Guatemalan Man Accused of Practicing Witchcraft Set on Fire by Angry Mob

Doused in Flammable Fluid and Set Alight to Burn for Fear of Superstition

Doused in Flammable Fluid and Set Alight to Burn for Fear of Superstition

In Guatemala, a man accused of practicing witchcraft was set on fire by an angry mob. Identified as Domingo Choc, the man was a “naturopathic healer”, known in Latin America as “curandero” or “Chamán”.

Best Gore member @kike004 notes:

A “Shaman” is someone who is dedicated to curing people suffering from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual illnesses through herbal treatments and massages. The purification of the spirit and healing of the body is sometimes achieved through words, and in some cases, by invoking spirits.

The events occurred on Saturday, June 6, 2020 in the municipality of San Luis, in the department of Petén, 377 kilometers northeast of Guatemala City.

56 year old Choc practiced traditional Mayan medicine and worked alongside international research groups. The Guatemalan police reported that they captured four people, whom they consider to be responsible for Choc’s death.

24 year old Ovidio Ramírez Chub, one of the arrested, is accused of being the main instigator of the lynching and the person directly responsible for the death of Choc. He was assisted by his brother Edin Arnaldo, his sister Magalí Pop Caal, and his cousin Romelia Caal Chu. All four played their part in killing Choc.

Edin Arnaldo admitted that he prepared the gasoline they used to douse the victim before setting him on fire. He accused Choc of practicing witchcraft and blamed him for the death of his father who received treatment recommended by Choc.

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90 thoughts on “Guatemalan Man Accused of Practicing Witchcraft Set on Fire by Angry Mob”

          1. Nope, more like that ole Mexican habanero chili fire burrito that grandma used to make and would dare you to eat when you were a little kid.
            I was ok after like 15 minutes.

    1. That was pretty good for a flaming old fuck. One of the upsides of living in a shit country, you get to see this type of stuff a lot. It’s cheap entertainment, since apparently there’s nothing else to do.

          1. No I put out a sign “must have a pulse to participate” on my front door. it’s too hot 100+I think I will stay in my air conditioning and watch the world burn, Or at least this guy.

  1. Wow, After hearing the Burning Man 2020 festival was postponed this year, Looks like they were decided they’d host their own.

    How many folks thought to themselves…
    STOP, DROP & ROLL! Easier said than done.

    I don’t always think eye for an eye, but those kids deserve it.

    1. Forum: Retarded Mr Rodgers
      I watched a schizo play a piano once. Perched naked atop the piano as if to take a shit on the keys, he was able to maneuver his balls independent of one another to hammer out the best rendition of Für Elise ever.
      He kept cracking his neck though. I wonder what’s up with that.

      1. his dad owns a bunch of buildings and parking lots in Detroit, the good part. I heard it from other customer who knows his dad. The only customer I liked up there. Well few others but he was my favorite

        Freak is loaded.

    1. Exactly my thoughts… Choc’man must have been a not so much loved member of his community…
      Probably burned most of his neighbors in past dealings and now his neighbors are just giving him a taste of his own medicine

  2. It’s amazing just how backwards some people are!
    The same type who used to sacrifice children to the Mayan gods several thousand years ago.

    This guy was probably practicing homeopathic remedies, which typically don’t always work, but someone’s gotta take the blame.

      1. Don’t like it @despy. Why drag everyone away from task at hand to look at image that makes no sense at all. Call me a “sheeple” please because something you posted is plain boring and very unfunny…….
        @Dr Spock has a developmental dealy and nothing he says can be taken as fact…….

        1. @firstinline it is @desp
          Notifications with the save.

          Dragging people away from what they are doing to look at something stupid is pretty much what I do around here, apologies for your surprise . Next time I make specific reply to one of my friends,with really great picture, I wont tag you in it ..oh..

    1. Like the Africans who are still burning witch doctors. These are the descendants of kings, queens, and great inventors and philosophers. At least that’s what is taught in public schools and universities.

  3. Have they never heard of lawsuits? Did their father’s autopsy report any “suspicious” or unknown cause of death? Could they not have requested a refund? Also, 80% of Mexico’s culture is the occult, and the practice of Brujeria and “Yerberia.”

    1. Excellent point, imagine the World without mono-theistic relgion

      But then again, the Egyptians had a stack of Gods, and sacrificed people and
      babies to Moloch/Ba’al

      Seems ya just can’t fucken win with religion, better to be a Darwinist
      Ya fucken ape !

  4. Thankfully I can put spells on those that deserve it where I live.
    Poor guy probably loved Jesus which is the funny part.
    JESUS SAVES…..he don’t need your donations you give to the church. Don’t give those perverts in the Arch diocese your money when they pass that beggers plate around during mass.
    All the money does is pay the victims the priests rape and covers up their child ass raping ways.
    Remember, your body is your temple, decorate it with drugs and vodka.

  5. Sheesh, “news” like this one really make me sad. All that poor old guy wanted to do was help people using his natural and spiritual power, others didn’t understand and because humans are fucktards they felt the need to destroy what they don’t understand.

  6. Actually, if you consider this is 2020 and there are so called human beings acting like this today. They have mobile phones, so they know what’s largely going on in the world and what justice and civilised behaviour at least looks like in the west. Yet you would be forgiven for thinking that somebody had transplanted this lot from the darkest period of the Middle Ages.

    The truth is that although a few might have had a Personal vendetta against this guy and wanted him to die badly, the culture around him totally facilitated this, no question. Where I live, if you dragged somebody tied up into a field and poured petrol on them strangers passing by world try stop you or at least talk you out of it. Others would try douce the flames. Instinctively intelligent and civilised beings know that collectively cruel and evil acts should not be condoned in any society because what’s happening to him over there, could be you tomorrow.

    Pity he didn’t understand that rolling on the ground was his best bet, however that might have only prolonged his suffering. RIP

    Trumps wall is long overdue.

  7. What happened to stop, drop, and roll? With all that mud and grass he would of had a damn good chance at survival. Then again they probably would have just poured more gasoline on him. He took it like a champ tho.

  8. I cant believe he stayed on his feet running for so long. It amazes me how much abuse and pain a person can take, and on the other hand, how fragile we are. How can anyone do this to another person is beyond me. Witchcraft or not. These fuckers just paranoid, on cocaine, bad things happen to them and got to blame it on the old man putting a spell on them. It’s fucked up over there. there’s not enough of anything over there but cocaine and babies growing up in shit holes like this. it never ceases.

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