Draining of Burn Blister Caused by Stepping on Soldering Gun

Draining of Burn Blister Caused by Stepping on Soldering Gun

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @lifeisdeath, who stepped on a soldering gun with a bare foot, and drained the burn blister by popping it with a needle:

January 4th – I was working drunk outside repairing TVs and amplifiers. I left my soldering iron on the concrete, because I lost the stand for it.

I didn’t realize I was standing on it until I started smelling something burning.

Sorry for the crappy video. It was hard to pop it and hold my phone the proper way around and keep it focused.

Thanks a lot for the video and the pic above, @lifeisdeath:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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50 thoughts on “Draining of Burn Blister Caused by Stepping on Soldering Gun”

  1. Wearing of proper footwear is the #1 rule to not becoming gore fodder. I recommend getting a good pair of hiking shoes. At least you weren’t wearing flip-flops, they’re known to be extremely hazardous to your health. You might’ve gotten hit by a random city bus or derailed train.

    Or a FUCKING PLANE falling out of the sky!

    1. I thought so. The last time I had an accident while soldering I was 12 and almost burnt the house down.

      As far as popping the blister, I knew it was not a good idea. Even worse is removing the dead skin with wire cutters. Like R031CAN mentioned “Hillbilly surgery at its best”.

      If it gets infected I’ll post an update! lol

  2. I love stuff like this, but why drain it? The fluid serves as a sterile cushion so that the skin underneath can develop without drying or coming into contact with bacteria, debris and other pathogens. Popping it and removing the skin is painful afterwards and makes an infection more likely.

  3. Here’s a tip for you gore lovers, don’t pop blisters lol. They become blisters for a reason. your skin is still intact to prevent bacteria and other nasty shit from getting in there. Just let time heal it, or else you might end up on best gore with one of those skin eating bacteria.

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