Colombian Worker Electrocuted, Flames Engulf His Body On and Off

Colombian Worker Electrocuted, Flames Engulf His Body On and Off

Colombian Worker Electrocuted, Flames Engulf His Body On and Off

In Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, an electrician working on live overhead powerlines got electrocuted while half way up a utility post. As his body was being zapped, it burst on and off into flames.

The video also contains a bit of the aftermath, during which the people say things like “He’s too heavy” while trying to figure out how to pick him up. Then they ask for gloves to touch his burnt ass skin.

Props to Best Gore member @beaner69 for the video:

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178 thoughts on “Colombian Worker Electrocuted, Flames Engulf His Body On and Off”

          1. @2girls2cups The second high voltage goes though your body your muscles basically lockup & you’re unable to let go of whatever you are holding on to.. well until your hand burns off. (That’s why I plan to never play with high voltage!)

          2. the sound is the amps going to ground ,prob round 200 to 400 amps ..high volts make a sharp crackling noise..the current boiled his blood then carbonised his body…that deep sound means power unleashed,wonderful ..more power than old sparky…the electric chair..

    1. remember me a movie i saw, about war in vietnam and a guy took some napalm all over his body and when the hero (a famous actor, iforget the name) , try to hold him, all the skin came out like an overcooked piece of meat.

  1. i’m surprised, it looks like a long agonizing death. Was electrocution used in the USA as a torture?

    i thought one died quickly being zapped like that? this greaser seems to have lingered.

    1. depend of ampere.

      if ampere is low you can use electricity to just play with someone (like a Tazer).
      if ampere is high (even tho, “high” is a big word because its actually very very small number).. its a one way choc direct to the heart and he is gone.

      to give exempl, if someone put a fork in home electric plug and take a choc, he get electricity straigth to the heart and will die faster than it look. but as electricity is also used for reanimation, the muscles can play some Samba/Capoera dances for a moment.

      if you refer as the electric chair, the subject is quickly kill due to electric choc in the brain > heart , helped with wet clothes or something to boost the electricity to go in the body and not “burn” like in that video.

      in the video, he is long gone a few second after the first choc. ampere is high on lines like this.

      1. Our bodies are made up of 70% water anyway. Current that high, simply boils one from the inside.

        Voltage is the potential difference between a negative charge and a positive one. Current is the rate, in which these charges travel throughout a circuit.

        1. I wish I knew more about electricity. It’s something so ubiquitous and taken-for-granted…But I know I don’t really, REALLY understand it.

          A lineman I knew said that he had a hammer in his overalls when he was working up on a light pole. He was “grounded” and had taken all the precautions…BUT the metal hammer in his overall pocket burned a hole in his overalls and underwear and burned his skin and then fell to the ground…

          1. I’m not a lineman. However, electricity always takes the path of least resistance. Metal is an excellent conductor of electricity. Also, the point of ground, also determines where the flow of current exists in a circuit.

            I took electronics class at my local community college. Although I never earned a degree, I was advanced enough to troubleshoot different components/circuits.

            Long story short…

            If my circuit wasn’t grounded properly, it caused a “floating ground” condition, where current flowing from another part of the circuit, interfered with the reading of the circuit I was troubleshooting. (false reading)

            Again, I’m not an electrician or a lineman. However, the same condition may have applied, to the lineman that you knew.

            Maybe there’s someone here, more educated about this stuff than I am.

          2. Looks to me he was on a metal ladder and grabbed the high power line.
            Maybe the ladder was wood, regardless it grounded him.
            Not a very professional looking setup.

  2. I think he’s gonna be fine. Hose him down, a little cologne, and some new flip flops and he’s good to go!!! Maybe some bondo for the holes that the bolts of electricity blew out of. Yeah, he’s good!!!

      1. I’m going to try actually listening to it while watching this guy burn. Might make a good video project….hey little girl is your daddy home, while I get fried right to the bone , hmm mmm, I’m on fiya

          1. Yep and there was even one in the late 70s that started, “She was just 16 years old”….or something like that I forget the artist. Currently over the last couple years you can catch Raisin Crunch Cereal commercials that seem to all have a older male and a teen gal in them. I forget what the actual cereal is but you can easily Google or YouTube them. Young gals and older males ….

    1. Don’t work alone,Shut the power off ,drop Earthing lines from wires either sides of the pole to spikes in the ground,install tiger tails (temporary black and yellow insulating sleeves) Attach these with a fibreglass pole. Use a fibreglass ladder or even better an insulated boom lift/telehandler/aerial platform(A hydraulic telescoping bucket you stand in to reach high jobs,usually mounted on a truck,or independently driven). This is how one would do whatever he was trying to,safely.

      1. Thanks for that , but just out of curiosity , So connect a wire to a spike driven into the ground? Then throw it ONLY over the line you want to work with on one side of the pole. Then do the same with another line and spike ONLY onto the line on the other side of the pole?

        What is tiger sleeve made of ? Glass wool ,ceramic beads? So you use a fibreglass for both the wires and the tigersleeves?

        Didn’t even know you could get fibreglass ladders? What about just along wooden ladder?

        1. Once power is disconnected there is still a charge that’s enough to ruin your day in the active lines,so depending on the amount of lines there are, would dictate how many earth lines you would use,but generally on a 3/4 wire set up you’d use 2 per side.Your neutral and active,earth is already to earth.Tiger tails are a thick/heavy rubber composite of some sort(like a heavy duty swimming noodle or roll bar padding) with a vinyl type cover printed with the black and yellow colours and held in place with plastic clips or velcro,then you cable tie them tight so they cant slide along line.You don’t throw the cable over,you clip them on with a dedicated fibreglass pole.Wooden ladders are a no no,they still have a percentage of moisture in them that allows earthing.

        2. When we were younger and naughtier we used to throw a piece of picture framing chain on the railway wires and it would just hang and dangle til a train came ,then the cab would arc up,and the chain would spark along the roof till the pantagraph would snare it and explode it into a thousand sparks. Faark we were lil aholes. Goodtimes.

      2. You sir are full of shit. The best way to do it is to duct tape a couple aluminum ladders together and get to work with the wire cutters like a real man. Dont be contributing to the pussification of the human race.

    1. This scintillating, sizzling video surely ended with a shocking conclusion. I melted away in suspense waiting for my electric to come back on to watch this since some dumbass climbed up and electrocuted himself and my whole neighborhood was out of power….

      1. Same thing happened down the road, when a lineman was Overcharged for his protective gear. His anger, caused him to fall to the ground, where the Copperheads bit him. He had a 12 Guage but still, was too Wired to do anything about it.

        Our lights were out for 5 KilloWAIT hours that day.

        1. On a related note I remember seeing that terrible Scott Baio movie years ago called ZAPPED!
          After that disaster, his career , which previously had been on fire (plus sparks were flying with him romantically with the late Erin Moran on Joanie Loves Chachi ) kind of burnt out and he had to cool it and dust himself off. He was quoted as feeling a disconnect as his once burgeoning fame was being extinguished. But then in true Chachi fashion he once again lit up the lights on Broadway and was once again the guy carrying the torch…

          1. You need help dude…

            You’ve been hanging around me too long. 🙂

            I hope they Discharge you at the hospital soon, so they can mark you down as inCAPACITATED, and Isolate you from other injuries.

            That’s what they did for me, several years ago.

          2. Help went out the door years ago, @pickmynose123 since I decided Electro was my favorite Spider-Man villain.
            My very existence is a smoking ruin since I lost my job at the electric company. I better bolt over to the unemployment office so I can get welfare and start putting things on charge.

        2. @smileusb75

          Sorry to hear that…

          I hope you don’t have to go through a Battery of tests to receive your benefits.

          When it came to electricity and electronics, there were many Fields of interest. But I was always Polarized, as to which road to take.

          It Drained me in the end, so I decided to build up my Electrolytes, just to get my strength Back Up. I was in the Reserves for awhile, but was Discharged for having a Short temper.

          I’ll probably be that way, until I leave my mortal Coil.

          …go figure huh!

          1. I can’t top that one I’ve lost the spark and run out of energy to create anymore puns..only positive thing is I would never be in this guy’s position because I’m too afraid of heights to go out on a wire like he did. I hate to end an evening on a negative thought …….

          2. @smileusb75

            I was quite Shocked, to see him that high too. But my case was considered Low Level. Thank God they make a Plug In for people like me, to slowly Come Back Down To Earth, so Ground Fault injuries will stay at a minimum.

            Going to pick up a friend now. Expecting to Meter in 45 minutes.

    1. It’s electric!
      You can’t see it (it’s electric!)
      You gotta feel it (it’s electric!)
      Ooh, it’s shakin’ (it’s electric!)
      She’s a pumpin’ like a matic
      She’s a movin’ like electric
      She sure got the boogie
      You gotta know it
      (It’s electric
      Boogie woogie, woogie!)
      Now you can’t hold it
      (It’s electric
      Boogie woogie, woogie!)
      But you know it there,
      Here, there and everywhere

  3. There was a whole stack of 2X4s
    At the bottom right they could have used to wipe at his ladder so he’d fall down

    But instead they continued to film and watch his death like idiots

  4. I just cannot get it out of my head 1.3 Billion Indians on lockdown, locked in their huts in 100 degrees heat for 3 months cooking Vindaloos day and night,
    When the Gupta Government say the lockdown is over and 1.3 Billion open their windows and front doors it will be like the blast from 50 Hiroshima atomic explosions. The world will have just recovered from Cronkyvirus when we will then be gassed to death.

    NB unrelated. After seeing that Jock Nicola Sturgeon on uk tv I am now convinced that Myra Hindley didn’t die in 2002. Either that or she is Hindley’s daughter.

  5. @hopingfornemesis

    (Legend: Hey guys, Aussies refer to our PM as Sco-Mo*)
    (probably should be Slo-Mo)

    My belief is that :

    The following recession will be deep, long, hard (not P Keating’s soft landing of the early 9os).
    I don’t like to predict a harder outcome than is warranted, but the sheer ‘scale’ of this thing is
    Beyond a science fiction novel.

    For instance, the PM telling half the workforce on Sunday night that they’d worked their last shift
    And to contact Centrelink when they woke up? Really? He must have had people who could advise him (like you and I) that you would have to ‘stagger’ something of that scale.
    Like annual tax returns.
    How could they be processed if the PM said “All Aussies must now lodge their tax on 7th July (no sooner or later) “. Complete disaster, yes?
    The idiots should have worked out a staggering process, and it could be very simple.

    Let’s take the alphabet. 26 letters = 26 days.

    So, the Govt gets to working 7 days a week, around the clock for the processing.
    Surname A-B you guys can logon or phone on Sundays.
    Surname C-D you guys can logon or phone on Mon.
    Surname E-F you guys can logon or phone on Tue.

    So in ten days, you have covered the 1st 20 surname 1st letters of the alphabet
    In the next 3 days, you cover the last 6.
    In 13 days, they’re all covered.

    Now, with this system, some people who’s surname is at the back of the alphabet are
    Gonna ‘hate’ the PM and never forgive him.
    But, they could be paid a small ‘bonus’ for having to wait, so it seems fairer to them.
    There is always an option somewhere. The closure of businesses could be staggered too
    By Region/Name instead of closing a whole industry in one day, nationwide.
    Take a bar/café. There is also the suppliers & security staff when they close now on
    The dole.

    Now, my system is far from perfect, and would need some ‘tweaking’ I’m sure .. but ..
    At least it’s better that what the PM has now which is “Oh, we’ve got plenty of cash
    For you, but to get it you have to logon or phone, and the system can’t handle that ..
    So .. sorry but you can’t get it I guess …” Terrible!
    And then for some idiot to come out (Treasurer) and say “Oh, I didn’t think is would
    Cause a jam if half of all Aussies tried to phone/get online at the exact same time ..
    Uum, Gee …”
    What? Has this guy never seen a queue before, and noticed how the entire line up
    Do not ‘get through the gate’ all at the same time?
    This is elementary logic. Concerning.
    The other worrying thing is the Team ScoMo only operates in ‘retrospect’ never
    Stepping up to the plate 1st to take a swing at the ball.
    There is now a ‘pattern’ of getting it wrong, which concerns me:

    Oh, it’s only in China, but it’s not a big deal WRONG
    Oh, it won’t get to Europe WRONG
    Oh, if it does, it won’t be a big deal in Europe WRONG
    Oh, USA wont close it’s borders WRONG
    Oh, Aust wont close it’s borders WRONG
    Oh, it’s still safe to go to a half million folks sport game WRONG
    Oh, the States wont close off WRONG
    Oh, kids will stay at school MOST LIKELY WRONG
    Oh, the Olympics will go ahead WRONG
    Oh, people will keep the right distance at the beaches WRONG
    Oh, we wont be going into total lockdown like NZ : MOST LIKELY WRONG

    Because Team ScoMO has been wrong all along, I can sniff a total lockdown
    Coming into place just like NZ.
    Hope I’m wrong, but this Govt’s lack of understanding/planning/decision making is a bit scary.

    You’ve got to way the virus up against the speed of spreading, plus how drained
    The whole health system is in the 1st place.
    My brother’s daughter has been in intensive care since December when she collapsed
    With Anorexia Nervosa.
    She has no immune system even left. Concerning, because the med staff she comes
    Into contact with are ALL in the firing line of the virus.

    SO, my fellow Sco-Monians

    Take care!
    Boost your immune system!
    Rest well (hard when there’s stuff on your mind, and an uncertain future)


    1. I could kiss you sometimes. You nailed it. This Pentecostalist tongue -wobbler Branch Manager for Australia is so dumb ,smirking and dismissive. Always has been . Also responsible for the controversial “where the hell are ya” Aussie tourism commercial with Laura bingle.

      Anyway ,his party and himself have gutted the Australian health system and put it all into privatised hospital -owner mates ‘pockets! We’ll see what happens ! I always believed in forethought and a good captain shows in a storm not in calms.

      …and yes ,they don’t know what it is to wait in a queue . They have lived on a higher plane than the rest of us. Never had to talk to centrelink ,or a mobile phone company or fix up being ripped off by an electricity company or finding out your super or bank has been taking -out illegal fees et .

      Anorexia ,your chucked-out brother’s girl? Fuck…

      1. Yeah Nem, as for ‘living on a higher plain’ that the rest of us, it reminds me of when the Whitlam Team took over from the Libs here in Oz.
        Many Lib Govt Ministers chucked a wobbly because:

        They had never driven an automobile – others did it for them
        They had never dialed a telephone – others did it for them

        Yep, their lackeys did it!

        Elitist pigs .. Fucking bourgeois scum ..

    2. Hopfully the newly unemployed have a look around them and see the amount of foreign workers that still have their job. In fact, Morrison has allowed overseas students ( Chinks and Indians) to extend their work hours to unlimited. When this thing is over, ordinary Australians must demand, with threat of violence, an end to the foreign student and worker racket run by Canberra. Three months on a dole diet might ensure this happens.


      1. Excellent point !
        For decades, the people that live and work here have been sold out
        by our leaders, to provide import cheap labor for their mate’s
        companies and interests.
        All at our expense, then our ‘leader’ usually retires to the South
        of France or some shit, after they have completely fucked us!

        1. South of France – good rugby and plenty of hot Spanish bitches! And good luck if you need may need a ventilator in the coming months, we’re out of stock because our manufacturing base is in Asia.

  6. Utility ??? Aint built by regulations
    A country of munkys…
    Who climb on utility post with power on???
    And utility post with exposed high voltage contacts….
    I bet his dead… That moron…

  7. Looks like he was someone from the village itself ,who’d volunteered to fix up a certain power outage issue or may be he was up there to pilfer the power lines for someone for a little moolah . Whatever it was the guy got zapped to death because he knew nothing about electricity not even the very basics of it .

      1. The camera person too seemed like someone new to the features of a smart phone who hardly knew what in the world the word “zoom” is for
        NEMS ,That was a LIVE ROASTING footage of someone who kinda thought it was a child’s play monkeying around scaling high voltage utility poles like it were just a cake walk.

      1. pigsonthewing
        Last heard owing to being a total novice this CONTACTor or any one of his relatives or close family members licences hitherto have been rendered null and void notwithstanding anything binding or in POWER in any context .

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