Forearm Burned in Contact with High Voltage Power Line

Forearm Burned in Contact with High Voltage Power Line

Photos from India show a patient who suffered severe electrical burn to his left forearm after accidental contact with high voltage power line. Just one spark and much of the forearm tissue was toast.

The surgeons were able to remove all affected cells, close the open wound with tissue transfer from another body part (sorry, don’t know which one) and as a result – the forearm was salvaged. Great job on behalf of the surgical team.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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15 thoughts on “Forearm Burned in Contact with High Voltage Power Line”

  1. Damn… props to the doctors for managing to salvage that arm, if it happened here in brazil and this guy were moved to a public hospital they would probably amputate his arm without a second thought, not to mention the risk of a septicemia.

  2. When I was in junior high I knew these brothers that where twins.when summer vacation came they left to mexico to visit their grandparents.summer passed and it was time to go back to school.only one brother returned back from mexico.the other twin died in mexico when he was in his grandparents roof and accidentally touched the high voltage cables.sad story when they announced it at the asembly meeting.I opened a fucking disposable camera once and touched the small board with all the circuits and got the shock of my life.I can’t imagine and hopefully will never feel that paint of thousands of voltages going through my body.

    1. @dntdothiskids, wow that’s a sad story about the brothers. Why did you touch the small board of the camera, did you have a death wish?

      I have a really hard time with static electricity, I know it’s not the same thing, but the pain from that is bad enough, this guy must have gone through hell.

      1. @gunkgirl oh death wish.I was just curious and high as fuck and decided to see the inner workings of a disposable camera.I did read the warning but decided anyways to open it anyways.touched the circuit board and it got stuck to my fingers for a few good seconds until i flicked it off..haha I love being alive. but yeah this dude went through hell.static electricity sucks too.

      1. That is true. That water is so filthy. When we Westerners drink it, chances are you get as sick as a dog. An icecube of it in your drink is enough. You start shitting slime.
        Research has been done how it was possible that people survived drinking it anyway since the water contains something like 15.0000 times more colibacteria than normal. They found that there are little springs at the bottom of the river, which purify part of the water. Can you believe that there are sweet-water dolphins living in the river?

  3. This is definitely a time lapse sort of photo sequence. Early on it shows the burnt tissue. Then it becomes necrotic (e.g. the killed skin starts to rot and looks black). Then the surgeons remove it and reveal the underlying muscle structure and tendons.

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