La Barredora Sicarios Burn to Death Member of Delta Group in Sonora, Mexico

La Barredora Sicarios Burn to Death Member of Delta Group in Sonora, Mexico

La Barredora Sicarios Burn to Death Member of Delta Group in Sonora, Mexico

Another one from the homeland of Kyle the Spic, specifically from Caborca in the state of Sonora, Mexico, sicarios from La Barredora set a member of Grupo Delta on fire after an interrogation.

Allegedly under the command of Caro Quintero, the La Barredora sicarios captured the Delta Group member who they say was under the command of El Cazador and El Durango, accused of being responsible for death of a cop serving La Barredora (ACAB).

Props to Best Gore members @anshargal and @3asbaaaa for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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67 thoughts on “La Barredora Sicarios Burn to Death Member of Delta Group in Sonora, Mexico”

      1. They ran out of wood a year ago lol! And the nails needed to crucify him eats into their profit margins… gas is expensive and that 99 cent lighter is already pricey! They are just trying to be cost effective since they are in a shithole!

    1. globalist = one-world government?

      btw is it One-world Government or White People Superiocity government?

      US is more of a police state (minding other country’s biz) and a communist country (silent ppl with opposite opinion in the name of FrEedom Of SpEech lol) on this planet now. Why don’t they just shut up and stop whining?

      The world isn’t in chaos. The No.1 country on this planet is.

        1. Ah man. You know what REALLY sucks? The dude takes it like a man and tries to die with as much dignity as possible by not giving them the screams of agony and horror typical of this form of execution that they want to hear.

          But as his body stiffens and he thinks that the flames will soon snuff him out, they begin to subside too early. The flames clear from his upper body where they would have caused death faster by frying the brain and gather around his lower body to slow roast the thick skin and into his innards as he begs mentally since he can’t speak most likely for more fuel and more flames NOW because this fucking HURTS!!!

          The worst outcome. I wonder if they reignited him or gave him double executions by shooting him dead or popping his noggin off? I hope they didn’t just leave him there to die slowly from his fourth-degree burns.

        1. It’s the ol’ Evita arms pose. I wonder if it was intentional (as in desperately reaching out and screaming HELP ME!!! IT BURNSS!!) or a natural reaction of the arm muscles to being charred? Pobre pendejo.

    1. When you die from being burned, you don’t expire from the heat directly. Suffocation is what kills the body. When the guy lets out his gasp, that is his lungs being burned like flames to hair. The bronchi was scorched and closed from the super heated air. He’s no longer able to transfer oxygen in his lungs. So the writhing you see is his body gasping for air, when there is no way it will get it. He could be at the bottom of the sea. He’s not in direct pain, the flames killed all his nerve endings. So as crazy as it sounds, he’s now experiencing cold. But his body is fighting for air. His brain will die from lack of oxygen. Perhaps boil in the skull. This has been your science lesson.

      1. The excruciating pain from being engulfed in fire would cause the body to go into shock. The blood pressure drops which in most cases the internal organs to shut down…then the latter would fallow.
        Either way….the pain and suffering would be unimaginable in any given length of time…The worst way to die in any situation….

  1. I can’t believe they can last that long with that much fire and still call out like he did at 0.30 sec. The lungs and vocal cords had to be charcoal by the time he let out that noise. I thought he was finished at 0.50 seconds but he came back for some more rolling before going into the arms up posture.

          1. Dear Casual Observer…..that’s it pal you just made my list…..As soon as I find a way to track your ip address ….raise some traveling money….recruit a few Mexican helpers…..
            I’m coming to see you and it won’t be pretty. …Your gonna get a full face peel follewed by a good old Haitian castration with balls in own mouth and then its a deluxe chest peel and isopropyl alcohol enema….and finally I’m gonna saw off your rectum and make a key chain with it…..

          2. He lives in northern Oakland County. not that I wish to see any harm come to him, just wanted to dazzle with my epic retention skill. Note I omitted the specific city, which showcases my above stated care. But is killing me not to share but the risk of isopropyl alcohol enema is just too severe. I got you, Clark 😉

  2. Don’t wanna sound ungrateful or anything like that but it would’ve been good to see them actually get set on fire, nothing can quite beat the screams of somebody becoming a human barbeque, the best to date is the 2 Turkish soldiers ISIS set on fire, that was almost wanking material it was that good.

    1. This is the most intelligent post on this lousy thread…..
      Like no kidding how about some fucking effort with a little slow burn…pun intended….I want some more intimate connection with this refried cholo so it feels better to see him burning.
      And perhaps a follow up of sorts.
      Like where are they now…..I mean literally….after a good day of roasting fellow citizens what do these guys do in their spare time…

      1. Think they should attach them to a pole like a spit roast and cook them that way, cook them through, every so often keep on proding them with a knife to see how tender the meat is….
        Have some salad prepared, sit there in your chair and just enjoy watching them cook.
        Some of these guys could be chess champions or maybe even good poker players.

  3. There is a longer video but I won’t be a shill and promote their site.

    Video translation is as follows:
    Interrogator: Why are you here?
    Captive: I’m here because I was selling crystal meth.
    Interrogator: Who do you work for?
    Captive: I work for El Durango’s mob.
    Interrogator: How long have you been here and why are you here?
    Captive: I’m here because I was selling crystal meth.
    Interrogator: What else can you tell me?
    Captive: My brothers name is El Nono. And between my brother and I we killed
    Gahel (Gahel Gastelum Álvarez). We also killed La Rosa.
    Interrogator: Who is Gahel?
    Captive: Excuse me?
    Interrogator: Who did you kill?
    Captive: We killed Gahel.
    Interrogator: Where did you kill him?
    Captive: At the Hotel Toxa (Heroica Caborca, Sonora). We were given a ride by Abel in a taxi. The vehicles number is 62. From there we proceeded to Altar (Altar, Sonora). We were under orders from El Chubeto and Durango.
    Interrogator: And why?
    Captive: Because we belong to Grupo Delta.
    Interrogator: So, you belong to Grupo Delta?
    Captive: Yes.
    Interrogator: So, you belong to Grupo Delta?
    Captive: Yes sir.
    Interrogator: Why did you kill Gahel?
    Captive: It was done so on the orders of El Durango because of a car that was sold to him and afterwards exploded.
    Interrogator: Who gives you guys the orders, who gives the orders?
    Captive: Who gives us the orders? The orders were given to us by El Durango and Chubeta.
    Interrogator: Hmm. What other operators do you guys have there in Caborca?
    Captive: We currently have El Nono, La Rosa, El J, El Samantha, El Jera, El…

    1. “We also killed La Rosa”… then he forget that later on when naming other operators. Here one day, gone the next. Hope El Samantha makes an appearance soon, either side of the camera will do, as long as it “entertains.”

  4. Welp…..I have a funny feeling we are gonna be meeting Mr…Durango on Best Gore quite soon.
    I wish we could vote for type of death…..I’d go for a face peel followed by cock and balls into mouth on fire…..Ghost Rider style…
    Then a nice chest peeling followed up with some heart meats snacking.
    And finish with the pointing of sub par Chinese knock off weapons at corpse whilst laughing….albeit nervously…because you never know when Flip Flop Sanchez is gonna punch Your ticket to the big desert Siesta.

    1. My vote would be to stab a small round hole, and glue/seal truck tyre valve stems all over his body, calf’s, thighs, buttocks, under the armpits, non vital areas and use a compressor to inflate slowly, expanding and popping the underlying tissue off , for a finale, one could inflate using acetylene gas and make Michelin man go boom booms. A garbage bag inflated with gas makes one hell of a bang. Or, one could go to work with a high pressure washer, that shit can strip flesh off like paint, clean as you go, is a good work ethic to have !!

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