Guy Suffers Burns from Shooting Firework Mortar Up His Ass

Ass and Thighs Burned, Junk Probably Too to Some Extent

Guy Suffers Burns from Shooting Firework Mortar Up His Ass

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @pietails, who got talked into shooting a powerful firework mortar up his ass when he got drunk with some “friends”. He decided to share his experience. There is the video and a couple pictures of the aftermath in the Burn ICU.

Thanks for sharing @pietails, even though it probably doesn’t count as one of your proudest moments. You got pretty fucked up there. Here’s the video:

Gallery of pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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172 thoughts on “Guy Suffers Burns from Shooting Firework Mortar Up His Ass”

    1. My aunt owns a typical shithole food cart in TJ even she admits she literally soaks the tortillas and bread in pure pig lard to make those puppies fat. If you’re not used to hard street food you’re gonna be shooting liquid butt nuggets all night.

          1. @xavior99 depends on how that “lard laden lady’s love-hole” is cooked. I only eat them raw when they’re shaved and washed, but if it’s deep fried, I don’t mind it being a little dirty. It’s going to give me high cholesterol anyway.

    1. It’s a good thing he didn’t eat Mexican (sorry, Supreme Leader). That would have been fatal.

      Speaking of fatal mortar injuries, you had an extra-retarded incident in Maine 3-1/2 years ago. OK, it was in Calais, so it wasn’t Maine Proper – sort of like our Upper Peninsula of Michigan. One Devon Sharples, former Disney employee, on the Fourth of July, 2015, blew his scalp off with a display mortar.

      You gotta be proud.

      1. Dumb fucks like you are the reason why a lot of shit is heavily regulated. Go head and do it again dumbass, this time, do it naked, shove the tube up your ass, and set it off. Oh yea, and make sure to record it…

      2. @pietails, You really just started your reply with “Bro” after failing at a wannabe Jackass stunt. You just keep on providing evidence to support @kushsmoke‘s way of thinking about you.

        You’re so proud of your willful ignorance you actually lit your ass and balls on fire.

        Now go dig a hole and die in it(be sure to livestream).

      3. I hate to bring it to you, but KushSmoke is actually right. You seem to be so dumb, hey, my toilet paper must be smarter than you. You fucked your body up for nothing and you have the nerves to tell us “fuck off”? Hey, “bro”, YOU fuck off. What a useless piece of shit…

  1. The worst part is that doctors and nurses will now have to turn their attention to this guy. Were any justice, he would be left to die of infection from the burns. Does not really deserve to live. Sorry, sounds harsh, but there are some people for whom breathing the same air pollutes for others.

        1. I think the video answers that question. He’s the kind of retard with no regard for his own life, the lives around him, or the people that have to take care of him when they could be helping sick and injured people that don’t deserve their injuries. Which means he’s also the kind of retard who should jump off a bridge.

  2. What is it with shoving things up your ass that is so intriguing? Bad enough when it’s a big dildo or a cock shaped vegetable but a lit explosive? If anal penetration is what interests you then stick with another man’s cock.

          1. The founding fathers of the USA were advocates of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, so if it works for this dude, I’m upwind so I’m not standing in his way. lol

  3. You know, when you were a baby in your crib, your father looked down at you, he had but one hope – “Someday, my son will grow to be a man.” Well look at you now; face down on a hospital bed while some strange guy in a nurse’s outfit rubs cream all over your burnt ass. Better hope he doesn’t slip a pinkie in.

  4. ha! ahahahahaha! “jump in the water!”. hehehehe nice getting your bro’s back. oh man oh man this was rather hilarious. hope you heal well, OP. thanks for the share. nice ass, too, quit shoving exploding things up there! 😀

          1. Wow, the first worthwhile post in this thread… and of course it has nothing to do with the dumbass in the video.
            Meg was a lazy movie and predictable… much like the rest of the bullshit coming to theaters these days.

          2. @xavior99

            It was totally predictable it was like when they strung up the lil meg on the ship me n my dad said at the same time “theres another one”

            Waste of £10
            Fuck you sainsburys

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