Lynched African Man Burned to Death with Necklacing

Lynched African Man Burned to Death with Necklacing

Video from Africa depicts a lynched man getting burned with a truck tire. This method of execution is known as necklacing, although in this case, because of the size of the tire, it was not possible for the victim to wear it around his neck.

Makes you wonder how many people in the audience were making plans for a supper involving freshly barbecued human flesh…

Props to Best Gore member @slicer for the video:

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167 thoughts on “Lynched African Man Burned to Death with Necklacing”

  1. Barbecued nigger… Fuck that’s raw. The whole fucking bunch’s watching, cheering and filming this with their smartphones, what a bunch of savages… And the lynched guy just chill in the roasting flames, not trying to escape !
    Leftwing mofos should be watching this kinda clips. “Not enough africans, syrians and arabs here in France, it is a shame not to welcome more of them every day…” bla bla bla
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  2. THEY ARE TALKING IN SWAHILI LANGUAGE.FROM Mombasa. Kenya. You hear them say…”achomwe, mshukiwa wa wizi ndo huyo….siku zimfika” to mean….let him burn. His 40 days are over.
    I loved the video. The burning thief emitted some smell like chicken feathers getting burnt.

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