Dozens Dead and Many More Seriously Injured in Pyrotechnics Accident at Bucharest Nightclub

Dozens Dead and Many More Seriously Injury in Pyrotechnics Accident at Bucharest Nightclub

A nightclub in Bucharest, Romania, called Colectiv was hosting a show which was advertised as featuring a full pyrotechnics display. Sounds cool, if you’re into that sort of thing. So, a herd of drunken fleshy viruses jammed into a confined space with fire shooting into the air. What could go wrong?

Nine times out of ten. Nothing. But tonight happened to be the tenth. The pyros malfunctioned and set pillars and the ceiling on fire. At first, people naturally assumed this was planned, although it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t. The ensuing stampede contributed to killing and injuring many while the fire brought burning portions of ceiling down on the panicked people. Victor Ionescu, who managed to escape with his girlfriend, told reporters:

People were fainting, they were fainting from the smoke. It was total chaos, people were trampling on each other

First reports confirmed 27 dead at the scene and over 155 injured but that number has now risen to at least 46 dead. The survivors are suffering from major burns and many are not expected to leave the hospital alive.

Just going out to the club to get fucked up and look at pretty colours and end up dead. Guess that’s why I always say I’d rather be “boring” and alive as opposed to “fun” and dead.

Mad props to Best Gore members, Xtinna and FBCodrut for the pics, vid and info.

and a gallery of the dead and the start of the fire.

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        1. Oh, no @No Cuntry For Old Perverted Man…I was about to post the EXACT same thing…
          “…so take off all your clothes…I am getting so hot, I’m gonna take my clothes off […] The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!!!”
          – Nelly –

          The good memories I have, when I think about this song…I used to live in England, and I was young, and life was easy πŸ˜€

          Does that make me a mean person, cause it’s really the first thing that came to my mind, was I was reading the post…
          So, hem, hem *coughing, and taking my most serious voice* I’m so sorry…For real, RIP…

    1. I know my memory is not as good as it was when I was younger but didn’t over 100 people die in nightclub fire in Rhode Island or somewhere in the U.S. in the same way the Pyrotechnics caught the stage on fire and many drunk night clubbers got burned and trampled to death? I would have thought that might do away from Pyrotechnic shows in small nightclubs. At least if you are going to do them make sure there is a way to put out the fires. Like only doing it in clubs with sprinklers systems. Heck why not stop doing them indoors.

      1. Oh goodness, there have been several fires like this in America.
        Here are the ones with the greatest death tolls, in order by year:
        1. Rhythm Club fire; 1940; Natchez, Mississippi; 209 dead
        2. Cocoanut Grove fire; 1942; Boston, Mass; 492 dead
        3. Beverly Hills Supper Club fire; 1977; Southgate, Kentucky; 165 dead
        4. The Station Nightclub Fire; 2003; West Warwick, Rhode Island; 100 dead
        Other fires with fewer than 100 victims include:
        1. Study Club fire; 1929; Detroit Michigan; 22 dead
        2. UpStairs Lounge arson attack; 1973; New Orleans, LA; 15 dead
        3. Gulliver’s nightclub fire; 1974; Port Chester, NY; 24 dead
        4. Happy Land fire; 1990; The Bronx, NY; 87 dead
        Cocoanut Grove was probably the one you were thinking of, it’s still the nightclub fire with the highest death toll. Quite frankly, I hope it retains that distinction; I wouldn’t wish being trapped and burning to death on my worst enemy.

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      1. I’m so confused but enthralled at the same time.

        On a note about the video. Seeing
        Images or videos of burnt people hanging out of doors and windows kind of makes me a little bit sad for them. Just a little bit. To think burning and attaining possible freedom only to suffocate and cook in high temps.

        Sizzle sizzle crack and pop,
        As their skin catches fire,
        Freedom they see but free they are not

      1. Yeah man, that meeow shit is crazy πŸ˜€ . Stick with the top shelf @blucon, can’t go far wrong with a decent shot or two.
        As Amy Winehouse said ” It’s not enough that you love blow and I love puff “.

        1. thanks but I don’t ever throw cautions to the wind dear @ewestomper
          that Meow thing …………let it sit purr and let us hear it stay not nice and soft but let it Grrrrrrrrrrr
          As for the blow I feel all blown over being here
          and puffed up I am not the Amy Winehouse’s way cause I don’t do “nuffin”

        1. I agree. An intelligent person would ban it. But with people like this as long as there’s a chance they can continue making money, they’ll keep doing it. All I know is if there’s ever an event involving fire indoors, my ass is staying home lol.

          1. You and i both L F. Now, an outdoor concert, like Roger Waters The Wall Live, in Quebec City,s Planes of Abraham with 70 thousand people, this is ok! At that incredible show they blew shit up like it was Armageddon, and i loved it! And it WAS SAFE. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Judy where are ya ……………’re missed
    feel Belatedly wished …………….hate me not for coming all read up in between the lines
    but hey where are ya
    and nobody but me is yelling out in the darkened out frozen ice cold stare from the dark inky sinister world …….
    Ya think I turned a zombie HaHaHaHaHa
    belated Happy Halloween Judy

    1. Yeah it’s kind of odd that she’s just up and went MIA but hey with kids and Halloween, her work and life its easy to understand her being away. She did say she wakes up at 6 am and goes on here for about an hour before work. I’ll be in and out myself. Going camping up into the mountains. Well not really camping because I’ll be staying in a time shared cabin with friends. Can’t snowboard because there is hardly any snow on the caps due to an unseasonably warm and long summer. It’s tragic really. Hopefully we can go fishing it all depends on the terrain. Anyway fun times

      1. I know she said so
        she loves being an early bird and steals minutes of her precious little time here and there to be here .
        Discard YOU must anyhow your bucket listed word “spelunking for good Ellen honey ………..
        and if you’re gonna go camping then find me gone too for deep sea diving .oh how I miss deep waters ………….
        but will ya still be hooked in on here or there is gonna be a period of lull from your side…..

        1. Probably not but it’ll only be a few days. Shitty reception up in the mountains. I’m also afraid of carrying my phone anywhere up there because of the terrain. Deep sea diving huh? Ive always wanted to scuba dive but I’m too claustrophobic to keep the mask on down under the water. I’m good at free diving though. Just as long as nothing is covering my face.

  3. As soon as i heard of this incident, and the conditions that led to the fire, i immediately related this to the same that happened in Russia on December 5th, 2009, with the “Lame Horse” club fire, killing 150 and injuring other 160…

    They should feel lucky that their death toll wasnt as great as the Lame Horse one, but still looks like people havent learnt their lesson about using fireworks on confined spaces…

    1. Same here @Der Kopfsammler…
      After a few of these accidents, you’d think that they would connect the dots, but…………..

      – Faith in Humanity: LOST FOREVER, omg, how can one be so stupid, to go watch such a show in a “box” like that?

      – Now, the irony (my favourite part): they had sunglasses, HUNDREDS OF PAIRS OF SUNGLASSES!!! I mean, I love death’s sense of humor πŸ˜€
      Ahh, whatever, the cause is lost already…..

      1. I can easily imagine the employees, inside the club, telling you, as you enter:

        – “And, don’t forget to take a pair of sunglasses! It’s free, and you’re gonna need them, cause it’s gonna be a smoking hot show…”

        Now, as we can see, the sunglasses survived (thank Gods of Gore…), but not the clubbers (whatever…). Natural selection, people, natural selection…

        You think that they’re mad cause they forgot their sunglasses? I mean, they would be really useful, now that they’re burning in Hell πŸ˜€

        I’m so mean…

        Ok, and a little bit drunk, too……

        1. If they need an idea, a cheap one, to make money out of this place, now…
          Wait until lunch time, and just pretend it’s not a night club anymore, but a BBQ πŸ™‚

          (I’ll probably rot in Hell for being so mean…but it’s so tempting, I mean, the story itself is a huge joke…I can’t resist…)

          1. Do not take these poor jokes seriously, ok…
            It was a lame attempt, to be funny, but, as I read everyone’s comments, here, I realized that some people, here, on BG, have relatives who were there, that night…
            So, and this is sincere: my apologies. I can be stupid when I drink. I tend to open my mouth without thinking, and it can hurt, even though it wasn’t my intention… There was nothing mean, seriously. Because, this is a huge reason why I love this site: the comments. I come here because I need to get out of my own life, sometimes. Because my life isn’t funny. So, I come here, and laugh, as I read the comments. And I post things, too, without thinking twice. I should have…
            I understand you. And I’m sorry…1000 times sorry πŸ™

            All the stupid words I had here, were only humor, but now, I can see what an awful taste I can have, sometimes…

            Hope you won’t be mad…
            I wish you the best (sorry, I don’t know how to put this into words…).

          2. A good friend of mine once shared his wisdom with me, and told me: “Apologies should not be asked for, but avoided.”
            And in your case, drink talking leads to that bombshell… You humans are so silly… πŸ˜† I do wonder if truths could be extracted from you with enough alcohol…

  4. I was always expecting something like that every time I?ve gone into an almost airtight, underground club back in my wild times, that, or that I brake down on the floor seizuring from all the funny chemicals in my bloodstream. Silly me, I guess I had a serious deathwish back then. Now I?m boring and will probably die in a fire falling asleep with a cigarette, or more likely, my girlfriend strangles me with her arm to death, yeah, she likes to do that while she?s sleeping. Maybe I should install a camera in our bedroom, it would be certainly something new for BG, hehe. πŸ™‚

      1. I?m sure the panicing and fainting people would trample or bury me to death. But more likely it?d be the smoke, cause in such small rooms it would cover the floor in sufficient saturation to suffocate everyone in a short time. It?d be fun though, waking up and looking around : “Yay…WTF?!”.

      1. At the moment, there are 30 people dead, 144 people in hospitals of which 80 in a critical state. Also atm, there are 15.000 marching down the streets out of respect for the people who died because of greed and ignorance. It was a tragedy that could have been avoided. The club`s max. capacity was declared being no more than 80 people – in the night if the event, there were over 400 people attending. Also, the owners never used any fireproof materials, the club only had 2 exit doors of which one was blocked, no smoke detectors/sprinklers and only two small fire extinguishers. Also, they bribed a lot of officials to get the necessary papers and avoid the romanian legislative jungle. It was a tragedy waiting to happen. One of my friends who died in the fire got out safe, but went back in and rescued 5 people before succumbing to the thick smoke and flames.

        1. So he/she sacrificed him/herself for the life of other 5? Thats one reason to be proud of your friend. Its not the first time people die in club fires because of frauds. Like i said above, its the 2009’s Lame Horse fire all over again. Did your friends knew about the corruption behind that club when they went there?

          1. I don`t think they did. Although you can say corruption is a disease in Romania that you can find everywhere, taking every shape there is. Those people went out to have some fun and never made it back home. Prior to this accident, I dont think many cared about fire exits and sprinklers. But you have a valid point. I was there a couple of times – in retrospect, it was a ticking bomb.

          2. Oh my bad…
            Please, don’t get mad at me…
            I did make a couple of lame jokes…
            Now I’m sorry for your friends…
            I’m embarrassed, really.

            Really πŸ™

            I didn’t mean it. I can be stupid, sometimes…fuck…

          3. French baby I said something super fowl up there in the comments. Mysterious one aka Anna knows we comment like this and its fine but since her fried was a hero that lost his life this situation is nowhere near funny anymore. But its times like these that we notice who have hearts and aren’t just about the videos phots. Makes a good group most of them

    1. i’m sorry, but exactly how did i disrespect your friends? by insinuating that they were drunk…in a nightclub…during a show?

      but thanks for the added info. at least your one friend died a hero. you should take some comfort in that.

      1. Obli, I with my initial post i just wanted to ask people not to make insulting comments about the event. I somehow knew it will end up on BG, i saw those photos already two days ago but decided not to forward them here. When this sort of tragedy takes a personal turn and hits so close that it forces you out of your comfort zone, you can`t stay indifferent. I just wanted to add those informations since i witnessed the tragedy with my own eyes.

        1. Obli, I need your help with this case. “First reports confirmed 27 dead at the scene and over 155 injured but that number has now risen to at least 46 dead.” What is your source about that number of dead people, 46? I am asking because there were around 300-400 people in the club that night. The maths just dont add up at this point because 31 are dead by now (at least that is what the news shows) and another 140 are in the hospital atm. It is speculated that many more died and some of the bodies were hidden following the fire and are starting to show up at the morgue now. This is confirmed by one of my friends who watched his friend being loaded in the ambulance and then looked for his buddy in all the hospitals and the morgue and could not find him anywhere, and then his friend`s body shows up at the morgue hours later. It is still just a speculation but i would not be surprised if this was true. This is what they did during the `89 revolution as well.

    2. @a-n_n-a, all of us at BestGore are nothing but respectful to those who have died a tragic death. We never make fun of anyone who was not shown in any post here. For the ones that do end up gracing the pages of BestGore…Ha ha!

      1. I?d be insulted if you dont make a pun, if you see my very end on here. I hope for a chuckle at least. But, isnt it Death in reality, that we try to laugh at, a laugh that deflects from our fear and pain. I always feel somehow with the victims, be it compassion or hate, and I wont lie, it depends how much I can relate to them, and if there is nothing, I can still find some reflection in me about it.

        1. I can relate to that. I have no problem seeing gore and am quite desensitized by now. But when it gets personal, it forces you to think from another perspective and re*evaluate yourself. At least, that`s what happened with me.

          1. Its so outstanding and brave what your friend did, and its a tragedy that he didnt make it. More of such people should be among us. I?d guess under such circumstances one doesnt think about oneself or is cautious, and it can happen, that, besides all bravery, one overestimates himself. This traits wait to surface at the given situation, it feels like destiny, its actually in all of us, but just few are able to harness them at the right time and the right place.

          1. You see how difficult it is for white people to turn black? Even being burnt to death the skin tries to avoid being black and peels off…

  5. @a_n_n_a I do know how it feels to watch loved ones die. death is different when its personal. But try to use this and turn it into a strength it might help ease the pain a bit its what we do in the field and for some it really does help. Im am sorry you had to witness this and for your loss hang in there.

    For the video considering all the factors that lined up that night they people running this event should have for seen this, but greed continues to be the most effective blind fold.

  6. Pyrotechnics, Pyrotechnics,
    All the fire’s coming to get me!
    They run and scream like they’re crazy
    And I can’t seem to flee from the heat
    (No one looked but no one ever does)

    Im not sick, but you can tell
    Its not so bad,
    If you’re already headed to hell!

  7. When you walk into an underground club and you can’t move for people, get out. Let this be a leson to anyone who goes clubbing if it’s to busy leave, i dont mean normal busy, i mean where you cant fuckin move busy ! Cos the owners don’t give a shit about you, they just want your money. To those who lost their lives im sorry RIP
    But with all the fires in nightclubs over the years you gotta think smart. So next time you’re n a club just check with yourself where are the exits, then pop your pills and get shit faced !

    1. I made a comment a few days back going through aa huge list of things needed to be done. I did interior construction for store. Building the framework, shelves et, so I know a little about this kinds off stuff usuallu

  8. Im from Romania,and this shit is on the news for 3 fucking days and it won’t be over anytime soon.President Klaus Johannis has declares a national mourning for 3 days.There wasen’t any pyrotechnical work involved,just a few cheap chinese fireworks bought from a store,all was DIY.The sparks from those fireworks litt the acoustic panels wich were all over the fucking place,like 10 cm from the fireworks and everything cought fire.This wasen’t a club,its was some underground bullshit,happened in a huge basement,it had only 1 exit and these fucking numbskulls piled up the entrance.Then the roof fell on their fucking heads,squashed them real good to a jam-like consistency and that was it.

      1. Jesus. I appreciate the extra info on it. Like I said I’m sorry. I think all buildings should be equipped with extra escape routes so that people can disperse semi uniformly rather than running each other in a state of pure panic killing additional people and slowing up their escape. Maybe sprinkler systems on the ceiling but that can be very sensitive and release water for a little bit of smoke and heat. When the population increases as it will everywhere, popular buildings should be reinspected for safety. There are just too many stories about faulty buildings causing death. In this case it was low level fireworks

  9. Folks are screaming, out of control
    It was so entertaining when the boogie started to explode I heard somebody say

    (Burn baby burn) disco inferno
    (Burn baby burn) burn that mother down
    (Burn baby burn) disco inferno
    (Burn baby burn) burn that mother down

    Satisfaction came in a chain reaction
    I couldn’t get enough, so I had to self-destruct
    The heat was on, rising to the top
    Everybody going strong, and that is when my spark got hot I heard somebody say

    (Burn baby burn) disco inferno
    (Burn baby burn) burn that mother down y’all
    (Burn baby burn) disco inferno
    (Burn baby burn) burn that mother down

    Are you not satisfied? (arms extended to the sky)

  10. If anyone cares, here’s a video from the gig, seems to be the opening song. At 0:14 “fireworks” starts, at 0:19-0:20 a column out of the 4 columns covered with a black material (sound protection?) is visible, just in front of the flying sparkles:

    Romanian TV also showed an experimental video that shows how that black material reacts to fireworks (interesting part starts at 2:30):

    Victims had not too much chance… RIP. πŸ™

  11. Very similar to the fire at the Great White concert. πŸ™
    I go to a LOT of gigs and ever since seeing that video I have elected to stand near the door in certain venues. This incident reinforces that. Very sad. People just going to listen to some music and ending up dead/severely injured. πŸ™

    One small venue in particular that I go to is often very overcrowded and there’s only one door which is not that wide. I get a good enough view of the stage by standing near it. I’ve never known any bands to use pyro in there, but that doesn’t meant it’ll never happen, and other things can start fires too! I know I’m being overcautious cos these incidents are rare, but if anything DOES happen, I want to be out before the crushing and trampling to get to the door starts. And definitely before the fire gets me!

  12. When are people going to learn about pyrotechnics and concert halls? The definition of insanity is doing the same exact thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time. People who think pyrotechnics are a good idea are insane.

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