Colombian Worker Electrocuted, Flames Engulf His Body On and Off

Colombian Worker Electrocuted, Flames Engulf His Body On and Off

Colombian Worker Electrocuted, Flames Engulf His Body On and Off

In Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, an electrician working on live overhead powerlines got electrocuted while half way up a utility post. As his body was being zapped, it burst on and off into flames.

The video also contains a bit of the aftermath, during which the people say things like “He’s too heavy” while trying to figure out how to pick him up. Then they ask for gloves to touch his burnt ass skin.

Props to Best Gore member @beaner69 for the video:

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      Oh, you are too kind to Jonny.
      There are lots better people than me out there at this crap.
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      1. If that’s just ” taking a crack at it”, you belong in the R & R Hall of Fame, Jonny
        Tremendous, BRAVO!
        And in my book any song making mention of Hugo Weaving should be protected by the US Library of Congress. Again, BRAVO!!!

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