Feet Burned on Scorching Beach Sand

Parts of Skin on Burnt Sole Peel Off

Feet Burned on Scorching Beach Sand

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @madeinamerica, whose dad burned his feet on a scorching beach sand:


I’ve been a long time lurker and appreciate all the great content and backinfo/writeups! A recent accident that my father got into made me finally make an account to send in what happened to him.

Not too sure what my dad was thinking during this one as he has been sober for years now… but he had a severe lapse in judgement for which he had paid the price.

So my dad went out fishing in the bay yesterday and had gotten mud all over him from wading in the swampy grass area. He then proceeded to get into his car and head to the beach to clean off.

As he was walking through the sand, he said he knew he fucked up as he felt an intense burning sensation. Once he made it into the water he realized his only way out was back through the sand and he proceeded to try to run through the hot sand to make it back to his car.

An older lady saw my middle aged father running for his life on the hot sand and thought he was just going for a run and yelled: “I wish I had your stamina.” Thought that part was hilarious, haha.

Once he made it back the extent of the damage of walking on hot sand without sandals had become very clear.

It’s nothing too crazy but I just found the extent of damage that hot sand in a short time period can inflict to be pretty shocking. Hope this fits the bill to be posted!

Many thanks for sharing the pics with us, @madeinamerica. That’s quite crazy, I must say. I lived in the Caribbean where it gets intensely hot, and the island where I lived is volcanic with all sand on beaches black, which only makes it hotter in the direct Caribbean sun.

And I did go through a few instances of tiptoeing off it, but it never happened to me that I would burn my soles. Granted, I used the fact that I’m in a year round hot weather to walk barefoot everytime I could, because I know the benefits of grounding to let the earth’s frequency balance out the body and spirit, so my feet were well used to all kinds of abuse, but still I’d never think someone could burn their feet on sand so badly:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Holy-Shit Man,,, That fucking beach had to be near a Hot-Springs or An Active Volcano me thinks, lol.
    Cause Those Feet are beyond anything that Dr. Scholl’s® can do, even though it is an iconic brand that has been at the forefront of the foot care industry for more than 110 years.

    People, or *You Kinky Ladies Out There* with A Foot Fetish, *Need Not* Suck On Those Toes, or lick them Feet for Awhile,,, Yucky, lol. 🙁

  2. I am actually not surprised.
    Have been going to the beach to spend my filty jew money for many years now. Usually I am able to walk in the sand, but the past few years its been so unbearably hot because the earth is obviously FUBAR. This year over 4th of July weekend, I was not even able to TOUCH the sand with my feet for even one second it was so intensely hot.

  3. All he needed to do was bury his feet a few inches into the sand every few steps. He could have shuffled his feet while they were submerged a few inches into the sand. That’s what I would do/did in this situation

  4. Ouch….dogs can get their paws burned just as bad during the hot summer months… Idiot owners don’t check the pavement or sidewalks with the back of their hand!! Dogs cool down by panting and through their paws 🙁

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