 Blackberry needs his fucking head burned off…..They can dub shitty music and the closing sequence special effects but can scrounge a few pesos for a damn iPhone 6 plus….Assholes.

    1. “And why not first burn off his cock and balls??”
      Holy shit why do you think he’s screaming lol! Watch the video again. And with the camera its Mexico not ISIL. These fuckers aren’t doing it for recruitment.

      1. I get it…..nontheless we really should take up a collection and buy these refried pepper poppers a nice Galaxy note 20. This way we could watch his head cook in hi Def slow motion. Just a thought.
        Well I better waste another couple mb’s of data and watch the damn video again.

  7. Man mencho is such a fucking squirrel I cant wait to see him either caught and sent to america to rot in an american supermax .or preferably on here being tortured to the fullest I hope the united cartel find him and his family and kill all of his family members first the dismember him slowly mencho you sad little man . Remember chapo is the real boss .

  8. I can’t fathom what brings people to inflict this kind of pain on others in any case that isn’t revenge for the same thing or worse. These fuckers keep raising the bar only to forget one day it will be their sorry ass being filmed, and they’ve escalated it and made it that much worse on themselves. Fucking untermensch.

      1. Hey Emillio. My name is Emilio. Emilio Hackett. I take it you’ve heard of me?

        I am an extravagantly elegant Spanish man.

        Sounds like you have a Germanic last name though. I had a girlfriend whose last name was Schnitzelficker.

        I wonder if you are as stylish and elegant as yours truly.


          1. You’re right. I can’t have this poseur one-upping me though. I’ll have to become more elegant, more luxurious and more extravagant than Ricardo Montalban in order to win this battle of attrition.

  9. Nobody is innocent, but they are a national cruel and unusual busterds that are son’s ov a who’re…
    I think America should invade Mexico use their army to kill all ov them..
    And this will be the end…
    But sometimes i think that fewin high position like that drugs coming from there…like i said before the Brazil and Africa are miserable zoo’s…
    I can say that Mexico is the mental illness of the content…

      1. the u.s government get interfere with army in all most every conflict in the globe …
        So i ment at least they should take care on what’s going on closer to their borders..
        Instead a lost battle against drug wars that takes life inside the u.s, finish off bad criminal organizations in Mexico that affect what happening in the streets of America…

    1. So you cry when people say that all Jews should be killed in Israel and yet you want America to invade Mexico and kill all the population. Are you a hypocrite much or do you not remember what you say from one day to another?

      Also I notice you don’t say anything upsetting to your new found -friend- who virulently hates Jews just like you- in effect giving him a free-kick. Are all Russian Jew emigres the same as you in Israel?

      Where is my baseball bat ? Hmm?

      1. You don’t even try to use your mind…
        I ment to all bad criminals..
        And for all i know… They would love to become a part of America…
        I have frinds allmost from every where.. Mexicans, Americans,
        Germans, Russians, and many more…
        If you knew me , hypocrite is the last word you can say…

  10. After a few more watches of this video it would appear to be two different cholos getting roasted here. Did he have a stunt double??
    The t-shirt looks different. ..
    Anyways I’m still quite perturbed about the low quality video. …was this filmed with a betamax like I mean really. ….

      1. I heard he’s fine. He just got better. Woke up, sprung out of bed, and waltzed down the street clicking his heels and whistling a 1950’s showtune as his revolting countenance laid bear for the world to see. It was the damndest thing you ever did see. He definitely did not dieded.

    1. @jonnymortis I noticed the same thing and I was checking the comments to see if this had been mentioned already. If you look at the shirt of the first guy you can see it is cut up and hanging loosely on his body. Then it cuts to a guy wearing a relatively undamaged shirt that seems to have wood chips stuck to it. I doubt they would have given him a new shirt, so I came to the same conclusion – two different people.

  11. Brutal agony.
    Not even the Brazilian cartel is usually so cruel and inhuman … Just because he was an enemy received this penalty? One of the most cruel events I have ever seen. This is a pity for rapists and pedophiles.

    1. Cartel sympathizers smh. They destroy Mexico daily with corruption and drugs just like Brazil with its gangs. I hope all those cartel fags and corrupt politicians get skinned for preventing Mexico’s growth and I hope the yankee coke snorters get locked in cages

    1. I’d say, yes it’s 2 victims. Maybe the second guy got some dripping plastic torture.along with the fat from his face and his melting hair dripping all over his shirt. The fuckers brain juices would be simmering slowly in his skull. There would be no surviving that, initially maybe, but long term, infection would kill them. OUCHY.

  12. Well, Aren’t they getting more creative at each passing years? At this point, They are just acting like little kid torturing smaller weaker animal now. I wonder if oneday, they will ever be on receiving end?

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