Drug Dealers Break Into House at Night to Shoot and Burn Corpse in Casket

Drug Dealers Break Into House at Night to Shoot and Burn Corpse in Casket

In the municipality of Redenção, 51 km from Fortaleza in Ceará, Brazil, a group of alleged drug dealers broke into a house in mourning, and shot and set on fire a corpse of a young da Silva resting in a casket, awaiting funeral.

Marcos Alessandro Arcelino da Silva, known by the nickname “Praiano”, was killed in a clash with the military police in the village of Faís, in the district of Serra do Vento, in rural Redenção. Praiano, his girlfriend, and three other men were all shot dead when military police stormed the house where they lived. A spokesman for military police said the gang of five was involved in killings and assaults. Relatives of the victims however claim they were not involved in any criminal activity.

Props to Best Gore member brunoousado for the video. It’s definitely another one of those “What the fuck, Brazil?” moments:

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  1. Free cremation service they even make house calls now….. On a serious note for these people to do that the one guy had to have done something pretty bad against them, not often do killers return to further punish a corpse, and messed up as that is…..

        1. Aww, @Am0ur, a couple of years ago I saw on MSN news, a Texan couple caught what they claimed was a Chupacabra, even I recognised it as one of those large Mexican hairless dog breeds, a Xoloitzcuintle, the poor dog was kept in a small cage. Pronounced ‘show-low-eats-qweent-lee’, hairless dogs usually lose their teeth too. You know how the worlds ugliest dog is usually won by one of those Chinese Crested hairless breeds and their tongues are always hanging out? Well the tongue hangs out cos they have no teeth to keep it firmly in it’s mouth.

          1. @tas yeah I remember that crap and I’m still not sure if it was a planned hoax or those idiots were just truly that stupid.

            I am leaning towards the latter though.

          2. Well most of the sightings have been any number of animals from the Canidae family just afflicted with mange. One would think the farmers so plagued with such critters would be able to recognize those animals even without the fur…and that’s why I’m leaning toward those people were and are to stupid.

        1. Haha who knows considering the first report of the chupacabra was in Puerto Rico, and I believe that was in the mid 90s. Its not a old legend like big foot and the loch ness monster, but it spread like a wild fire.

          1. Jesus Pete yes. Every tall tale stems from something. For all we know the original bigfoot was a beaver that got larger by each person just like playing the whisper game. Sayy something to one and each time it gets passed on the story changes slightly until the last person says outloud what they thought the person said but it turned out to be something completely different

      1. Common miss conception you have to go all Isis executioner and Bethesda vamp to truley kill the vamp. The steak thru the heart lore first came from necromancy to were you bring back the dead and if they start getting on your fucking nerves and you wanna send them back to hell you bind them to their casket with a stake threw the heart into the wood or material the box is made from. Lol ok class their will ever a quiz on this shit!!!’

    1. @Am0ur

      Haha! I only just read your previous comment about the possible kidnapping of myself LOL!

      I’m never to far away my sweet but things have been once again very hectic/stressful for me and I’ve been trying my damnedest to get things back on track!

      It’s completely throws me off rhythm and I lose myself in intrinsic thought rather then my usual habits such as BG! I must learn to prioritise my days more lol 😉

      1. @Judge lol it wasn’t a possibility but a work in progress 😉 I really hope things are starting to realign for you, I do worry about you when you suddenly dissapear for weeks or more at a time knowing some of the troubles you go through…
        Next time you do so without a hey I’m alive appearance remember duct tape will be in your future sweetie…..

  2. “oh my god ! they burn him in his coffin !”

    ” oh come on , who care ? he is already dead anyway ”

    btw, it is me, or all brazilian have an nickname ?
    “alberto bueno chocolate da silva (aka “pepsi cola”) ” or this kind of shit nickname , wtf, its like an reputation system to have nickname on brazil ?

          1. @tas I think it is a Latin thing having aliases, since they’re all criminals, like an Ignacio is Nacho or a Francisco is Pancho. As far as cops, a good nickname would be Killer.

          2. @BTR, I was just reading a book on English Jamaican crime. A lot of them have more than one street or nick name. I don’t think this would be exclusive to Yardies though.

    1. Yep, I think you’re spot on @hollyEat. I live in the US but was married to a Brazilian for.12yrs. He, and all of his Brazilian friends had nicknames. Given to them at an early age by each other Or family members. They even gave nicknames to everyone they be friended in America as well. and good lord they were the dumbest nicknames I’ve ever heard!

    1. They didnt said anything special… Just giving “orders” to the girl, like “Stay there! Now! Light it up!” . After the casket was on fire they were just insulting the dead Da Silva like “Burn you fucking bastaaaaaard!!” 😆

          1. @rayf, I’ve heard of the ‘dark net’ or ‘deep web’ whatever it’s called. It’s supposed to be where the child molesters and other real sickos chat and share pics etc. I think BG is pretty dark, but we’re out here, all proud of what we look at, lol.

          2. @tas
            The “dark web” as it’s known is a double edged sword like many things in life. Using a browser such as Tor it alows for security and anonymity for the host site and the user. For instance, if one day in the future BG was shut down by an oppressive government, a good option going forward would be to host it on the dark web where it is much harder to trace the source and its users. It would become more of a word of mouth type site where I fibula members would have to give out the address but it would also be much more “tucked away” from anyone trying to censor it.

            The flip side is it also allows for other unsavory activity such as child pornography to exist because of how hidden the websites can be. Another example of activity that happens on the dark web is purchasing drugs with Bitcoin, such as good weed, mushrooms, and acid….or so a friend told me…:)

          3. You know I got brain damage and I don’t take no Big Head Medicine for it…unless you count the weed as medicine.

          4. I would LOVE to access the dark web just to see what all the fuss is about. Apparently we are only seeing less than five percent of the true internet. I want to see and learn as much as possible. Gain knowledge and experience in a lot of different things. That’s why no go onto foreign websites

            Like Tas. I now know that motorcycles are called bikies where you live bastard is actually a term of endearment. Ankle biter is a small child tea is supper not the beverage and yobbo is an uncouthe person. There are a lot of terms I know I use that have Australian roots which I found to be pretty cool

          5. It looks like they wanted to make sure he was dead. @tas I swear to God, after reading @DOS‘ explanation of the dark web, etc., we have some real knowledgeable people right here. I wouldn’t know how to even log on and would be fearful of being lumped in with child porn pervs. I won’t even look at 18+ porn they advertise here. 🙂

          6. @DOS, wow thanks for that info, the very reason why it’s secretive and ‘underground’ makes me want to have a look, I guess you still have to have a general topic of what you want to look at, as long as BG is easy to access I’m happy, 😉

          7. @rayf Ha-ha! Crippler weed, can’t stand up. I remember snorting what my buds said was cannabinol, but was most likely just angel dust. Well when I stood up it was like the world turned on it’s side. No, no, no, I don’t “sniff” it no more, I’m tired of waking up on the floor.

          8. @BTR, I know right? There are some insanely clever (hey, that doesn’t make sense?) people who leave comments on BG!
            @DOS, also I wish I knew more about ‘bitcoins’, I read a story about a guy who when the bitcoin thing first started, he clicked his computer on to ‘mine’ the coins all day when he was at work or overnight etc.not really knowing what is what about. Well he recently ‘cashed’ in his bitcoin for real money and got quite a few million real dollars! I don’t ‘get’ how it works, but I know it’s too late to jump on any bandwagon to make millions from it.

          9. Tas I was upset that I didn’t hop onto the bitcoin bandwagon. I know about the person you’re referring to. He had a had bought $27 in bitcoin that is worth a million today. Then there was an IT guy in Wales that had 7,500 bitcoin in a wallet on his hard drive and he tossed the hard drive before realizing months later what he had. It was worth 7.5 million. Either its been completely destroyed or someone else has it. But who knows.

            After reading and now re reading the articles about bitcoin I wish to god I jumped on that train in 2009

          1. Thanks guys. You know, there was a club called Amnesia we used to frequent back in the day. I never realised going in there would actually cause memory loss !!. Damn it.

          2. I think I might’ve been to that bar when I last visited the Motherland…

            But the fucked up thing about it was… The trolls were invading… 😛

    1. Holy Shit Balls! No, that’s the name of the Christmas cookie this post reminded me of. They are made with rum and are called “Holy Shit Balls!” if 151 is used. What the fuck guys? We started out with baking cookies and wound up on the dark internet? 😯

      Just so you know, long ago, I set my background here to black, so it’s been a pretty damn dark internet here for an age already.

      1. 151 will do that to ya bro.
        Glad you finally showed up…now we can get out of this dark internet…we’ll do just like last time…pour 151 on @Gnats head…light him on fire and slap him out after we get a look see around…only I gotta pour and light this time while you slap Gnat out….he thinks I was taking my sweet time putting him out last time.

          1. Nice 🙁
            Gonna have to go to my crying barn and smoke a bowl to get over that.
            I feel bad to because I got this visual of you as Sloth from the Goonies…ON FIRE. 😉

          2. “I feel bad to because I got this visual of you as Sloth from the Goonies?ON FIRE. ”

            I’m not worried… Shit doesn’t melt…

    1. Eh it looked like a Jew cremation casket anyways, just all wood…which are much cheaper,but yes very disrespectful igniting corpse inside funeral home. Causing major damage. Drag that shit outside and light it. The caskets are on “trucks” (carts) that roll easily. If they really wanted disrespect dead guy they should of wrote I love cock on his forehead with sharpie,or shit on him.

    1. Or they throw them into the ganja river to rot. I have over 20 images of them bathing in the river all the while a body is rotting near them. Sheen from their insides leaking into the river. Dogs tearing into their corpses. Pretty gross shit. The drinking of the water really made me feel like throwing up. I can’t look at that image but I have them saved in case someone wants to see them.

        1. OK as soon as my son hands over the tablet. I downloaded them onto my phone. I emailed Obli about these images but I’m sure my shit got lost in the hundreds of emails they get. I’ll be back with the link.

          1. @tas, why thank you very much, you sure know how to make a grown man blush haha. I actually took this picture a few weeks ago to show my friends and family how good I felt and looked after quite some time of feeling sick, then I go and land myself in the hospital this past Sunday, and now I feel like shit physically.

  3. Some sort of voodoo shit there.they really want the person gone, and disgraced even in death, or it was the jeepers creepers monster.
    Seems like brazilians are so fuckin savage like the nigger gene that is mixed with the Amazon gene plus sprinkled with European Christianity is a very lethal mix…dare I say worse than the American nigger species? Idk .
    Also even in this age of tech,if your committing a heinous act / crime or murder and record it, your really fucked up. If I’m gonna murder someone,or rob,rape the idea is to cover your ass and not have proof,no matter how much ya don’t give a fawk.

  4. He was such a good Dindunuffin, that they came to roast marshmallows with his corpse, literally lmfao…
    His family is full of shit, obviously they were caught up in some gangsta shit for these rivals to come to the funeral to fk that bitch up…

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