Iraqi Angel of Death Abu Azrael Sets Fire to Beard and Face of ISIS Fighter

Iraqi Angel of Death Abu Azrael Sets Fire to Beard and Face of ISIS Fighter

Abu Azrael is a bad motherfucker Iraqi fighter who’s become notorious for destroying Israeli proxies. His legendary status earned him various nicknames, such as Angel of Death, or Iraqi Rambo. He’s currently engaged in fighting ISIS. Before that, he was fighting the other Israeli proxies – US Army, who proved completely incompetent, so Israel sent their more competent fighters to act their wishes, while using US faggots as ISIS assistants.

In this video allegedly from Mosul, Abu Azrael sets fire to the beard and the face of a shot ISIS fighter, and has himself a good time doing it.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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130 thoughts on “Iraqi Angel of Death Abu Azrael Sets Fire to Beard and Face of ISIS Fighter”

      1. LoL, I’ve love to see that nasty neurotic ginger kicked in the face like that. Unfortunately it wouldn’t knock any sense into her.

        On a side note, was I the only one not surprised that goat fucker’s nasty beard was instantly flammable? This video is fucking hilarious!

      1. Oh yes they certainly do call him that.. There is a reason ISIS has a gigantic bounty on his head my friend.. He is mocking his enemy and your taking his mocking as some kind of weakness? He is mocking that ridiculous screaming of those Islamists..

          1. The American Army is too nice and must always be politically correct all the time, but every now and then they get away with some really good shit!!! That region just needs to turned to glass and given to Israel and let them govern how they see fit

    1. It would be funny if he accidentally lit his fucking beard on fire …. fuck this guy

      He and his buddies would not stand a chance against a U.S. Army infantry unit.

      I don’t care what the information has listed on him, this terrorist would get smoked! The reason he is alive today is because he hid and told younger fighters to do his work for him

      1. U.S would only win because of their tech and not skill if you’re trying to say that, I bet a one on one fight against a U.S infantry would be no challenge for this mofo, he looks like he could go berserk

        1. You would be surprised and don’t count your us Soldiers down we have some pretty badass MoFo’s too.

          He does look fearsome but a lot of them do and it’s mostly looks for those guys, when it comes actual combat we have skill, technique, experience and as you stated a technological advantage. Don’t let his look sway you a beard does not make a Soldier.

          1. Watching Best Gore here does not give real world experience in determining how good a terrorist has combat skills vs another force, my experience is based off 3 tours of combat operations I’ve basically spent almost 3 years of my life in that shit hole, and have witnessed combat first hand. A mans look and demeanor has no actual grade of combat skills real world. Watching Gore does not give a person experience on the manner of combat experience, but it gives a perspective I’d say.

            Sorry just my opinion we all have them.

          2. I agree you have all that you mention, you just lack balls and any sense of justice. You all look very mean with your Xbox Controllers pulverizing every suspect driver with 1M$ ammunition. I’m glad you made home that many times but your odds are still better than police officer in shit countries.

          3. When I say “you”, I mean “US A”. Don’t take it personal! Based on what I read, you do have exceptionally big balls for a funny lady. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. You gotta love that Mega-Kick at the end of the video. Nothing better than a good solid kick in the face for these Israeli War Mongering Pigs. A little payback for decades of mass killings of innocent civilians, in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan, just to name a few.

    1. Fuck the Arab sand nigger world and the people who support it. Have you motherfuckers shouting in support of any of these dune coons would be beheaded by them the minute they got there shit covered hands on you. You’re a fucking moron if you think any different. A good Muslim is a DEAD MUSLIM. I don’t give a fuck who they’re fighting for. I would kill every single fucking Muslim rat in the world if I could. Same with niggers and illegals. Honestly, to the whites of disagree with me, do you really think they’re gonna have you on their side if any kind of shit goes down? Lol if so, just keep believing that shit because, not only do we not need you, but we’ll enjoy killing you

      1. First of all, “white” was a made up category by land owners to keep poor people from banding together, before that you were filthy Irish or stupid Pollack or something – own that piece of elitist brainwashing, dumbcunt. Secondly, if “shit goes down”, since you’re *here*, you are not in the 0.1% and Trump has exactly zero fucks to give about you. So maybe killing off potential allies is a bit… hmm… fucking asshat stupidity??

      1. It’s easy to light a fire on an already dead man… lol

        Then look tough for a propaganda video.

        Thanks for sharing the video, I wonder what hole he hid in during the Iraq war???

        When I was there the weak Iraqi army disintegrated and hid.

    1. I like your use of “ist” while typing in English. It reminded me of when my German friend would write “ist” instead of “it” while practicing his English with me.

  2. Iraqi Rambo!? Angel of death?!?
    And he is engaged to a woman named ISIS Fighter??!?!!
    Where do they get there nicknames?? I wonder if they earn their nicknames like the Indians with their names…
    Dances with wolves
    Crying dog
    Feather shoe
    Brave lil toaster…ECT

    God I hope y’all know I’m kidding….

  3. The U.S. military is the greatest fighting force in the World, I will not let a fucking idiot talk shit about our bravest and greatest unchallenged. If you’re not a fan of the USA fine but don’t disrespect that which men and women have given their lives for, and it is for them that I defend. So in short Fuck Off!

      1. America has never lost a war. Vietnam wasn’t technically a war as there was no declaration of war. When Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan after the 1941 Pearl Harbor attacks, it signified the last time the U.S. officially declared war. Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Iraq: technically, those were not wars. Those conflicts, and other in between, are considered “Extended Military Engagements. America continues to be one of the only countries to sent troops to assist allies with their conflicts. I’m not trolling, I am a member. Maybe your the one trolling you shit stain.

    1. “All sides” have given their lives for their own ideals. You fail to acknowledge the other side, and American Military is the first to undermine and disrespect everyone’s else culture with your “let’s fucking Nuke them!” mentality.
      Don’t know whom you’re responding to, so I can’t agree or disagree.

    2. Typical American thinks he has he best fighting force in the world,You haven’t won a war alone(Vietnam)you got your arses handed to you by some little brown Gooks with rusty AK47s. Yes your equipment is state of the art, But your all the punch without the brains. My country was fighting wars before yours exsisted and one thing we have learnt is war isnt a game my American cousin you just haven’t relised that yet ,But one day you will.

      1. They have undoubtedly the biggest, most advanced and powerful fighting force in the planet by a long margin. Is their morals at senior level that I question. Vietnam is just one good example between many of use of false pretext to start a war, imposing brutal puppet regimes and pretending to be liberators propaganda.
        Funny Fact:
        Many Americans actually refuse to accept they got their arses kicked in Vietnam.

        1. *Sigh* It wasn’t a war by a technicality called “Congress didn’t want to get their hands dirty”, but by cost, manpower, time, engagement, casualty rate, public perception, international perception, *enemy combatant* perception… it, and what followed, were WARS. You know this. And while “military action” helps you sleep at night, don’t get upset at other people stating reality as EVERYONE else sees it.

  4. Im an american citizen.. we dont wipe ass or help iraq or anyone wipe their ass. They hve to deal woth their own problems. We only guide. Fagots try to make us do the work lmfao goodluck with that

  5. This was difficult to masturbate properly to as it was so short. Very difficult to get any kind of rhythm going or muster any kind of proper speed and certainly no delivery. But titillating none-the-less. It is a fluffer reel if you like.

    I love the way the Iraqi soldier put out the fire on the guy’s face by giving it a really hard kick with his boots. Lovely. It reminded me of the kind of thing a friend of mine who was a fireman might do in a rare act of kindness.

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