Dead Man with a Badly Burnt Head Hangs from a Billboard

Dead Man with a Badly Burnt Head Hangs from a Billboard

Here’s a weird one for you. A man with a badly burnt head somehow managed to get caught in this billboard. What the actual fuck? I have a pretty good imagination but I cannot figure out how this happened. Was he playing Ghost Rider? Was it a Thai Bachelor Party gone horribly awry? I think this is a case for the BG detectives. I need your help. What do you guys think?

The Rat-Thurs fax. Wat Bang Krai Nok 34. Roundabout near Rama 5 Prompted
a male to hit blue car on lamppost shock. Were urged to volunteer to help.

Rat Thursday’s are the worst.

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  1. One hand badly burnt obviously grabbed or touched the live overhead cable, interestingly get within about 8-9 inches from one of those bad boys and it will pull you toward it.

    Needless to say I’ve not actually tested the theory!

    1. I think this person commited suicide and got hit by a live wire. maybe he chose the bill board for a reason maybe he was somehow hurt in life by a company advertised on the bill board or lost his job from a company that was advertised on the bill board.

          1. @boozer, I know you probablystart up you own personalbrewery but if the world ran out please share your home brew with daniel ray and save his life. I would hate for him to commit suicide.

        1. it was on the news one time about a man who got fired from a job. He was in debt and needed this job. when the boss wouldn’t give his job back he pulled out a gun and blew his brains out right there in the boss office. Also some years back one of the owners of thaxtons insurance company blew his brains out on christmas. The company was going under. my grandpa invested in the company and lost a lot of money.

  2. It was probably just Thai health and safety at work again.

    The cloth advertisement board had started to become detached from the metal support frame and so they paid Darkman over there to reattached it but he had supported himself to the metal frame with a makeshift rope of some kind and when he fell backwards his arm got caught in the power lines whilst his body remained supported, electricity being what it is had to come out from some direction and that direction was downwards through his head.

    That?s my theory anyway, not that it matters to Mr toasted head merlot since his glass shall hold the liquid silk never again for he has experienced his last hangover.

      1. Ruptured blood vessels due to electrical shock plus a few extra burns as the current did the rounds before exiting.

        Notice the risus sardonicus beneath the burned flesh and the contorted stiff limbs and the absence of any other external injury, classic death by high voltage electrocution.

        1. @empty.

          Tesla would be proud of you, he knew we could all have free energy!
          It’s all around us! But J.P. Morgan shut him down because he couldn’t meter it.

          When the oil runs out they will sell us this free energy.

        1. Last time I had danielray hook up my cable all I got was Moonshine wars and Drunk uncle with Peter Drunklage on SNL. “ya know what’s in my tumbler ???? Regret.” 😉

          1. And in all fairness Bar Rescue would come in but the picture was blurry. @danielray just kidding we love you “no homo”, but you know that 😉

    1. I worry about my friend. She hooked her momas cable up. I didn’t see her do it. she got tired of her moma not having anything to watch on tv. she wanted to hook me up with stolen cable. I said no. I didn’t want to be the cause of her death and I didn’t want to go to jail either.

  3. Im gonna guess suicide, because if it were here in Portugal he would certainly stealing the high voltage copper cables there.

    By the looks of it he was trying to get on the high voltage posts, but as soon as he touched the cable, he forgot that he was standing on a iron billboard that was touching the floor… leading to his “shocking” death… 😆

  4. I see a line from his right hand that looks like he is holding a knife blade. Does anyone else have a sharper picture? Was he trying a strip a line? The current may have arced up and caught his hair on fire/scorched his lungs following the O2 trail at his mouth & nostrils.

    Seems like a lot of effort for a suicide, though.

          1. OBli, If that was for me, I agree with you about everything you wrote with except calling the two sort of innocent. What should crack everyone up, it that black people are going to boycot the new movie about Moses, because all the big roles are given to white people.

          2. no i meant the creationism and evolution discussion some of us got into down towards the bottom. Wanted to know your thoughts or 24th elders. seriously, not being an asshole. but i understand and its cool if you’d rather avoid it. i just want to make it clear that you are free to speak your mind here. i was only hard on Cheeky because she managed to cross one of the few lines that i have but i would never actually do anything drastic just because of my own wounded ego. i’m professional. i wanted you to know that.

          3. @Obli Oh that. I thought everything was cool now with you and her. I only had one of my comments removed and I was able to comment that it had been removed. 🙂 I don’t stay out of the creationism and evolution discussions because of that. You explained why you got mad at her and I respect that. But for the record, I don’t think God made the planet, I think He found it. 🙂
            When the angels bred a soul into that white monkey, that is what got things going. I let you guys who are awesome at history take it from there so I can learn.

  5. This is clearly a warning placed there by a drug cartel, they beat him, burned his head and hands and then put him on the billboard so he’d be out in the open. The wire he appears to be holding is a metaphor, the cartels way of saying “we’ve got you”

  6. It has to be a message.
    btw Obli you aree changing up the gore game man i am njoying. everything. excuse my grammar for.i. Shit faced. I shall forever be apart of this.beautiful creation, wherever mark is i pray to him, slicer, Jesus even rotten flesh, i rise glass.up to you. This site stands against the lhorde, for that i respect.l

  7. I know exactly what happened, he was high on ice so he climbed his little tweaker ass up there to take another hit & then BOOM fucking pipe blew up in his face. He’s got a lighter in one hand & the pipe in the other.

    No I don’t know but it’s plausible…you know how them tweakers be jumping out of trees & shit. Lol

  8. Hey @obe, just wanna say thanks, and you’re dion’ a great job with the other guys keepin’ this site up and runnin’ ! Kudos to you guys! And A labor day weekend drink I do in your honor (or two or three…..) from what I know september is our friends court date, is there any info on this? another delay, I’m sure, will piss all of us off.

  9. New here, figured I’d finally post mainly because I’m an electrician in real life. The electrocution posts are what drew me here to begin with. Love the site in that guilty way!

    If you look closely, in his left hand is what appears to be a screwdriver still firmly grasped in his hand. In his right hand is something, but it’s too burnt to really tell what it is. But it’s something. The obvious tool in his left hand implies he was working on the billboard when he probably slipped (not a suicide) and he, due to instinct, grasped for the nearest thing possible to save himself from falling, that being the power lines. Even though it seems he was tethered to the sign with some bullshit straps.

    The reason why his head is toast is most likely due to the the whole grounding thing electricity needs to complete the circuit. He is touching the metal frame of the sign, which is path to ground once he touches both the lines and the metal sign. Electricity always takes the path of least resistance to ground, and when people complete that ground, it’s generally the closest part of the body to ground which gets toasted the most. Seeing as he was hanging upside down, touching the metal frame, and his head before death was the closest to ground, that might explain why the head had the most burn damage.

    Make sense?

    1. The skin of the human body is resistance. That resistance can vary from 1000 ohms to 10,000 ohms depending on the condition of the skin and varying factors such as how much water is in certain parts of the skin, cuts and thick skin. When you see blow outs on peoples feet that complete the ground, they are almost always in the middle of the feet, where there are more sweat glads and moisture as opposed to the front and back of the feet where the skin is very thick and less moist. Moist being saline water which is a conductor of electricity. Though not a great one, but it works. So when electricity uses the human body to complete a load, it does travel the path of least resistance, even if that travel path seems to go out of it’s way as opposed to a straight shot. It all varies depending on a persons skin and the resistance (ohms) in that skin.

      It’s obvious the guy first made contact on his arms, you can see the burns on both arms and his chest that all line up. So the first contact was there, meaning his head was most likely not hanging like it is pictured above.

      One of two things probably happened: His head was severely burned due to the electricity arcing from one arm to the next, burning his head as it jumped on its way to complete the load, or circuit. Or at some point he slipped further down to hang upside down and the electricity changed paths and used his head to complete the circuit, due to all the great moisture from sweat, moist brain and the lack of resistance the head has compared to other parts of the body. Over time his head burned to a crisp until he broke the connection by fully letting go upon death, or someone cut power.

      I’m actually beginning to think his head was cooked due to the arcing of the electricity from one arm to the other arm on it’s path to ground. Which would change my original reply above a little bit.

      Some quick electricity facts: The human body really is not that great of a conductor of electricity. In fact, people that have a condition where they have no sweat glads can actively complete high voltage circuits without any damage what-so-ever to their internal organs because their dry skin is, at that point, completely insulating their insides from damage.

      Also, electricity will completely bypass humans if there is a better conductor surrounding them; though burning from arcing can still happen. If your car is hit by lightening, regardless of what you are touching in the car, you will not get electrocuted because your car is a better conductor of electricity to ground. The safest place to be in the event of an electrical storm is in your car if you have no house to be inside.

  10. The old say what you see scenario.
    Guy climbs up to his suicide jump take off point, jumps but, gets caught by his feet and heads the electrical cables, which light him up, burning his bonce to the point that it looks like a lump of coal.

    1. If they are high voltage lines, they couldn’t be copper as the copper would melt. Power lines generally are aluminum or aluminum reenforced with steel.

      If they are lines coming off off high voltage lines, into a home or business, then they could be copper as copper is OK for medium or low voltage connecting lines to homes or business.

      With the thickness of the lines around this dude, I’d have to say they are high voltage lines. So it’s doubtful he was a copper thief. Besides, unless he’s a complete moron (which he could of been I guess), stealing copper would generally be directly off of a buildings wiring and/or an A/C return outside.

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