Girl Set on Fire by Villagers for Fatally Stabbing Boyfriend in Kenya

Girl Set on Fire by Villagers for Fatally Stabbing Boyfriend in Kenya

This video allegedly from Kenya shows a girl who was set on fire by a village mob for stabbing her boyfriend to death after an argument over a phone.

Looks like she was just burning on her back, but the rest of her body was not alight. I wonder why she wouldn’t turn around. Perhaps not to give the mob any idea to also douse her front with gasoline?

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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      1. Yeah man they’re saying ‘ohh ah aha ah ah oogaa booga oogaa booga’ this translated to English is ‘ sheeeeeeeiiiiit Tyrone put down that Damn crack pipe and pass me the red sauce, we be eatin gooooodddd tonight brother’…….It’s a mo’phuckin ‘ssspricy agains’ da blap man………..sheeeeeeiiit

    1. 0:01 Off Screen Voice: Nikahie! (Let her burn)

      0:02 Off Screen Voice: Nikahie nako, kagui! ( Let her burn, the dog/bitch!)

      The guy recording( I think)speaks, saying,

      0:05 O S V: Itakire dona mundu agicinua — ( I’ve never seen someone being burned–)

      Interrupted by screaming woman ( sounds like the boyfriend’s mum)

      0:07 O S V: Beni! Beni! Beni wakwa, ngai! ( Beni Beni, My Beni, God!)

      I’m choosing the interesting bits, plus can’t really make out all the background voices

      0:17 O S V, Boyfriend’s mum: … Muragani uyu! ( …You murderer)

      0:25 O S V: Ngai! Araigua ruo! ( God! She’s in agony!)

      0:25 O S V in Kiswahili: Wacha achomeke kabisa! ( Let her burn completely!)

      0:29 O S V: Tuti kuiguira thaa! ( We don’t pity you!)

      0:39 O S V: Niguo dakaneke ugi uguo! Niathii! ( So she won’t do the same to another! Be gone!)

      0:45 Burning Girl: Jitereriai mai! ( Pour/ douse me with water!)

      0:46 O S V: Weitererio niki? (Why should you be doused?)

      0:47 O S V: Weitererio nu?Weee!( Doused by who??)

      0:52 O S V : Niakue! (Let her die)!

      0:53 Burning Girl: Jitereriai! (Douse/pour me!)

      1:00 O S V: Ona ni gugura magi … ( I’ll buy more…), as in more fuel

      1:03 O S V: Nu uguthi kugira? ( Who will fetch it?) , the fuel

      People argue about whether to douse her with more fuel

      1:15 Burning Girl: Jitereriai! ( Douse me!)

      1:32 Burning Girl: Ngaaaiiii! ( Gooooooood!)

      People argue about whether to add more fuel

      1:45 Burning Girl: Jitereriai mai! (Need I translate?)

      It’s Kikuyu language. I’m obviously literate in it. Star Wars fans will know it as the language Nien Nunb speaks.

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          2. @Argie, it’s nice to know that springtime has arrived for the gauchos and BG is blessed with your return.

            Let me say one thing in defense of Argentina. The Kenyans featured in the above video probably wouldn’t complain about moving to your country.

        1. There’s only one good thing you can say about a 3rd world shithole like Argentina, and that is: “At least it isn’t Brazil.”..I think we can all agree on that. With that being said, Argentina is full of incompetent fucks that can’t sail a boat or win a simple skirmish right off their coast.

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    1. Yeah pretty much the people who think we were all created equal should be made to watch this shit….see if they don’t change their minds or even better try to explain how it was the White Mans fault for giving them phones in the first place.

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    1. Mr Spock……obviously I don’t know from personal experience – but it’s said that drowning is a peaceful way to go. Just breathe in that water and a few seconds of distress – then you lose consciousness. Never mind the sheer panic of knowing you are going to drown haha

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