Girl Beat Up Bloody After Having Her Crotch Set on Fire

Girl Beat Up Bloody After Having Her Crotch Set on Fire

I didn’t quite understand what exactly happened here, but the video is from Brazil. It shows a girl on the floor in a pool of blood, as smoke rises from her crotch area.

Her beating had apparently something to do with cheating. It is possible that the girl who’s seen pointing at her crotch beat her up and set her cooch on fire for having used her body to seduce her man, having known that he was taken.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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143 thoughts on “Girl Beat Up Bloody After Having Her Crotch Set on Fire”

    1. A few things here: the girl does not have to shave for awhile.

      Next why couldn’t we get some better angles up in the pit of fire

      And lastly she got fucked up just like her cousin Jose Aldo in his last few fights nothing left in that boy anymore!!!

    1. Exactly!! Women over there lose their minds over dick!! They will murder a woman for looking at their man, half the time!! So ridiculous and childish! Get over it!!! Plenty of other dick out there …

      1. This fucked up shit happens to males all the time by sick ass other males, and there are women and teenage females who think of these sick fucks as real men, not punks. They even encourage them to do it. Well, now, I would love to question one of these types of females to hear what she thinks of the female version of that type of male. On the other hand, I love women/teenage females who administer charma of this sort to other females who love males who do this sort of shit to other males. Yea, charma is a bitch or, in this case, I should say it was administered by a bitch. You gotta love it when females receive their fair share of fucked up shit, just like you do when they receive their fair share of male privileges.

          1. Believe it or not @xunseenx, I’m not, and I hate them! The point is… Mark is granted the right to speculate as he seen similar stories hundreds of times, but he is clear about it. Thing is… there is nothing here about cheating. How can you to be so confident on your words?? 😉

      1. i kinda figured the dude needing his wayward dick chopped off would go without saying…
        but i suppose it isn’t obvious, so yes, the straying dude and his straying dick deserves, at the very least, a beating. he is the primary offender.
        IF she knew he was taken, she deserves equal punishment. if she didn’t know, then, eh, i’d be pissed but probably not wanting to beat her ass, also.
        fuck cheaters.

        i stress again, this situation was way over the line. i’d never do that type of thing, though i do admit i get a little joy in seeing it.

  1. Hi. The girl filming it ‘apparently’ has nothing to do with the beating. She mentioned she is a neighbor who has kids and is upset with the brutality. She tries to keep the lady awake, mentioned the victim has 8 kids and repeats that help it’s on the way. She mentions fire burned her asshole as well and the bloody piece of wood that she pointed has huge nails on it. Luzia is the victims name.

      1. hehe, Yes. It took place in Vila Sofia. @1purple8 🙂 She lived in a informal settlement but was ‘probably’ doing drugs in a empty house when someone did that to her. I love the funny and brutal comments but it piss me off that Mark clearly states “possibly” and people takes it as the holy true. Kudos to Mark as he did not AFFIRM anything wrong.
        I’m not sad for her. Every woman with more than six kids ANYWHERE should be beaten to death 😛 😛 :P… but I bet someone tried to rape her and got frustrated, so…

        1. i’d say anyone with more than two different daddies for two or more kids.
          women be popping out babies all willy nilly. and no excuse for the men, either. condoms and vasectomies are a thing. use them. and NEVER trust a woman who says she is on bc. use a condom no matter what. and even then you’re not safe.
          i’d hate to be a man getting stuck with a kid(s).
          men AND women need to stop having babies all over the place.

          1. What about the case where a nurse gave a blowjob to the doctor, inseminated herself and the LAW forced him to pay child support? Not even a vasectomy is safe enough as plenty of non biological fathers are stuck with the same problem.

    1. She has 8 kids? DAMN!!!! Does she have 8 different baby daddies? Makes you wonder how many other married or otherwise taken men she has slept with. It’s no wonder that such outrage was expressed towards her body. Lucky for her that she didn’t live in the BIBLE DAYS where such a prolific adulterer and fornicator would have been legally stoned to death, which I might add would have spared her female victims from having to administer JUSTICE themselves. Oh my God, can you imagine living in a community with a woman who has slept with and had children by EIGHT DIFFERENT MEN and yet she is still having sex with other married or involved men? Can you imagine how married women who are poor must be feeling, being trapped in an impoverished community with such a woman? Besides the women who did it, does anyone else think that nailing her cunt shut was simply the right thing to do?

      1. It was ‘probably’ a man, and he was ‘probably’ right. Thinking about it… she probably promised him sex for drugs, and failed to honor her part of the deal. RAAAPE.

  2. OK just wondering – did her man get beaten up for cheating on this psycho woman and then have his dick set on fire?

    Or is it all the cheating woman’s fault?

    More pussy pyre and than pussy pass, in this clip.

  3. Fascinating!! They beat this girl senseless and then set her crotch a flame all because the perpetrator can’t stop her man from cheating! If you ask me it is the cheating man that deserved this treatment not the mistress. If you ask me maybe if the assailant takes that purple poodle looking wig off her head and changed it to something more desirable her man would not feel the need to stray!

  4. Sorry didn’t mean to sound repetitive with the if you ask me comments! But come on common since does tell you that fire crotch here should not be the one who was severely punished but rather this purple poodle headed woman’s man who strayed!

  5. the crazy lady said
    victim name is Luzia
    she have 8 kids
    she belongs to a group called “sem terra”, its a group that constantly invade private properties
    thats explain well the no shaving crab thing, “sem terra” are like parasites
    theres no evidence that this thing was passional, like a cheated guy
    people from these groups are constantly doing wrong stuff and retaliation occurs always, among them theres lots of murderers and rapists, but considering brazil you only need a few alcohol shots to see people goin apeshit

  6. A woman was beaten and had body parts burned on Wednesday night (24) in Jataí. The victim, Luzia Oliveira dos Santos, 30, was taken to the local Hospital das Clínicas and her condition is considered serious.
    Police said a witness said he was inside when he heard shouts from an abandoned building in Vila Sofia. Upon arriving at the place, he saw a person escaping in the thicket and found Luzia with several injuries and the still burning parts.
    She received assistance from Fire Department agents who found her with her head heavily injured and parts of her body still on fire. She was taken to the Hospital das Clínicas where she receives care.
    The Military Police was also deployed but until the morning of Thursday (25), no one had been arrested. According to the corporation, witnesses reported that the woman has eight children, one of them newborn, and would be a drug user.
    The Civil Police, meanwhile, reported that a task force was set up on Thursday (25), made up of the Homicide Investigation Group (GIH) and the Specialized Police Station for Women’s Affairs (Deam) to investigate the case . The crime is being treated as an attempted murder.

    1. Very nice Samara. I trust you are Brazilian as well 🙂 🙁 😛
      BG plays a great service showing us a reality most Brazilian are not aware of, but it’s not easy to stomach all this violence happening in our backyard.

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