Lynched African Man Burned to Death with Necklacing

Lynched African Man Burned to Death with Necklacing

Video from Africa depicts a lynched man getting burned with a truck tire. This method of execution is known as necklacing, although in this case, because of the size of the tire, it was not possible for the victim to wear it around his neck.

Makes you wonder how many people in the audience were making plans for a supper involving freshly barbecued human flesh…

Props to Best Gore member @slicer for the video:

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167 thoughts on “Lynched African Man Burned to Death with Necklacing”

    1. BBQ for thought! How come have lived my life in Africa but have never came across a lynching? I can hear some Swahili and this piece of video is either from Kenya or Tanzania and the crime he committed to deserve this could be witchcraft. Personally, I don’t believe in the existence of witches.

      1. @african-angel i am not surprised that you have not come across this type of brutality, your whole life being in Africa & all. Cause it seems to me like this usually happens in smaller, isolated communities. But again,,, i could be wrong. Also, i think that you are bang-on with your thoughts on this being related to Witchcraft, as we have seen here on many instances, where whole Families, “Grandma & all” being burned alive in a ditch on the side of a road because the locals accused them of this same crime.

    2. Some times this shit is disturbing to me, some time s it doesn’t even phase me, I guess it depends on my mood.
      Let these 3rd world countries die of famine, disease, war and what ever else, they deserve what ever hell is coming their way.

    1. Haha! Fuckin right. Only other stand up better than he would be Bill Hicks. Brilliant mother fucker. I don’t know which could be worse (worst), Africa, Brazil, (South America entirely) Middle East or Mexico??! What fucked up shit did human beings do. It’s so real. And so sad.

      1. When I was a kid in the 60’s… the white population was over 90% in the US…
        And that 70% number you give also includes “white Hispanics” which is an oxymoron…
        If you look at the birthrates compared with non-Whites you’d find that @paulanglosaxon is actually right on the mark…

        Just saying…

        1. you want to be real real REAL careful about those statistics …. london the uk capital is now majority ethnic and london was all white after world war 2 maybe the odd dindu shuffling around but thats it and now its gone. the place is gone, its fucked. so them stats can change really fast take it from somebody who has seen it in his own land.

          1. @haydolf_hittler I can’t find any source that backs up your claim. They all show the majority as white (not just wiki.) But you live there and have an eyewitness account.

            Paul, the OP set off the alarm bell, actually. But whatever. So no, I have zero fear of necklacing becoming the norm here. I have a healthy lack of fear but very open eyes. I just don’t buy into fear mongering; that’s how people become controlled.

          1. but surely its better to take the stance of being concerned rather than blase ? you shouldnt be playing it down it should be ringing alarm bells if their numbers are catching yours then that is enough to let you know that this is bad news plaster.

          2. @dethbyplaster its been a big deal here for a while now like i said london is finished, its been a good 5 year since whites became a minority too so i dread to see how bad its getting. its happening all over europe though its called white flight and it will probably be happening in the US soon who wants to live amongst rodents but any info from the uk you should trust me because i keep up to date with current affairs.

      1. Oh good grief!
        You need visit the gore in regular but brief daily jaunts I might suggest. This particular “data form” is yet to take ‘you’ to appreciable Plains. (and I mean in a valuable way) ‘This all here’ is very fresh ‘precedent’ indeed.
        Now go to bed.

    1. What? This is lovely, a beautiful day outside , a block party, a beer, the community all toghetar celebrating happy thanksburning day. .it’s all beautiful, love is in the air..what’s wrong? Why is this video on BG , I don’t understand?

    1. Makes me wonder if their brain receptors convert feeling of pain a bit different than a guy in first world. For instance, you can burn an insect and you know definitely that bug is uncomfortable. But do insects or third worlders feel physical pain like an American. These Africans handle this shit pretty well..when resistance is completely useless j would like to think I would reach a zen state higher level.of conciousness while my body is mutilated. Fuck

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          1. @haydolf_hittler I just learned that day that you can take on one black person but if they have their friends with them, they will jump in. I guess I was naΓ―ve because I was used to fights where kids stood in a circle and watched, lol. But her and her friends got on me – mostly just kicking the fuck out of me. I was furious because I got suspended and they did not.

  1. We still send these Neanderthals bags of clothing, food & money??? Fuck, we should put a few of these pictures, and burnt CD,s on the wooden clothes donation boxes across Canada & The U.S.
    They would STOP all donations to these Animals, or better yet, they would probably start donating their used TIRES instead πŸ™‚

    1. Yes..right, and now during Christmas time the Fm radios are playing again those songs of the 80’s “We are the world, we are the children” or ” do they even know it’s Christmas time ” , USA to Africa and Europe to Africa, then I watch these videos and make me think that isn’t worth to send money, food, clothes to savages who don’t give a shit about burning one of their owns alive…

  2. The thing that always amazes me about these videos is how could these onlookers just STAND THERE and DO NOTHING in the presence of such atrocious, incredibly disgusting, harsh smoke! I would be running laps around the fire trying to keep up with the changing wind. Man, I tried burning a plastic bag once. I nearly threw up. Burning chemicals are not my cup of tea.

  3. everytime i see one of these I think…. fucking savage cunts. I would hate to walk into their fucking village lost … a black version of the wicker man. Fucking frightening. no doubt they will all be at fucking church on Sunday singing their gospel hearts out. freaks.

    1. oh they do some gathering when it comes to them gospel churches, fucking hundreds of africans appear from all angles and little brownies running around screaming and fucking about all over. they all wear stupid hats with fucking huge flowers on and are all laughing at nothing i cant stand it when a gospel church is open.

  4. Fuckin hell! what did this one steal? somebody’s thunder.

    these lynchings always take me back to the beef curtains man. you know the one who got fried to a frizzle for pinching a set of grubby fucking curtains. life really is cheap as chips in some places.

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