Congo – 220 People Killed in Fuel Track Explosion

Congo - 220 People Killed in Fuel Track Explosion

Congo is one of those fine countries where death is a way of life. The Second Congo War is widely considered the world’s deadliest military conflict since WWII but even though the war officially ended and a peace treaty was signed, fighting along the eastern border continues and so does endless raping of women which Congo soldiers believe to be perfectly justified. Congolese people in these pictures did not die as a result of the tribal warfare, though. But it did take place in Eastern Congo, the very area still ravaged by the conflicts.

A tanker truck driver was plowing it down a dirt road through a village of Sange, 20 miles north of Uvira, where people gathered to watch the World Cup and lost control of his truck trying to pass a minibus. The overturn resulted in a fireball that incinerated everything in relative closeness, including 220 people. The Red Cross officials said there were 61 children and 36 women among the dead. Some witnesses confirmed that prior to the explosion, many villagers went to take advantage of the overturned truck and rushed towards it to fill up their jerry-cans with what would have been free gasoline. And then BUM went the dynamite!

The driver of the truck was injured in the crash, but got away to seek medical assistance before the explosion. Villagers, blinded by greed, disregarded potential dangers and continued helping themselves to free gas. Witnesses said that even government soldiers station in the troubled area to protect the civilians from militants were stealing the gas and paid for it with their lives.

The village of Sange, is located between the town of Uvira, which is on the northern tip of Lake Tanganyika near the border with Burundi, and the Congolese provincial capital of Bukavu.

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26 thoughts on “Congo – 220 People Killed in Fuel Track Explosion”

  1. sorry for the possibly stupid question.. but what does exactly kill a burning person? the lack of oxygen? the extreme pain causing heart attack?.. or anything else? ‘_’

  2. Geez, like everything else wasn’t trying to kill people there. Although if people weren’t running for the gasoline, I bet a lot fewer people would have died. What would they even use the gasoline for?

  3. @ cut. if you can ever get a hold of Trauma the guy’s actually a doctor and could probably explain it to you in a way that makes sense. I asked why people swell up when they get burnt and he was kind enough to take the time and explain what happens and why the doctors did some of the stuff they do.

  4. Cut, burned people die from a number of factors. See the Wikipedia article Burning to Death for basic info. OK, fun time!
    In The Congo there once was a fuel truck,
    Whose driver was plagued with real bad luck.
    When the fuel truck flipped,
    and the villagers dipped,
    they all burned alive, don’t that just suck?

  5. In answer to Cut, burn victims can die from myriad causes. They can simply be all roasted to hell like these people were, but those who survive the initial burn often die of dehydration and electrolyte loss (leading to heart attack), or simply succumb to infection which becomes systemic. With good care even bad burns can be survived, but it is surely no picnic (unless you like your BBQ extra crispy, like the folks on the right side of the picture)

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