Drowned in a Bath and Boiled for Nine Hours

Drowned in a Bath and Boiled for Nine Hours

And old scan from the Atlas of Legal medicine depicts a badly burned person who was taking a bath but got poisoned by Carbon Monoxide from the flames that were meant to keep his bath warm (no boilers in 1968). Unconscious, the person drowned by slipping in the water filled bath tub and remained there for nine hours while the heater kept the water boiling. He was probably looking forward to a nice, long, lazy stay in a warm bubbly bath that Sunday afternoon, but it didn’t quite go according to plan. Boiling to death surely counts as a painful way to die, but this person didn’t feel a thing. He was out after Carbon Monoxide took him/her over and water he slipped into finished him off as any form of oxygen supply was cut off from the system.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Yes Paul, it was on Rotten and from what I remember, he used an electric heater similar to the type used to start charcoal. I forget if he was drunk or just died, but, like a beef chuck roast, he slowly braised the meat right off the bone. I think they said it was in the UK somewhere, but don’t remember when.
    I do think the Rotten photo showed him still sitting in the bath tub and when they tried to remove him, the meat slid off the bone.

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