Group of Africans Tied to a Car Tire and Set on Fire

Group of Africans Tied to a Car Tire and Set on Fire

The type of execution attempted in this video is known as necklacing. Typically, necklacing involves placing a car tire over the neck of the condemned and setting it on fire, but since victims often struggle and wiggle themselves out of them, there have been numerous variations of necklacing.

Video below was provided by Best Gore member African Angel, who, as her screen name suggests, is of African origin. I also believe she lives in Africa. She described it in her own words thus:

It’s a video of the current 2015 xenophobia in South Africa, where indigenous blacks are attacking fellow black immigrants. In the video from Durban you can see that some of the victims are actually teenagers.

Most of the victims are Ethiopians and Somalians, because they are identifiable, unlike the others who just look the same as South
Africans. Those whites who introduced apartheid knew exactly what they were doing.

This wouldn’t be the first time we see a video of South African blacks lynching other Africans. When African Angel, who’s black African herself, says words to the effect of suggesting that the so called Apartheid may have been the best thing that happened to South Africa, then perhaps there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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    1. Other than being poor blacks i wonder what these people did to warrant this kind of treatment? Its creepy to think this could happen in this day and age.
      I’d like to think we humans as the dominant species has evolved past this but, after all we are talking about young real niggers here!

      1. It totally condradicts evolution just like evolution contradicts evolution. If they are less evolved than us like Darwin claimed than how come genetic science has proved that we all(humans) descendad from 2 people? What would that make us?

        1. Human races does exist, even through science does not admit it because of the morality the globalization . It is pretty much just as dog breeds. Some are more intelligent than the others, and turn to be the dominant race. Mid age proves that

        2. Just like in any species, some become more advanced more quickly, our species has genetic flaws, niggers are one, just like you buy two rose bushes both from the same parent plant, give them both the same soil, sun and water, one will do much better. That is the white Rose.

          1. A species? Were are all the same species. To compare plants or dogs to humans is a poor analogy. This isn’t some breeding ground where the right mix gets the best results. You give them the same opportunities and educations we have been given they would be like us if they chose so. There are many well behaved and very intelligent people from all backgrounds. You talk about race well were all the same race its called the human race.

        3. Your science was fake. That is the Out of Africa Adam and Eve bible reboot. Atheist neo-Creationism burned books for a long time in their denial of the Neanderthal hybrid skeletons. We have already proved the relationship with DNA genome studies.

          Europeans descend from Neanderthal. Atheists were not upset though. They just lie their asses off that they were anti-science about it.

          Neanderthal went from being another SPECIES, to what? The LIE of Neo Creationism requires a lie – Neanderthal is a race of modern human and not a species at all.

          There is no human race.

          Out of Africa is retarded religion.

          Humans are HYBRIDS, a reducing downward from MANY species to three subspecies.

          Ultimately, over enough time, the hybrid might become one.

          Even then, we now selectively breed for INTELLIGENCE not physical aggression.

          When they NAME and TEST FOR, the IQ genes, the brain genes, the sentient genes, a lot of people are going to be white little brains. Not enough to have skin anymore.

          Do you have genes for critical thought? Genes that CAME FROM NEANDERTHAL, and are sadly lacking in the ‘functionally retarded’ negroid subspecies.

          1. @gewel I had to jump in here in 2018 to correct your blatant lie. Europeans did not descend from Neanderthals. Idiot. Neanderthals died out roughly 25,000 years ago with no descendents. They weren’t homo sapiens. You’re thinking of Cro Magnon.
            I can go toe to toe with you on anything you want to debate about prehistory.

      2. Just watching this kept me so many times I’ve hated niggers..and how they’d just like kill each other off ..but shit……think!!! If the race of blacks was the prominent race….in all the world and the rest of us were the niggers …haha yea right!!! That’ll never happen..

        1. But , me ! Setting jokes a side my heart just cringed for these poor guys …still that country is no better then it was 200 yrs ago..or more…ive read a great deal about this shit place but not going to start shit im sick and in pain… Lord the pain…

          1. Yes, these are only young boys……….completely fucked up.

            What is wrong with these niggets ? Fucking animals……

            I saw a ?post on here where the south African women drink this high potency alcohol when they have a pickaninny in the oven, so when it’s born it is totally disabled by fetal alcohol syndrome, and then they get more welfare from the government.

            Is that the most fucked up thing you ever heard or what!

          2. thats a young boy in this video,this is barbaric omg i saw the guy pour gas on the boy,and im done,cant watch it,this is way too much for me to handle,this is the worst way to die,so scarey

      3. That’s funny because I saw a picture of some redneck shitkickers and their snotnosed bastard kids doing this same thing to an innocent black while roasting marshmallows on his burning corpse with shit-eating grins on their pink little faces! Evolution happens fast in your world! They would still do it today if their sons weren’t listening to Jay-Z and their daughters weren’t fucking Tyrone every chance they got! As the mexicans and chinese become the new white we will see how things ‘evolve’…good luck Bob!

    2. Just a little black braai…….
      With some burning rubber to boot……
      I don`t give a shit why…….
      Your bleeding heart reasons are moot….

      With the benefit of hindsight…..
      All this will be seen as a hoot…..
      Like a plague of locusts in flight…..
      Those Christians flee to Beirut…..

      The last bastion of reason….
      Whence they hasten to commute….
      Will be overrun with heathens…..
      And they are close in pursuit.

      I`d love to be mistaken……
      But there isn`t much dispute….
      That those Muslims hate bacon….
      And their faith surely pollutes.

    3. OMFG! That first boys cries ringing in my ears just because he wanted to work? You know burning by fire is supposed to be the exclusive domain of the house downstairs… That man repeatedly lighting them up just got the best seat in the house…

        1. I can’t believe this there are just too many damned Nazi assholes… I am done… go talk you Nazi shit… I bet your real fun at parties… with all your whackin’ off to pics of Hitler and stomping around in you little baby jackboots huh ? I fucking hate Nazis.

    1. wow are you serious? ok lets say you dont like blacks,which is painfully obvious,can you just put hate aside and just think about there situation for 1 moment,thats a child in this video,and because he wanted to work? oh god humanity is fuck up big time,thank you

  1. Wait… how can a nigger see if other nigger is an immigrant nigger in their nigger lands? πŸ˜† They all look alike!

    So, we had the “Burning Man” thing… are they trying to copy that in there thinking that the expression was to be taken literally? πŸ˜†

    1. they identify them as follows. they atleast work hard to get somewhere. local black south africans are lazy and always on african time which is two hours behind sast.

      they also dont know the language yet in this case zulu.

      1. @African Angel. “Those whites who introduced apartheid knew exactly what they were doing” Do you think Apartheid helped or harmed Black Africans in South Africa? Was it better for the country as a whole? Or did it exacerbate an already horrible existence there?

        1. Apartheid effectively removed most of the aggressive, borderline subhumans from mainstream society. Unfortunately, it also lumped black people together with the subhumans.

          Apartheid is not necessarily a bad thing. But it should not be based on race.

    1. Who can understand the hate? This hatred for man did not start with man. You can’t explain the unexplainable by conventional means. There is much more going on here than meets the eye. This hatred abounds because of Satan who people believe does not exist. Why do you think so many people hear voices to kill themselves before they actually do it? The same voices that tell and influence people to do such unspeakable things to one another.

  2. Even black Africans don?t like other blacks, go figure.

    The next time someone tells you that white people are racist for not appreciating African immigrants entering their countries show them this footage and stick a fork in their crotch while you’re at it.

          1. Me too. I used to have a fear as a child that whenever a pet or loved one died and was put in the ground that they were still alive and trying to get out.

        1. Honestly, I think I would rather be set on fire than buried alive. That has to be a horrible way to go. And you know a lot of people did go that way back in the day because of the state of medical knowledge. So people got buried alive probably way more often than we know.

          1. I read an article about people being buried alive and how they dug up the coffins later to find the corpses with agonizing looks on their faces and their fingers gnawed off, hair ripped out ect. because they were buried alive. Gives me chills.

          1. I could never agree to that because I’d want to drain my nuts into her first. If I had given her a full load, then I guess it would be okay, but still a shitty way to go. Every way is a shitty way to go I’ve noticed.

  3. Allow, as a white Afrikaans male from South Africa, to elaborate…

    Our blacks are most definitely the most vile and dangerous on this planet with but a handful being intelligent enough to behave as human beings.

    Our blacks are afraid of losing jobs, which they don’t even have, to foreigners who are prepared to work a lot harder for less.

    With regards to apartheid, Im not saying it was right, but crime was practically non-existent, our economy was strong and no one had to worry about a woman being raped every 23 seconds in a country that has only 50 million people…

      1. The only reason why it wasn’t right is because white people never gave the blacks any means of sustaining themselves. For example, if marijuana was legal during apartheid then the blacks could at least have a crop that could supply them with everything they could possibly need.

        However, they were left with barely anything from which to make a living and a lot of anger built up over 30 years.

        And that’s just one of many reasons…

        I am by no means a nigger lover but im just telling how it is in my country.

        1. im also from fucked up south africa and luckely im white!! the problem with these black fucks is they think the whole world owes them everything because of apatheid! they are the nation of Cane

          1. Indeed. May I recommend the excellent ‘Negroes in Negroland’, published in 1868, and available as a free download. Life has always been cheap and brutal for our proto-human friends.

    1. I still don’t know what’s up with the old lady at the end. to me it looked like she was a relative of thoes kids, or maybe she was about to start dancing (im not being racist, they do dance like that.).

      1. @la c,
        You can comment on the way black people dance without first making a disclaimer. It’s a shame that it’s come to that these days.
        You should be able to say what you mean without p.c. people criticizing your choice of words.
        Btw, she was dancing around like a witch doctor at a boil lancing ceremony. Probably traumatized by what she was witnessing.

  4. So…These people are getting burned alive because they are somalians/ethiopians etc…and are not the indigenous south africans??
    There’s GOT to be more to this story…or…are these poor excuses for primates actually this fucking barbaric???

          1. The year has plenty to do with it. It’s not 1315 but 2015 and some societies have advanced and others haven’t, you big dummy.

        1. if knowing your history and telling the truth is being idiot i dont know what to call you… but i am from surinam (south america above brasil) and did you know the first slave bosses were Jews…?? look at wiki “JodenSavanne”. fucking dirty bastards. And obviously you are the fucking idiot for not knowing your dirty history. fucking people in the ass all over the planet for over 500 years straight in a row. dirty big nose motherfucker

      1. I don’t know how he has the nerve. If it wasn’t for the Juden and their Atlantic slave trade, these nasty hominids would still be flinging shit at each other in some dark corner of the Congo, of little interest to anyone except anthropologists and the occasional tourist.

  5. It’s so easy to talk shit about America, but when I see stuff like this it makes me so thankful to live here. I can bitch and moan all day, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Africa is fucked up. Cradle of “civilization” indeed.

    1. You think this kind of behavior isn’t possible here in America? People are the same EVERYWHERE! the only reason why this kind of violence doesn’t break out in our streets is because of the police and government and courts and the whole judicial system. Open up your eyes, yes were very blessed to be here in America but there are many savages here too! Take away this illusion of government and control and it would be worse here than it is there.

      1. The reasons that you just mentioned for that sort of savagery not breaking out in our streets is known by another term called civilized society.
        We have laws and entities to enforce them and so forth so that kind of behavior doesn’t break out in the U.S.
        I’m not sure why your comment was directed to @DDD.

      1. I never said once life is perfect in the US. I’m just saying that in comparison to other countries on this lovely rock we call home, America looks pretty good. People are people. Violence and hate is in our nature. I’m just glad I don’t have to see this shit happening in my neighborhood or my children grow up seeing or being involved in these types of savage acts.

        1. And I would say your absolutely right. What I said in my previous comment to you wasn’t necessarily directed at you. I was just making the statement that we are all the same here or there. The difference is our cultural and religious beliefs/upbringing. Thanks.

    2. Still, I would never wan’t to live in america… There for I’m glad to be a European. The only downside of Europe are the open borders… It’s way to fucking easy for those cockroaches to immigrate to our countries! I wished we could simply burn them all alive…

  6. The massacre in Rwanda was an incredible achievement of violence. Over 1000000 blacks killed by other blacks in 100 days. While white societies used to be as barbaric centuries ago, they had thought (enabling them to advance), invented and built more then Sub-Saharian Africans will ever do by themselves.

  7. I’m noticing a funny er odd little divide in opinions here.
    On one hand we have the “fuck all niggers cuz they’re niggers” and on the other hand we’ve got the “damned, that’s a fucked up way to go,nigger or not”.
    I’m kinda leaning towards the latter.
    I think I’d rather lose my head than be burned alive! It just takes too fucking long to succumb to the flames

  8. I am so glad black Americans never retained their language from their slave ancestors, Their language is such a hideous sounding one. Just imagine walking down a street near you and hearing these niggers yelling out this filth, It is bad enough they axed instead of asked.

    1. Other creations fight and eat each other all the time.
      Humans definitely have their issues but I think the problem is confusing these Africans with Human Beings. They are ruining the curve.

  9. Sometimes I don’t even watch these videos, I scroll down ever so lightly and look at my Best Gore friends comments, from there I visualize the scene and these poor deaths . Yet everyday I come for all the blood and gore to take the pain of seeing this world be torn apart. I imagine the gore happening every second around each inch of the earth from a little boy stepping on harmless little ants

  10. I don’t know why but for some reason I’ve had a certain partiality to videos of people set on fire. That being said, these guys really got it good! A lot of the time all you see is writhing in agony with barely a shred of will to fight but here these bastards are defiant and for a good while. It’s good to see, not just laying down but giving us a good show in the process. Viewer posterity matters!

  11. most blacks here is barbaric killers and rapists. the ones that is not is lazy and just want hand outs.

    i kust wonder when they will do the same with white people in this country. oh. sorry. o forgot. they already started with the systematic killing of whites. just google white genocide in sa.

  12. Africans know how to make great videos! Quality shit right here. I been waiting for one of these, its been a long time coming. They just dropped a lynching an clubbing video also. They will never fail to bring you entertainment.

  13. burning the worst criminals alive was a pretty common event among Europeans up to the 1800 ‘s. it was usually meant to cleanse the soul. although i never understood why u would try to burn the devil out of em…..

  14. @DINU FROMINDIA, you got that right:( makes you wonder who is worse? The peoplecommitting the atrocities, or the people laughing at them:(

    Maybe we will get lucky and find a BG memeber being burnt alive! Maybe then I will put post like some of the disgusting ones on here about them!

    I thought this was a site to educate the blind it I see this is more of a site for sick people to get off on others being tortured and killed!

    I come to this site to see what the true cruelty of humans are and give me a good idea on what’s out there,,, not only do you have to worry about what’s in the vids, there is just as screwed up people making comments!

    I’ve seen some say they should drop a nuke on some of these countries,(and I agree wholeheartedly) bit I would definitely sprinkle the target grounds with a medley of BG members that make such horrific comments!

    1. Oh dear you got it all wrong,you must be new here,prove of that is that you didn’t even reply on the right box,for me this site is like a therapy,here I can be my self and I no longer say these things outside,don’t worry it’s just the shock soon you’ll get used to it and will laugh with us,and please stop being so hypocrite and a moralfag :p πŸ˜†

      1. Like a therapy??? Ok sure! Maybe you should go join the hypocrit moral fags called isis and get your therapy at full strength so you can straighten whatever problems you are having!

        I’m here to help all those in need:) there hasn’t been one video as of yet that made me look away (except when small children are invovlved) yet! The content on the site doesn’t offend me in anyway, it’s the comments that are disturbing!

        Trying to figure out who is worse, the people in the vids, or the people making the comments?

        1. Hanabi is actually right, it is therapy in a way. The human mind reacts to things it is shown. For some of us, this reaction is humour.

          Morticians, coroners and EMT’s almost always keep a morbid sense of humour about things.

      2. Don’t waste your time. You can’t really explain something as abstract as personal expression. Just tell them that they’re right. That’s all they want to hear anyway.

    2. I don’t mean to take anyone’s side on this one but you do have a point. Some people do enjoy people getting hurt and we think that’s wrong, which is ok. Looking at the moral side of things, what others say here are offensive and far too insensitive.

      But I also can’t deny the fact that people use humor as a way to escape or cope with the reality they are presented to, in this case, people from Africa act ‘uncivilized’ by trying to set a man on fire. The material presented itself is distuebing but humor is a way of making it less disturbing. Kind of like stand-up comedians, in a way.

      As for the displeasing commentaries, you’re right. Some of them are appalling but this site is exists for the freedom of speeh by the freedom of speech. No matter how we disagree with it, it is people’s right to express their thoughts, no matter how offensive or unsavory it is. And well, you can react to it as well either; that’s your right too,

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