Guy Keeps Revving Up Motorcycle Until It Bursts Into Flames

Guy Keeps Revving Up Motorcycle Until It Bursts Into Flames

Guy Keeps Revving Up Motorcycle Until It Bursts Into Flames

In Brazil, a guy set himself on fire by revving up a motorcycle until the overheated engine burst into flames. The flames engulfed the show-off, but the cameraman flinched and the melt-skin disappeared in the meantime.

Best Gore member @vargao translated the man filming as saying “fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher!” at the end of the video. One guy attempts to contribute to extinguishing the fire by tossing a beer can in it. Like that’s gonna show it…

Thanks a lot for the video, @vargao:

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95 thoughts on “Guy Keeps Revving Up Motorcycle Until It Bursts Into Flames”

    1. Any idiot who would purposely do that to a motorcycle deserves to burn for his stupidity.
      Did you see those exhaust pipes glowing? I’d be willing to bet that the carbs were never jetted properly after the 4 into 1 pipe was put on which would make the bike run lean and run hot to begin with but to hold the throttle wide open and blip it the way he did it wouldn’t take long to blow the engine.
      What a dumb fuck… I hope he enjoys riding his bicycle from now on.

          1. You clearly don’t watch enough YMH otherwise you would see how many videos Tom plays from this website. Like the tree trimming video and the guy getting smashed into his toolbox in the garage by the unskilled driver. I think this is exactly the place for YMH comments you R-Tard

          1. he’s a freaky dude and is into all things Holocaust. has quite impressive nazi collection and all sorts of weird concentration camp fetishes, or so I’ve read

          2. You guys are crazy nick cage is easily one of the if not best actors of our time. Look at his family lineage. Also look at all the acadamy grade movies hes put out
            Con Air
            Face Off
            National Treasure,8mm,Raising Arizona. To name a few.

          3. I can’t help it, I will always love ‘The Rock’ .

            Cage & Connery saving the city from a VX-gas attack, orchestrated by a rouge Ed Harris?

            Fucking. Epic.

      1. Nicholas Cage g has done several good movies. What I like about him is he is not the same ilk of prettyhoy actors you see these days. This guy has old school tough-but-nice charisma. Look at him in The Rock, Face Off, Corneli’s Mandolin etc.

        In all those movies he plays slightly goofy characters with a slick edge.

  1. Baaaahahahahahaaaa!!! I wish that would happen far more often!! I fucking HATE assholes on their already loud shitty fucking bikes, especially gook fucking rice rockets, who have the need to just sit there revving the fucking things!! Fucking mouth breathing morons!

      1. Kys???

        Anyway, I have a pickup and an Explorer, Prius’ are for envirocunts. And when they were first around here years ago they were “rice rockets” cuz they are Jap bikes, ducaca, so eff off! Apparently you have a loud bike, so to paraphrase an Irish blessing…”May the road rise to meet you…HARD!”

  2. Brazil is really just one of those countries where ANYTHING can happen cuz the fucking de silvas are all impulsive creatures. They have absolutely no sense of inhibition or judgement. Beer, flip flops, and low IQ means anything and everything is fucking possible.

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      1. Maybe you were watching a different video.
        The video I commented on was a guy revving is motorcycle for a long amount of time and in return heated the engine up like a inferno. Now you may learn something here. The gas tank sits just above the engine. When gas gets so hot it explodes! Class dismissed

  4. He wasted a beaut in return by being a big show off .

    Most of all ,to be fair ;Why take your ire out on a machine when there are million ways to cut your fucked up life short as, BIKES DON’T RETORT THE WAY HUMANS DO .

  5. Reminds me of a Datsun B-210 I drove off a cliff… Still ran. Out ran a psycho in a Camaro. Still ran. Said, “fuck it” and revved it til it blew a rod. Mission accomplished.

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