Lynch Mob Has Chuckle When They Set Beaten Thief on Fire

Lynch Mob Has Chuckle When They Set Beaten Thief on Fire

Lynch Mob Has Chuckle When They Set Beaten Thief on Fire

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Venezuela. The video shows lynching of an alleged thief by a mob.

The thief is already beaten to a near pulp when the video starts. The mob drags him a bit to a place where they douse him with gasoline and set him on fire. There, as the dying man screams, the mob has a chuckle.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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96 thoughts on “Lynch Mob Has Chuckle When They Set Beaten Thief on Fire”

  1. Lynching is really a surreal thing to me, I mean simply killing someone for thievery would be surely deterrent enough but it’s like once people get in that mob with someone under their feet they lose all sense of humanity and go full animal on them…

  2. The size of that fireball… I wonder if the screams aren’t from one of the retards walking in the fuel and blood puddle.
    I can’t imagine being able to scream like that while engulfed in a flame that large.
    Either way… it was entertaining.

    1. You keep worshipping your nonsense “god”. ENKI is a helper and protector of mankind.

      Do some resear ch, perhaps even a bit of thoughtfulness. “God” is the enemy of mankind.

      You are a fool and a coward.

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      1. oh, wait. i take back my apologies. i was talking about that plate beheading from brazil and damning them. i wasn’t damning this situation. i mean, i am, but not in that specific comment. that’s exactly what no sleep does to someone. esh, get it together xunseenx!

  3. These creatures are evil beyond comprehension.
    The level of savageness is hard to measure. Don’t tell me that isn’t connected with their color of skin because it is. They are fucking savages and i want them far from me. No hate, just get a fuck away from me.

    -Every time i hear Faul McCartney&Michael Jackson’s song “Ebony, Ivory living in perfect harmony” this type of videos came as warning.
    I also remember propaganda in “American History X” prison friendship between Norton’s character and that black man.
    I can smell savageness soon as i see one now in my country as our disgusting shitty traitor government licking jews ass to import more and more colored here.

  4. Real men come in mobs and laugh like queers when they burn defenseless individuals. I hope each one of them is picked off alone individually and made to cry for their lives infront of a camera for our pleasure before being butchered alive. I also want at least one of them to be eaten alive by a bear as well, cos bears gotta eat ykno.

    1. He was a “raterito”, basically, a thug. God knows how many people he has killed and maimed before. These kind of faggots come with their gangs to terrorize the populace, so it’s not surprising the town has a party when they start picking them off one by one. And unlike villagers, they have no qualms in killing women and children.

      Research a bit more about shit before rooting for someone.

      1. I dont give a shit what hes done, when you start laughing at causing mortal pain and killing you are a wanker full stop. Even as a hunter you honor your kill. If you have joy in killing its usually a satisfaction and not a lamentation like your best mate dave fingered your gspot.

        1. >even as a hunter

          Even as a hunter? As if hunting has anything inherently wrong with it. That phrase alone outed you as a soft soyboi, no wonder this funny shit disturbed you. That fucker deserved what he had coming to him, along with all the assholes that steal, torture and murder the local venezuelan populace.

          And I hope his screams of agony never leave your head. Maybe that’ll toughen you up.

  5. I consider myself to be just and open minded person. But I got my bicycle stolen the other day. The bike is not very expensive, in fact it was nearing it’s end of life and needed to be replaced.

    But if I were to catch that thief and set him on fire like here, I would also giggle, and feel immense joy and relief in my heart. I may even get an erection, but it’s not certain.

  6. im in the thick of it svarg, youre a coward on that worldwide location scale.

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