Lynching and Tire Burning of Thief in Africa

Lynching and Tire Burning of Thief in Africa

A video from Africa shows an alleged thief being beaten and burned to death with tires. According to unverified reports, this horrific lynching took place in Nigeria on February 23, 2017.

The video also shows the alleged thief being stoned. His bloodied face suggests that he already took a few rocks to the head before the video started.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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147 thoughts on “Lynching and Tire Burning of Thief in Africa”

    1. Sure a good thing that people got their independence in Nigeria…they sure have made it a real civilized place since then, or maybe it is Hell on Earth….all efforts by various churches to civilize these people in the last 150 year has been a failure at best.

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  2. can someone explain for me, how come the affricans got no food but still have tires?

    what a shamefull death, this type of thing is never mentioned anywhere. I know thats not everywhere in africa but it seems the brutality in much areas didnt pass the ancient times, and im sorry for that. Am glad to live where i live.

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  6. Sadly, this seems to have happened in “Calabar”, I read somewhere it’s the cleanest and most civilized town in Nigeria. The victim must have done something extreme for it to get to this.

    Someone from the mob yells: “what kind of power do you have?” which suggests the victim may have been given more than the dose of lynching that should finish a normal person (most likely hours of pounding, stoning, beating, and torture). Yet he was still fighting to stay alive.

    One thing is now clear: Tyres are more affordable than food in Africa 😀

    Humanity is a bitch! Apparently animals are much better off 🙂

  7. How come when they arrive as refugees in North America this custom isn’t thrown upon us? We have to bend over backwards to get accustomed to their other beliefs, but I could surely approve of this one carried out on thieves.

    1. Those people doesnt give a fucking fuck about the fact that this man stole something. Its just a pretext for Them to Do what they Enjoy the most: Watching another human in a state of being helpless , terrified and after burned Alive ( with screams of agony). Those people are not human…… They are not even anilmals……Look AT the crowd with their celphone…Like WtF….Even chimpazee are not cruel to each others like this……..

      1. Agreed. I’ve seen this before where I live, they look for easy targets and create some bullshit excuse for disproportionate violence. Then they call it ‘defense’ and claim it’s in God’s name.

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          1. You’re heading for a stroke Stan. If you haven’t figured it out, people use this thing called “humor” to deal with all the death and gore. It’s not personal buddy. Pull those panties out of your crack and have a laugh with the rest of us.

            Haha, cultural

          2. + illegalislam55. Well, i understand better now, but seriously, we can use humour but AT least have a little respect for the people. If IT was u in this kind of video, would u like that to know that people are making fun of your horrible death??? I dont think so….But again, thats just my opinion and i respect yours.

          3. Well stanly, should I ever find myself on the receiving end of a necklacing ritual, I would want to be sure that its recorded & laughed at. Then at least someone is having a better day then me… as a result of me having a very bad day.

            I’d say thats as near as a full circle that you can get 😀

      1. I served in Africa several times. The necklace is thankfully becoming a rarity there. But there are so many other atrocities we can visit on ourselves. Unfortunately quality of life can go hand in hand with respect of life…

  8. I really really wish that they would show this on our “normal” news that comes on at 7 pm every night. Let the coomon folk see what kind of heathens live in Africa and how this is just normal business over there. Wouldnt be anymore aid or tax dollars going to that darkest of all continents

  9. The smell of burning tires and the smell of burning human flesh,
    together, must be stomach churning and pretty damn disgusting, but no one seems bothered. If anything, they get closer. Bastards. Entertaining thou, for sure.

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