Crazy Dutchman Chases Police Out of His House with Molotov Cocktails

Crazy Dutchman Chases Police Out of His House with Molotov Cocktails

A Dutchman placed an illegal fence around his house, apparently to protect himself from his neighbors, although nobody really understands what prompted him to feel so unsafe as to need to protect himself. The police responded to the complaints about the illegal fence, and accompanied workers hired to remove it.

When the Dutchman saw they were messing with his fence, he went all crazy and began throwing Molotov Cocktails and the fence removers and the police.

The cops entered his house to arrest him, but he chased them out with more Molotov Cocktails and a bow and arrow. So the cops called in firefighters and a SWAT, but by the time they showed up, the crazy Dutchman was gone.

Props to Best Gore member jackchan for the video:

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    1. Waco, Texas ring any bells??? David Karesh had a plan which didn’t quite succeed. But he took some piggly wigglies out with extreme prejudice. I’m in no way advocating cults, but that shootout was badass, and to this day, I remember how it all went down

    2. My guess is it wasn’t over the fence at all. I mean, the fence itself seems rather pointless, as what good would it really have done in the first place? It certainly wasn’t going to stop many intruders. It appears to be for aesthetics anyways.

      We have similar laws here in the US: No fencings around the front yard, unless the property is so old and an old iron fence has already been grandfathered in. Fencings are for back yards only.

      Kinda fucked up to have so much regulations.

      It kinda troubles me, though, as to the old man’s intentions with the molotovs. Was he going to toss them INSIDE his home at the policemen who’d managed to get inside, and risk burning the place down?

      1. Too true mate but I do believe soon all our little piggies will be carrying and not just SO19s and tacticals. I hope not as I don’t fancy getting double tapped on the metro like Jean Paul did (respect to him and his family) I wouldn’t trust all the police to carry firearms over here though I’ve seen the corrupted side to them up close on the inside and underneath all the “Britishness” and pompous ceremonial shit they’re not far behind our larger than life cousins over the pond. I do hope it never happens.

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      I mean, if the citizens of a country are getting anal raped like they are in the US and still bend over when called upon. I say, death to those silly fucktards.

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          1. Click The Puppy, I was thinking when he was upstairs, if he shot out of the window. We have a couple of bows, but I don’t know anything about them except the razor tipped arrowheads look scary. I imagine you could be lethal with your bow.

    1. it was [email protected] I live in eastern europe wich means only the police and the army have fire weapons. the civilian population can carry a pocket knife no bigger than 4 inches, so we have to improvise. if in US you have a hand gun/shotgun/rifle in Romania I have just thorwing knives/bows with modified arrow heads/machetes/(tomahawk) and i master these as my weapons of choice because you never know what happens in life( I’m a what you call a “gun freak” so not all romanians are like me) πŸ™‚ btw i’m officially new but i watch BG since 2011. cheeres!

  1. How the fuck is that fence going to protect anybody from anything? and why is it worth complaining about? Some fuckers have got nothing better to do that make complaints about fuck all just to liven up their dull little lives.

    1. Homeowners’ Associations. Trying to keep the property values up, and the losers out. Some of them get pretty carried away especially since the leader is some anal retentive jerk who has nothing better to do than check you grass length and untrimmed bushes.

  2. You guys are not aware there is so much more to this story really. The man was harrassed by a neighbouring gipsy camp and got fed up with it. He asked for help to the local government and police and got zip. Eventually he decided to place that fence and that ticked of the local government, which resulted in the above.

  3. There is more to this story, the guy had good reasons to be angry.
    This happened in June 2012. Gijsbert has done 9 months in jail for this.
    The reason he built a fence was that there was a trailer park right behind his house. He and his wife & kid were being terrorized by the trailer park thrash. The thrash had sent death threats to the family, broken the windows of the house, killed 20 of the family’s chickens, and much more shit.
    The city council did nothing about it!
    Gijsbert wanted to protect his family and he had asked permission from the city council to build a fence. Permission was officially granted, but once the fence stood, the council decided it was too high and they came to break it down.

    Gijsbert & family had come from Amsterdam 14 ys. prior, they had moved to the countryside to find some peace. 2 years after they had moved, the trailer park was built behind his property. Initially the family had no problem with it, but then the trailer thrash started cutting down trees, which Gijsbert objected to ( he filed a complaint with the city council ), and that’s how a long, violent feud began.

    I can well imagine this guy went nuts at some point. 12 years of terror by trailer thrash and the authorities did nothing to stop it. But when the guy only wanted to build a fence to defend himself, then the council and the pigs were ready to stop the guy.
    The trailer scum should have been in jail instead. But as usual, cops and bureaucrats were too scared to stop the real perpetrators.
    If this had been the USA, Gijsbert could’ve been blazing some guns long before. And probably the thrash would’ve fired back.

  4. A gypsy camp was involved? Say no more. Those Roma people are absolutely good for nothing. Robbing , scams and welfare. Fucking police side with foreign parasites over their own people. Communist EU pigs. If this happened in US the cops would have shot him.

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