Fire Started to Produce Heat Erupts in Serbia Apartment Building, Kills 2

Fire Started to Produce Heat Erupts in Serbia Apartment Building, Kills 2

Early morning in Bor building -center of Novi Pazar on Rasim Halilovic Street- fire broke out in one apartment when occupants started a fire in a room to generate heat. Two causalities resulted from the makeshift fireplace that quickly spread throughout apartment, then began to spread to other apartments in the building.

Unequipped Firemen have been said to be slow to respond, resulting in unnecessary caRnAGE. A third person in the raging inferno is in critical condition with severe burns. Also, a total of 10 people were slightly injured in the fire.

Not being trapped behind security bars stories above ground was their failed saving grace.


Video updated with new footage. Notice how quickly the fire died?

147 thoughts on “Fire Started to Produce Heat Erupts in Serbia Apartment Building, Kills 2”

  1. Toss the cameraman to the fire as well, guy had the best angle and kept filming the wall!!
    The wall wasnt on fire god dammit.

    They had a pole next to the balcony, why didnt they use it to slide below.

    1. I agree what a fucking moron cameraman. That was delicious watching them cook! Darwin wins again. All they had to do was climb down the post and they would have been far enough away from the flames to survive even if they just hung there. EMS arrived right after they were engulfed. Part of the problem is so many people become fat useless slobs as they age. No exercise nothing. Easy pickings for the reaper. Fat, juicy, low hanging fruit swaying in the winds of death.

      1. Willy Phister…

        I have a small ceramic heater, that pulls over 12 amps at 120 volts. I wouldn’t consider this low voltage/power, by any stretch of the imagination.

        If these people would of set their thermostat let’s say, to “end table fire” or “cutting board fire,” it would of provided enough heat to keep them warm, without burning down the whole apartment.

        I have a total of three space heaters. All of them provide these settings. Undertakers Laboratories requires this.

          1. And that’s a problem in itself cliff89…

            Circuit breakers should have ratings as well. Anywhere from a skin tingle, to a neighborhood execution. I wonder who overlooks the safety codes over there? Someone’s bound to get hurt!

      1. If the people on the balcony had ceramic heaters for example, they could of set the thermostat on “end table.” Only the end table would of caught fire, instead of the whole building. I was simply using a ceramic heater as an option to preventing this catastrophe.

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      1. More like SLOWburnia.
        Did you see, they were smoldering cinders before the hose hit them.
        There was a satisfying puff of steam when they were finally doused.
        Too bad the cameraman fucked up, and they cut the actual incineration

  2. They just sat there and spaced out? These so-called firemen are fucking stupid that they cannot alone wipe their own ass, I once worked for a fire department and everyone knows that you have to ram abandoned cars and idiot standing in the way and hose down the burning apartment right away and should take no more than 5 min to put out the fire.

    This one should be in the Darwin awards on stupidity

      1. If he had dignity he would not of filmed in the first place.

        He was being a shithouse too scared incase he got caught being a sick cunt. If you’re going to film it do it properly get a boner whilst you’re filming it too and fuck what people are thinking around you!

        Again… more screems and less fucking wall!!!

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  3. See people crackle — Hear people screaming — Feeling hot hot hot
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  4. I see negative comments about people that record it about how they should help instead recording it and shit like that. Well guys, this people are old. To old to help.
    They can be hear saying “The fuck with State!” and grandpa is really angry for firefighters not doing enough to save them and because they to slow and he was really angry because building don’t have fire escape stairs.
    -No good equipment, no firefighter vehicle. Politicians in that place didn’t want to reply to man appeals people snet that there must be better organization about firefighters.. (here were they talking about that
    One women crying, another calm her down..
    It is a normal warm hart emphatic neighbors. Still not zombified like in many countries.

    Some guy said that there was 6 victims in this fire and that the firefighters were down but with horrible equipment, not good enough to help faster with that watter that barely reach this high.
    People can be hear saying to politicians that came “Shame of you for not doing anything for safety of people!”

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