Inmate in Brazilian Prison Tied to Mattress and Set on Fire

Inmate in Brazilian Prison Tied to Mattress and Set on Fire

This is once again from the state of Ceará, where as I reported earlier, the strike by prison guards lead to massive, multi-facility riots that culminated in deaths of several inmates.

In this video, an inmate is seen being tied to a mattress, which other inmates, of whom there is a large crowd, set on fire. Toxic fumes from the burning foam probably helped to kill him.

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  1. what’s with brazil’s shitty prison system where there are constant riots and inmates getting murdered and tortured. also wonder wtf this guy did that other scummy people in a brazillian prison felt that he deserved this. not like the guys killing him are angels.

      1. It’s could HAVE. Not could OF! Goddamit it annoys the shit out of me when people say what you said. I mean, say it out loud. Does it make sense?? NO.

        Plus, anyone who has perused this site for over five minutes probably assumed it could have been a rape- or drug-related death of some sort. Stop being a smartass.

      1. This is what happens in a nation that scorns any kind of birthcontrol and women have many, many children they cannot feed or train to be civil…..we have seen it in the US …like Chicago…where youth prowl the streets like wolves, killing others….yet we have politicians in congress and state houses who want an end to birth control, family planning and abortion….but when those unwanted babies grow up to be gangsters…then we build more expensive prisons and jails. Its all nuts based on some weird idea that God wants this.

          1. I totally agree with you guys. And that’s why women should just stick with dildos. Because sex can lead to unwanted pregnancy, and in the end we are the ones blamed for it. P.S. It takes 2 to fuck.

    1. Brazils shitty prison system is typical of third world prison facilities. You never ever want to end up there. You all shit in the same hole. And they do things like in this video.

    2. Brazil is corrupt, and we have way too many inmates to handle. And because we have more criminals than we have officers, they just let them be.
      Fortunately I’m not in brazil anymore 🙂

    3. It’s some kind of sick pleasure to do that to someone in there. Then they can say”look how ruthless I am”. Crule sick world we are living in. This was one of the hardest videos ive seen on BG. Thank you for giving us real news.

  2. The drops of the burning mattress is a heart breaking agony…… especially in the eyes…..while your hair is going ape like
    A burning Christmas tree on steroids…..
    And the smoke is no pakalolo……..
    What a fucking ” avant garde” experience of hell.!!!!!

    1. Regardless of what he did, nop nope nope nope nope!!!
      Burning to death (especially when tied to a super-comfy) mattress gives me nightmares 🙁
      I think Ill sleep on the floor tonight.

      1. I hope the murderers inhaled a hefty dose of cyanide. They all have pernicious anemia. A dose of cyanide should trigger fatigue and peripheral neuropathy. That’ll make them easier targets.

  3. In all the videos from Brazil’s prison system I’ve seen there is never any sense of urgency. Like they know the guards don’t give two fucks or the guards themselves are involved. My question is when there is a fucking death party going on, and everyone is yelling and slicing or setting niggas on fire… Where are the guards? Like are they ALL having lunch? WTF

    1. image ? no video ..
      i wouldnt be surprise to see an inmate himself send the video to BG.. lol , who know ? in brazil prison , its look like you can have everything just for drug, sex or kill another inmate

    1. That does suck. When I watch porn I try to watch the gifs as not too expensive. But they always too short and I don’t get enough tugs to bust a nut either. Back to expensive porn sites for me………

  4. holly shit , i dont know how the hell the size of brazilian prison but they are millions of peoples on prisons… look at dat crew ! its hard to believe that sometime they are no riot on prison there.

      1. Like last season’s Game of Thrones. Daenerys dragon flies into that colosseum type arena. They’re surrounded by the enemy and the dragon fries the whole lot of them with it’s fire breath. That was cool.

    1. Imagine that’s the country where Olympics are gonna be held .
      With every second face in the crowd ya can prefer to call a degenerate the ridiculous part is it tends to show more and more of its uglier side with each passing day The country is shamed every day and the Big wigs and the powers that be ; seem to have a gala time eating on Government coffers and watching it all happen with a grin .
      If this is their way to seeking everyday thrill by murdering burning molesting one another ; then mighty catastrophe would be an answer in putting a permanent stop to this mayhem .

      1. Hey @blucon Those guys come up with the best ideas. It’s like when you’re with your buds, everyone tries to one-up the other. These prison dudes could have just tried to scare him by first beating the shit out of him with something heavy in a towel or just a broom stick. Otherwise they would have just stabbed his ass when he wasn’t looking. Then someone else gets the brilliant idea like “Hey, let’s light him up!”

        1. @BornToRun
          Yeah your reasoning seems valid .
          I wish it were just ,”one idea” of theirs giving him a solid bashing but torching him was way beyond comprehension and inhumane . But in the entire milieu there isn’t a guard or any other authority person in sight .

          It was some kind fiesta time and these fuckheads really know how to unwind.

    1. Absolutely correct!! In county jail in the US they keep the air conditioners running all year round and keep the temperature steady throughout the four seasons. Seriously you could be locked up during the summertime and shiver in the early morning or at night. And I’m talking about Southern California weather.

  5. btw, theres cell phones in all prisons, at least the ones ive been in the US,
    around 300$ usd will get u a burner inside, but u need a cool C.O. to bring it in. Im sure S.America, is much easier and less expensive

  6. unfucking believable, these people are the most savage and brutal form a human being can take , they are no longer humans, hence should no longer be treated like humans, someone should just get a massive machine gun and reduce the whole fucking pack to human meatballs. fuck brazil man

    1. That much hate for brasil eh? I bet you dont anywhere close to that shit hole and you act like it owes you something. Youre such a retard. Get your lips out of these peoples ass, youre nothing but a fucken monkey to them Lol

        1. That comment doesn’t apply to me. I think you’re the retard here fat man. I don’t travel the world to leech off anyone. Or your “white nations” lol but its OK Fatman. Your race is doomed. So keep going to forums and bitch about it while I keep on sipping on my lemonade.

        2. dude , with all my respect to america latina, but have you ever seen any videos from morocco of people being set up on fire alive? no you fucking da silva, brazil is tthe most dangerous country on earth, just accept it

          1. Lol you’re a retard. You think they can tell the difference between Morocco and Iraq? You’re a sand nigger to them just like you think I am a da Silva lol fuck you’re stupid and ignorant. Educate your self.

  7. I must be getting really disconnected with the plight of these people. One side of my brain tells me… “poor bastard!” At the same time the other side of my brain says… “they needed to tie him to the mattress so he can’t roll out so easy. Pull that mattress over his whole body!”

  8. WOW! Brutal.
    Im guessing this guys a kiddy fiddling piece of shit and or a deviant/rapist. and if im right this should be a regular occurrence in all prison around the world.
    Lets get the weazel roast off to a flying start.
    Starters: Tender pieces of Roasted Rolf Harris on a bed of baby leaf lettuce.
    Main: Braised chunks of Ian Huntley with a sweet potato mash, root vegetables and gravy.
    Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding with hot Ian Brady sauce served with ice cream.
    Mmmm Sounds delish.

  9. No need for the flames, just to get in touch with that shite infested matrasses would have killed him anyway.

    For the records, just drop some white phosphor bombs on top of those crowds, it cleans everything up just fine

  10. They robbed a whole showroom of mattresses to come up with this vague idea but it worked .
    Crowd came in all shapes and sizes and unbelievably there were kids and teens who wanted every piece of the action …….
    It was kinda Brazilian style clone of David Blaine Street Magic show

    From a distance he looked like an astronaut ready to escape in his mattressed open space capsule .
    He was given a T-minus countdown but it got aborted and we all know why.

  11. this is very disturbing on so many levels. why wasn’t the guy trying to get away in the beginning? maybe he thought it was going to be a party-wink wink nudge nudge. those guys standing on the mattress to make sure it burns looks like they have done this before. painful way to go.

  12. I am surprised that none of the geniuses here didn’t blame this on the Jews! They blame them for everything else! It’s scary what idiots live on this earth who espouse such nonsense about Jews! Stop being jealous and go work hard like a Jew! Have you noticed in certain cuntries the persons in finance are there because they are smart and some are Jewish and some aren’t ! Assuming that somebody is stealing because they are Jewish and doing it for Israel is ridiculous! I wish you idiots who talk and think like this would listen to yourselves ! People of all religions and colors steal!

  13. It’s the fault of the Apple Co. for not designing those telephones so that Vertical Videos would not work. They cynically decided to pander to the great ignorant masses, and the hellish situation today is the result, as here; horizontal victim, vertical video.

  14. Damn. Brazil just never stops delivering horrible shit. If you break the law in Brazil and are actually caught, you might as well just off yourself right then and there. I agree that nobody deserves to die like that. But I’m betting he’s there for something like child rape.

  15. Anyone ever smell what human flesh smells like burning?
    Its been 8 years last time i smelled someone cook. Bit i recall it like it was a few hours ago. Horrible. This vid took me back to some fucked memories. Ahhhh the nostalgia!

    1. Would have been better if he got loose and ran around on fire setting other inmates clothing a light too!

      Mob mentality is pretty fucked. All these other scum stand around reveling in this and I wonder if they understand they could easily be next?

    2. What the fuck are you talking about “staged?” As if the fire was faked? The guy really didn’t burn to death? What, did some movie studio do this? What? What’s staged about it?

      I love these people on here who think nothing is real, as if they’re critical thinkers and scientists or engineers. Yeah, this is totally faked.

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