Helium Gas Filled Balloons Explode As Indian Girl Lights Up Firecracker

Arms and Face Got Burnt, Camel Toe Seems Fine

Helium Gas Filled Balloons Explode As Indian Girl Lights Up Firecracker

In New Delhi, India, a celebrating girl surrounded by helium filled balloons lights up what looks like one of those 20 cent firecrackers, but the fire from that thing lights up helium in the balloons, causing a small explosion.

The girl comes running out of the shed with a shriek that could pop a boner, while throwing her arms in the air like she really wants to grab one. She may qualify as a female counterpart to this champ.

She suffered some burns to the arms and face, and learned that even though every facet of Indian society privileges women, balloons don’t discriminate.

Props to Best Gore member @edward63 for the video:

Gallery of a few pics:

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164 thoughts on “Helium Gas Filled Balloons Explode As Indian Girl Lights Up Firecracker”

  1. Helium is inert and does not burn or explode. Some dindu retard filled those balloons with hydrogen, which of course is highly flammable. You can also tell it was hydrogen by the color of the flames. Poor ignorant dindus.

  2. You got yours in whilst my timer was going down @thedood. Bravo and you are spot on. I leave mine in only for hopefully comic relief.

    “Helium does not burn. It is a Noble Gas and is very fucken stable and only burns in a star but stars are in our atmosphere and fake or are actual balloons themselves.

    Anyway. Poor bitch got lumped with balloons filled with natural gas ,hydrogen or had a double load of picrate ? popping powder go off.”

  3. I highly recommend this website to all ‘feminists’, I think they’ll find the commentary on posts jolly enthralling.

    I sometimes think curvier women are sexy, and then when it comes down to it the physical reality isn’t as appealing as I’d thought.

          1. i hear you loud and clear. retards have been known to piss me the fuck off, but, that wouldn’t stop westlos from playing with some mother fucking titties. that mother fucker’s tittie mad.

      1. Oxygen doesn’t ignite or burn either it only supports combustion. In India who the hell knows what those tars would fill a balloon with? You could hold a lit match to the end of a tube or mask flowing oxygen and all that will happen is the flame will intensify but the oxygen itself won’t ignite.

        Apparently they filled the balloons with a lighter than air gas that burns…hydrogen comes to mind haha!! Mini Hindenburg disaster!

  4. At least the moose knuckle Wasn’t burnt. If she was wearing Long sleeve shirt and a bag over her head I would fuck her in the ass. Then watch her get stoned by her family cause she fucked an American that’s not the same religion

    1. C’mon man, think about the environment. If you’re gonna fuck her in the ass, just shove her face in a pillow and save a bag.
      “Use a pillow, save a seal.” -PETA or some such shit.

        1. I see your concern. I know…Always keep a designated buttfucking pillow in reach. Save the good 800 thread count cotton AND save a seal. Or buttfuck a seal and fuck the environment. Idk, it’s your call.

          1. Well, if she chooses plastic then we’re back to the seal debate. If she had simply burned up that moose knuckle too, we wouldn’t be here.

          2. an asslicker would say, “i’m the treasurer of team svarg.” congrats on your new vice presidency. you never could make it on your own anyway. go hard, cucknuts.

      1. Any of you curried farts remember this girl?
        Nina and the 99 fart balloons?

        Case in point @dan-a-conda ,this girl is as far as I know 100percent native German and look at her. could easily have come from Italy,Greece ,Portugal ,Spain ,France etc. An example of Dark -type of Caucasian /White /Euros like Hitler ,Goebbels ,Goering ,Bismarck blah blah blah .

        Sorry I remembered her and wanted to kill two birds with one stone. Fart balloons and anthropology lesson. Forgive me!


  5. Regardless of the accident that occurred here..washing your bum with your hand and soapless water, death trains and tuk tuks, silly arranged power cables, no road rules and general chaos, kids not at school and living at the dump, and not being able to keep a balloon away from a flame.It’s amazing how these people managed nuclear power with a space program. ( I’m saying this bobbing my head left to right) !

  6. Helium is not flammable so those balloons were filled with curried fart gas. Extremely unstable from within temperatures ranging between -40C to +50C. It only becomes stable when sniffed and inhaled where the hexanes bond with carbon in CO2.

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