Crowd Watches Foreigner Burning Alive

Crowd Watches Foreigner Burning Alive

Crowd Watches Foreigner Burning Alive

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This video is from South Africa, where in early September 2019 shop lootings and killings were observed in the central business districts of major cities. Reason for this appeared to be South Africans being angry about what they call ‘black foreigners’ taking up their jobs.

The man who is on fire seems to be fully conscious while the fire is burning his clothes and eventually his skin. Other people just stand there and watch him burn. He gets up and falls down a couple of times. One person throws what looks like a piece of cardboard or wood on him. There’s even a dog joining in, probably smelling a nice BBQ going on. When he notices the meat isn’t ready yet he leaves to spectate the ordeal from a safe distance.

I’d be pretty angry too if there are people taking up jobs that I feel like belong to people in my country or town, but burning them to death seems a little over the top. However, it is a clear statement for other people who were planning on trying to take up said jobs.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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  1. MANS BEST FRIEND! I believe THE DOG is the only one in the crowd to at least show some very slight concern to the burning man. I think the dog was trying to assess the situation to see if he could possibly help the burning man. But the dog backs up and says get me the HELL OUT OF HERE!

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  3. I’m a little confused…it seems like we have a mob of people here that have the free time in the middle of daylight working hours to burn someone to death because they’re afraid that he might take their jobs? Shouldn’t they be out doing/looking for those jobs?

  4. I agree with the post- it seems over the top to burn the foreigners but I guess some folks need to ventilate by setting humans on fire. Maybe local folks should burn their politicians/governor for the decision rather than the foreigner- alas, have we not all migrated for better suitings in life throughout history ? BLAH, BLAH, BLAH

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    Never had any inclination to visit South Africa, but if this is typical street performance art, perhaps I should go and check it out. Must remember to bring marshmallows.

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