Electrocuted Man Combusts into Flames on Top of Train Car in Mumbai, India

Electrocuted Man Combusts into Flames on Top of Train Car in Mumbai, India

A man traveling on the roof of Mumbai Local train car ended up getting electrocuted and combusting into flames. People tried to help him off, but it looks like his arm was trapped, so they could not save him.

People getting electrocuted on top of trains is nothing new in India. Obvious dangers don’t seem to deter those looking to jump fares.

Props to Best Gore member @Hugsthemuffin for the videos:

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    1. funny as electricity is the most fast ever thing that can kill.
      sadly for him, he didnt have “link” the good thing at the start and just take a shock. later on the video (at the explosion time) he link the both , electric line and train system, thats the insta death.

      1. Do you think there just wasn’t room on the train? I don’t know how it works over there, maybe if you buy a ticket and the train is full, you have hang onto the side or hop on top? I doubt it, but I really don’t know.

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  1. Wow! I’m so surprised that NOBODY here at BG posted a comment like “damn I wished that was a nigger” or better even yet “that shit should be every cop in America right there, death to all cops”…. how disappointing…. Lmao

    1. lol,,, true man! Or maybe they should put Pigeon Spikes on top of their trains, like they put on buildings to keep the shit off them! I,m sure it would work to keep the shit off their trains too!

  2. Poor old fucker,he had obviously been zapped once,and was trying to hold down the ‘springy arm thing'(technical term) that touches the live wires above,he was too weak to hold it down and jump off at the same time.RIP stinky little Indian dude.

  3. This practice would only be outlawed once death of surfers surpassed free transport for hundreds even thousands of Indians getting to work every day. A death or two these workers is not bad enough to bring down the whole economy of india when people don’t turn up to work because they stop the workers hitching a ride…….

  4. Heavy power lines have a mechanism to disconnect lines automatically when their is a short circuit.
    That time gap probability lasts for a 20-40 seconds until it automatically switches back .
    Here i think these people were risking own life to save another man life without knowing power lines could be live at any moment .
    unfortunately second blast instantly vaporized that dying man..waste of all effort

  5. Why the fuss, he lighted up in the ‘smoking allowed’ section.

    Seriously, what’s with the rhythmic movement he’s doing? Assuming brain death, what’s doing it? Someone with authority speak up about that.

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