Internet Show Off Sets His Head on Fire

Internet Show Off Sets His Head on Fire

Internet Show Off Sets His Head on Fire

Some weird internet show off guy, who looks like he likes to eat a lot of soy, poured flammable liquid on the floor and set it alight, to watch it calmly burn in controllably small, blue flame.

He must have thought his head would likewise burn in similarly controllably small blue flame when he doused his hair with the same flammable fluid and set it on fire. Except, his head burst into a fireball, forcing him to squeal like when his boyfriend fists his rectum, and run like when he tries to double tap that brown eye. Fucking sooyboys, for realz.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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139 thoughts on “Internet Show Off Sets His Head on Fire”

    1. what a stupid worthless no good god damn freeloading son of a bitch.retarded know it all asshole jerk. i forgot ugly , lazy and disrespectful.
      shut up bitch, go make me a turkey pot pie.
      hey dad. what about you?
      fuck you.
      no dad . what about you?
      FUCK YOU!!!!!!

      Sorry i feel great today. i have a partner who is funding everything on my prototyped invention!

    2. @countingbobieslikesheep

      A Fucktard is right, lol. I Swear that you could hear a young boy talking in the video also, like What The Actual Fuck Man.
      Beautiful thing to teach your young boy ffs.

    1. ‘SoyBoy’ is a term used for leftist/hipsters that don’t drink milk or any animal products, and only uses soy products to substitute. They boost their estrogen levels and start showing signs of a true liberal.

      1. I’m with you, I wish it to Be true Also, but we must remember this jobless hacks have too much time on their hands.
        And ” Idle hands are the Devils Playground.”
        Create Fake Videos for the sake of creating Fake Videos.
        But I do hope he burned 80% of his Face and Scalp.

        1. I want to see him burn westy, burn for being a fukkin faggot gay bum raider shirtlifter, we should force feed him that mexican pepper thing, the hottest one in the world, that should burn his ass @westlos

  1. The analist didn’t understand the concept of a wick. The floor has no wick – so only the vapour from the methylated spirit can burn when he puts a little on a flat cold concrete floor… now soak the delightful fister’s warm head of straggly hair in the same flammable accelerant. Thus we can all appreciate what was going on in the agile mind of that ancient guy who invented candles, reed lights and fatty tapers back in the Neolithic. A little fuel run through a wick can burn very well indeed. Now each hair on that spunkburper’s head acts as a wick… that was real.

    This is brilliant. I cannot wait to see how his fisting buddy learns from this and starts up a chainsaw and touches it lightly on the concrete floor = no damage. Then he gets his cock out and touches it lightly with the chainsaw…

          1. Decent insult as in it doesn’t have much impact? Sissy can only be used for a male i suppose. There are a few sissies here sookie. Soy boys we call them now.

          2. Well idk I think a man being called a nincompoop has a bit of impact. Not a very manly thing to be called lol. And still proper so I can call my kid a nincompoop or a ninny and no one turns their heads. If I was to call one an out of control little bastard however…

          3. @xsookiex Ahh yes i see what you mean. Calling your child a nincompoop is kind of affectionate in a way. but i bet if you called svarg a nincompoop he’d be all offended or Tom, now he’d really be offended. i bet he’d be so offended he’d create a new account and troll you for it.

          1. Thank @hopingfornemesis, I think I got it… the guy in question was quite a big fellow tho. Nini is what I said in Mexico and Spain… but they were french. Unless he is not gay… please explain to me. BTW You got that this is all CGI right? Don’t want to spoil the posts but this is a week old now… people calling Brazilians retarded… it fits them well.

          2. Ok. You said ninny or nincompoop is a man who nether works nor studies. The right word and what you meant is “neither” meaning not working or studying.

            The way you spelt it was “nether”. Nether is an old ,uncommon word meaning “below”or “low”like Holland ie called”netherlands”because it is below the sea!

            So xsookie is joking with you ,she is saying she does no jobs below ie no sex,nothing to do with sexual parts ie down below. Get it now? One letter in spelling changes meaning. She understood you of course but she wanted to make a joke.

          3. I guess I did the joke… without even knowing it. πŸ˜› My English really sucks. Thanks for explaining to me… and you are not a grammar nazi at all. My comment in the past should be directed to our Lord. He always treat me well… but he was quite rude at E.Soul. My English is a joke πŸ™‚

  2. As a member of the double fisting community I can safely say that is in fact the sound of a butthole getting Bruce lee punched with no lube. ‘Tis a joyous sound that reminds me of family reunions

  3. You forgot to tell his location.

    (ps: he’s speaking (a really fag-ish) brazilian portuguese and-ironically enough- made a joke about “turning into the Ghost Rider” in the beginning)

      1. lol, i did actually consider throwing down “hot”, but i embarassed myself by how terrible it was in comparison to so many other comments. plus, i was still too busy laughing my butt off. πŸ˜€

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