Congolese Cop Burned to Death by Members of Bundu Dia Kongo

Congolese Cop Paying for His Sins

Congolese Cop Burned to Death by Members of Bundu Dia Kongo

Best Gore member @african-angel offers the following insights:

Bundu dia Kongo abbreviated BDK (in Kikongo language meaning “The Church or Assembly of the Kongo“) is a Politico-Religious movement founded in 1969 by Zacharie Badiengila, who now goes by spiritual name Ne Muanda Nsemi (meaning “The Creative Spirit” in Kikongo language), a former chemist-turned-spiritual leader.

Nsemi, who was also a former member of parliament and now a self-proclaimed “President of the Federal Republic of Kongo Central“, advocates a return to African authenticity and bases his teachings on visions revealed to him by the spirits of his ancestors.

Police officers raided Ne Muanda Nsemi’s residence, where more than 200 BDK supporters were hiding. At least 55 people were killed and more wounded. The raid took place in Kinshasa on April 24, 2020.

Two days earlier, police raided a house in Songololo settlement killing dozens of BDK members, including women and children, who had gathered to plan demonstrations. This resulted in BDK members retaliating by killing the police officer.

The said cop was burned to death. Talking back in the only language they understand – perhaps something citizens of other countries under oppressive police regime could learn from?

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    There are not many people who do it the other way around: spiritual leaders who become chemists.
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