Hundreds Die in Nightclub Fire in Santa Maria, Brazil

Hundreds Die in Nightclub Fire in Santa Maria, Brazil

Horrible tragedy occurred in Santa Maria, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on Sunday January 27, 2013. As many as 233 people have been reported dead after a performing band’s pyrotechnics show set the Kiss nightclub on fire. Victims died either from asphyxiation due to inhalation of toxic smoke or from being trampled by the crowd desperate to get out of the nightclub.

This scenario of pyrotechnics setting a nightclub ablaze and the shocked revelers panicking and blocking the exits is all too familiar. The same thing happened at The Station nightclub on Rhode Island where 100 people died as a result. Given the confirmed death count of the Kiss nightclub fire, the Santa Maria tragedy is the world’s deadliest nightclub fire in over a decade.

Santa Maria authorities put blame for the fire on the band Gurizada Fandangueira and have not ruled out the possibility that charges would be filed.

Survivors reported that initially, bouncers stopped people from evacuating the nightclub because it’s common for club-goers to leave without paying for drinks and bouncers demanded people show proof that they’d paid for theirs. Not realizing the fire was raging inside, this likely contributed to the death toll.

Props to Best Gore member blackinki for the tip. Several videos of the incident are available:

Gallery of a few pics:

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  1. That’s some serious gore right there.

    I too am having a slow day Markus but c’mon now.

    I’m off to the bottle shop and when I get home I is gonna pack me a cone or 2 and re-visit the chainsaw beheading video untill the next installment of BG arrives………….. ahhhhhh yes, that sounds more like it :mrgreen:

    1. i’m guessing not since Brazil is heavily populated ( one of the most populated countries on earth ) but after an event like this some law will be made to have a limit on the amount of people in clubs or musicians will have to have there equipment checked before playing.

  2. List of dead Da Silvas. WTF of 233 dead Brazilians only 11 were Da Silva, I’m really disappointed:
    Alisson Oliveira da Silva
    Andrieli Righi da Silva
    Augusto Sergio Krauspenhar da Silva
    Douglas da Silva Flores
    Geni Louren?o da Silva
    Jaderson da Silva
    Jo?o Carlos Barcellos Silva
    Leandro Nunes da Silva
    Luciano Ariel Silva da Silva
    Luiza Alves da Silva
    Ta?s da Silva Scaplin de Freitas

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    What happened in this nightclub ( Boate Kiss ) I explain based on the information obtained in the news here : a house with a capacity of 800 people receiving almost 2,000 in a tight space to see the show from a idiot band ( Gurizada Fandangueira Band – one member died ) that was always using pyrotechnics INDOOR during their shows . On this fateful night the vocalist of the band lit one pointing to the ceiling whose lining was styrofoam and foam and in seconds the flames and smoke spread around and to complicate the truculent security guards locked the exit doors claiming it was necessary to pay the bill of the drinks before ! Some customers came into fight to have access to a single exit door ( yes , just a exit door – 1,60m width – to almost 2.000 people in panic ) when the fire was spreading inside . The result were those piles of bodies of innocent young people that was were there just for fun . A true tragedy . Horrible death they had . RIP MY YOUTHS .

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        1. @andersonaugusto, there is no need to personaly attack him. He is just trying to describe whats going on there. What if you were writing about whats happening where you live, and someone just started calling you names for no reason. You wouldn’t like it. So back the fuck off. Who the fuck are you. Troll. Go get your sister pregnant. And stop talking shit to people.

    1. Trampling, compression then smoke inhalation. That’s why doors have to open outward and they’re supposed to be strict about how many people are allowed inside. Overcrowded, inadequate exits and the people pile up all fighting to get out so that it ends up nobody gets out. Smoke/carbon monoxide gets you pretty quickly and you’re lucky to pass out before the superheated gases and flames get to you.
      We had a nightclub fire like this in Rhode Island years ago. The place was beyond capacity, the owners built a box office right in the middle of the exit path effectively cutting the designed exit capacity in half so bodies just piled up with everyone fighting to get out. One of the idiots with the band set off pyro too big for the venue and it just took off. There is some horrific video on youtube of the fire. It’s known as the Station Nightclub fire in Warwick, RI.

      As we become a Third World shithole in America we are going to see more and more of this. It already happens in New York and other larger cities quite often with after hours clubs and brown people’s clubs set up in vacant buildings, often illegally and without any fire protections and anyone even aware it is there.

  4. Folks were screamin’,
    Out of control.
    It was so entertainin’,
    When the boogie started to explode.
    I heard somebody say:
    Burn baby burn!
    Disco inferno!
    Burn baby burn!
    Burn that mama down.
    Burn baby burn!
    Disco inferno!

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