Fuel Truck Driver Burned to Crisp When His Vehicle Explodes

Incinerated Truck Driver and His Best Terminator Impression

Fuel Truck Driver Burned to Crisp When His Vehicle Explodes

Apparently this happened in India, but I don’t have any additional backinfo.

The incident involved a fuel truck which exploded with the driver inside. The driver got burned to a crisp, though I find it rather odd that while the cabin was wiped out, the trailer seems vastly intact.

Here’s the video of the vehicle exploding multiple times, filmed from a distance. It’s crazy how there is still visible body despite being in multiple explosions, when Jewish storytellers somehow dreamed up Germans pulverizing bodies to ashes in fire overs in under 20 minutes. Fast forward 80 years, and even today’s most powerful, computer controlled cremation ovens can’t match that level of effectiveness:

Gallery of pics. Props to Best Gore member @shivd9 for these:

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118 thoughts on “Fuel Truck Driver Burned to Crisp When His Vehicle Explodes”

  1. I think this vehicle rear ended a construction vehicle. Look at the stone pile and all the gravel on the road. I would say that the trailer didn’t explode because the front of it was punctured by the cab. This would allow a source to also relieve the pressure and would have made one hot ass oven. Combine that with the pressure release valves opening and shutting for the extra rush of gas and you get the additional explosions. If the crash didn’t kill him the first explosion with its G force would have.

    1. With the angle the man is sticking out his cab, the photo where he is looking straight at the camera, the photographer would have to be laying almost on the ground. Not sure if the body on the tarp is the same guy. Unless the image is flipped. In the pictures with him in the cab you can see his right hand is clenched like a fist. His left arm has numerous compound fractures and is almost amputated. On the tarp his right hand is missing. This type of cab over design, or flat front, offer the driver absolutely no protection.

  2. Man…the special effects for the new terminator movie look great.
    Is that the latest terminator tx-1001 hybrid infiltration cyberdyne model 101a skynet prototype separating its hyper alloy endo-skeleton from its poly mimetic liquid metal nanobot skin so it can be 2 terminators?

    Those effects artists really need a raise. It almost looks like a real super burnt corpse.

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