Hong Kong Man Attacked by Being Doused in Gasoline and Set on Fire

Hong Kong Man Attacked by Being Doused in Gasoline and Set on Fire

Hong Kong Man Attacked by Being Doused in Gasoline and Set on Fire

On Monday November 11, 2019, a man was doused in gasoline and set on fire by protesters in the Ma On Shan area of Hong Kong. The man got into an argument with the group of protesters, when a masked person dumped flammable liquid on him and set him alight.

Prior to being burned, the man is shown bleeding from his forehead. The Chinese media reported he was admitted to Prince of Wales Hospital and is in critical condition.

Props to Best Gore member @bloodstorm09 for the videos:

Different angle video of the same incident, but not as good as the other one:

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203 thoughts on “Hong Kong Man Attacked by Being Doused in Gasoline and Set on Fire”

          1. In the immortal word of my much beloved Grandfather who fought you crazy fucks with every thing he had “Fuck them chinks, let em burn”

            You and your ancestors had 50 years to make other plans. Anyone who actually though China forgot about their prized HK cash cow were sadly mistaken.

            All your doing is cutting your own throat, when you act crazy you’ll be treated as such. The violence you reap is the violence you shall soon sow.

            Most real Americans do not support you, most real Americans do not forget.

          2. @americunt. Sorry bro, we don’t need you support. Just HK fakes need you. We don’t give fuck what REAL Americas(you mean the white trash?) think about. And I think your grandfather must be a kind man. When he died he will see more people burn in the hell. Fuck off

          3. @americunt I have been read your reply for twice. I realize you misunderstood me. I’m not supporter of those HK Fuckers. I just want them killed by the police. We who really like China angry just because the violence in HK can’t be punished. Now I know you are against violence. If you really are.Wish you forgive me.But in my opinion, kill them all is only way to make HK back to normal. We hate violence, but sometimes we have to

          1. @infefelicious – you dumb ignorant fuck just like the rest of America. Your grandad never fought Chinese – Japanese maybe, but ignorant wankers like you just make yourself and your country look even more stupid (if that’s even possible after voting in Donald Lump)………

          2. @Dutchy in Korea we killed an estimated 1 million chinks and you Asstralians were right there with us….killing.
            Seems every war America or England gets into we can count on you wankers to support us.

          3. @illegalsmile55 I love Dutchy but he has as much say as we do when it comes to what our governments do….which is to say none.
            When is the last time Australia started a war?…no….it just sends it’s soldiers to fight in other peoples wars….whats the definition of a lackey?
            It’s like a sled dog that has to stare at the lead sled dogs asshole all the time and resents it.

        1. @vile
          Our slant eyed commenter would appear to also want to light us on fire regarding our black humour

          And as for the angry chop sticks boy; lighten up ya yellow cunt; so reality is kicking in and HK is being swallowed whole by Big Brother Beijing; what the fuck did you think was going to happen you simple tool?
          You should of sold out and left a long fucking time ago Kato.

          1. @dutchy fuck off ya twat. Not sure what you read but my Grandfather fought in both WW2 and Korean War. Do some research on the Korean War and you’ll learn that China was our main enemy in that war. I truly don’t give a fairy fuck what your opinion be on my comment.

            And far as the giant peach I didn’t vote for the trash. So go fuck yourself and lick a kangaroos ass next time you feel like giving me your opinion

    1. No No No. Hongkong fuck up let us trust our government more than before.Just like the whore Nancy Pelosi said “Hong Kong demonstration is a beautiful scenery”. To be a Chinese,I wish to express my gratitude to any Americans who is stand with HK democracy. Thank you all and I wish the SCENERY also regularly appear in USA. But I have to point out. You guys want to see trouble happening in China. I just want to see gun shots in America. We love Best Gore, isn’t it?So Let HongKong be burn you Hongkong son of bitch. 1.4 billion people support HK police to kill you all. If they cannot, when the 50 years pass, we will do.

        1. I’m in two minds . HK was promised certain transition periods by China . However ,all I see are rabid college students with an obvious Americano -finger behind them . Rude and violent ,stabbing people and setting them on fire. Antifa of the worst sort.
          I can’ help but notice that China has been very easy on them considering what is going on.

          Seems to me just another Bolivia -overthrow(Evo Morales?) that China has not allowed to be successful yet.
          What say you?

          1. Listen, I admit that my comment was not serious, but in a way, I don’t give a shit. Why should I care about what’s going on in the world? The official story is all bullshit anyway, right? Probably, but the alternative stories that are being presented are probably bullshit as well. The common denominator with the presenters of both stories, is that they do nothing more than talk. Pretty much none of them are actively doing anything about the problems that they present to us. All they do is talk. Fuck them. Both sides present a problem. They constantly tell us what the problem is, and they need money in order to keep telling us what the problem is. No matter how much money they are given, they need more. Maybe if we give them more money, they will be able to find time to put down the microphone, and start doing something about the problems themselves. I’m not going to hold my breath on that one. Actions speak louder than words, yet they just keep yelling louder. Fuck following any of them. Talk is cheap, and that’s my two cents.

        2. You got me. In HK if you don’t stand with mobsters, you will be beaten ,be human flesh search, but now, you be burned… By the way .Honkeykong is a fucking appreciate name for them. You can search “黃之峰” who is one of Hokey’s leader. His monkey face you will never forget. Haha.nice name.

          1. I sometimes walk through chinatown and looking down i pass the doorways, i see from the corner of my eye the women approaching the open doors, fishnet stockings and pointy black shoes they remind me of witches or vampires looking for my blood. I hear them asking me if i want massage and i keep walking. They are at least honest. An honest profession.

      1. 还14亿呢 笑死我了 不止呢77亿人都支持共产党呢 翻墙出来还死性不改的贱狗杂种一条 替你主子习近平舔屁眼去 恶心 区议会选举大败 还有脸14亿了?五毛言论真是令我作呕

    2. Well it’s getting very nasty in HK. Typically Chinese are non confrontational (main landers) in Kowloon it varies but it’s attempted murder and it’s premeditated. This kinda shit might be what the hawks in the CCP want to roll in and chew everything up. Usually Chinese just don’t want to loose face in argument but this guy lost his skin. If you have burnt yourself even slightly recently you can imagine how painful it is for this guy. Hope they can minimise his suffering, regardless on which side of the argument he is.

  1. This most be done to every corruption supporter who tries to fool people and defend corrupted governments. we need to perform more of these all around the world specially meddle east and mullahs islamic regime.

        1. Yup
          He clearly never heard of the “Rape of Nanking” and Tojo.

          There’s s large cemetery full of “white guys” who fought off waves of Japanese bayonet charges in 1941 in Hong Kong…..guess he forgot that too.

          Yellow eyed assfucker

      1. I recall that the people of Hong Kong were shit scared as the handover approached in 1997. They didn’t want the British to leave because we let them do whatever they wanted. Presumably the Chinese history books say that the people of Hong Kong rejoiced at the prospect of throwing off the imperialist yoke, and welcomed the coming of their communist comrades.

          1. @vileness
            Ya she pretty much got suckered into that one when all she wanted to do was write.
            Sometimes you’re way better off not trying to help anyone out.
            Anyway I told my boss what you said he said “Oh I agree, now get out of here” 😆

  2. Unfortunately, this sort of act will give China the excuse to crack down hard. Most of the protesters are too young to remember Tiananmen Square. If you push the communist leaders beyond a certain point, they will squash you like a bug. And what will the Western governments do? They will “protest in the strongest possible terms.” In other words they will do nothing. What can they do? Invade China? They could impose sanctions, but that would probably hurt us more than China. There is nothing we can do against China.

      1. That was a long time ago, and a very different China from the superpower of today. Nowadays the West needs China more than China needs the West. China can, and will, do whatever it wants to Hong Kong. The West will respond with empty rhetoric, just hot air.

    1. Yes, the tiananmen square incident was really cruel. It seems that you know a lot about China. The government blocks all information about the tiananmen square incident on the Internet.People who talk about it in real life will be severely punished if the government knows about it
      There are a lot of Chinese people who don’t know about this, especially young people,

      In my impression, China and western countries is different, the Chinese government is very bossy and don’t allow any object to his speech

      .In the life of the people’s will is limited by a lot of comments/behavior, although this way is very safe, to reduce the crime rate, But it’s very unfree,Like a bird in a cage, I hate their rules

          1. We have one family of VC’s here in town…one huge famiry…and they own a little donut/Vietnamese food shop that we all refer to as, little saigon.
            They makes some shitty donuts, but their bãnh bao is to die for. They speak horrible engrish, and the joke is that when you order, it doesn’t matter what you want, they give you whatever they want. Surprise!!

  3. File this under why you should keep your mouth shut and mind your own business.

    Throw a bunch of Yankee gear on, storm into Fenway Park, then run your mouth to the largest group of Red Sox fans you can find. You may not get lit on fire but youll deal with consequences. It’s not a tough concept.

  4. As much as I love to side with Hong Kong Protester. Regretbly, They are a lost cause. As the situation progress they slowly graduate from Heroes into nothing but a violence mobs. All that’s left now was to wait for Chinese sending their meat grinding milita to curve these motherless fuck out of the street in the old fashion way.

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        If only the Australian bushfires would spread across the entire planet, and kill all of humanity.
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        2. Wait long enough and we are all rust! Yep! If I remember my science from thirty years ago the whole universe will turn to Iron. Haha

          Badanddy, can you please do me a favour ? Can you please look up at the moon at midnight and tell us if the moon is to the South or North of you or right above your head ? Ie do you need to look North to see the Moon or do you need to look South .

          1. I can Nem, but I’ll need a compass, because my ‘directions’ have been out my whole life ie what I think is South is normally West et cetera ..

            PS Trump plans to Nuke the moon after he nukes China ..

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