Man Beaten by Mob Doused with Gasoline and Set on Fire in Front of Cop

Man Beaten by Mob Doused with Gasoline and Set on Fire in Front of Cop

Man Beaten by Mob Doused with Gasoline and Set on Fire in Front of Cop

I got no backinfo, but Best Gore member @dco92 figures that the PNC sign on the back of the policeman’s uniform likely stands for Policía Nacional de Colombia, so the assumption is the video was filmed in Colombia.

I don’t know what the poor bastard did to deserve street justice like this, but in South America people don’t just get barbecued in the middle of the road and cause a traffic jam for nothing. Wait. Actually sometimes they do, but that’s beyond the point.

My best guess is that he’s a thief who got caught in the act at the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong people. He must have felt especially helpless when a lone cop showed up and called for backup while watching him get the shit kicked out of him by an angry mob.

For whatever reason, his pants were already on fire (probably for lying about not being a thief), and one of the members of the mob splashed gasoline or another sort of accelerant on him, which ignited as soon as it made contact with the embers of his burning pants, setting him ablaze in a huge fireball.

Certainly a day to forget for this guy, that is if he even had any days after this one.

Many thanks for the video, @dco92:

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106 thoughts on “Man Beaten by Mob Doused with Gasoline and Set on Fire in Front of Cop”

    1. “Mob mentality can be nuts but you have to do some stupid shit for someone to light you on fire“.

      I’m not sure about that. Black lives matter and Antifa libtards are currently burning random peoples homes and businesses down in America. Mobs can be pretty fucking absent minded then when it comes to violence and burning shit.

      1. Yes, people are just fucking fucktards. There’s often no rhyme or reason for pack/herd mentality. A lot of people just want an excuse to take out their anger and frustration on something or someone because people are assholes and also they want to belong. The Koreans learned this lesson well during the 1992 L.A. riots. And the police were no where to be found.

        1. It’s unfortunate the Koreans have become sissified nowadays. With a 30ish year gap, there must have been some serious white dick and BBC slinging going on with their women. Biggest pussies I’ve seen thus far in socal riots.

      2. For your last sentence that’s understandable. At least back in May when everyone was pissed off I could see some cop getting isolated and doused. But right now its just a bunch of college kids trying to play chicken. I wouldn’t limit it to niggers and libs, its always fun watching drunk sport fans burn the city up because their team won the finals. Hell we go full retard all the time but never to the point where we catch a thug and light him on fire.

      3. in latin america, there is no room for movements like Antifa and BLM. Civilians are already too fed up with urban criminality. This guy on fire is definitely a common criminal, a murderer or a robber, not a social justice warrior.

          1. @fast_felix I’m originally from Unincorporated area of San Jose, but due to it being a sanctuary city for illegals it has become a shit hole. Drug addicts, homelessness, thefts and of course illegals. I give it ten years and it will look like San Francisco. But I moved out of there the moment I turned 18 and now I live in a tiny remote mountain town. Thanks for asking my Columbian friend.

    2. This happened like a year ago in Guatemala. He killed a taxi driver a block away after the poor guy refused to pay the weekly fee. Taxi cabs are white with black stripes in Guatemala. That’s why you see those cars near that BBQ. The guys in charge of tendering the meat were other taxi drivers who saw the murder of their friend.

    1. Well you’re already assuming it was just petty theft so you’re already showing your ignorance. FYI it wasn’t petty theft. He murdered and robbed a taxi driver who’s trying to make an honest living to feed himself and his family. Who’s the savage now bitch.

    1. No this is street justice you moron. Completely different. None of these people woke up that morning and knew they were gonna catch some thief or rapist. But we know you like to twist things to fit your narrative like the little bitch you are

      1. Burning someone alive and filleting someone alive are the same thing. A mob of gangsters or a mob of peasants are the same thing. They are all savages who’ve been doing this since the beginning of time. Keep making excuses for your friends.

        1. I now realize you are really fucking dumb. You can’t even understand the difference between a planned execution and a street justice reaction to a crime in the local community. If you can’t understand the difference in that then you are too dumb to talk to. Haha you fucking tool bag

          1. Alright, I forgive you. But it better not happen again. Do half a dozen Hail Marys (or Heil Hitlers) and 30 lashes on the wrist with a wet noodle.

            Next one might involve a 5lbs. hammer and someone putting their hands on a step.

          2. @coffindodger
            Oh I guarantee you if I stayed with my original comment, someone would’ve asked “What saying? “Why is it funny?”

            Hail Mary’s??? Lol
            I’ve learned not to worship false idols at a very young age. I’m not about to piss off Jesus, we kinda need him right now 😆

  1. No more cocaine for that Escobar. He’ll be soon inhaling cocaine along god. Too bad that the fat ass had gasoline while the other dude was screaming to him to throw gasoline to the colombian nigger . Hammer of cocaine served.

        1. Hahaha like if the U.S were a paradise. Fucking dickhead you all can continue killing your kids at schools and eating shit from the rest of the world as you are acostumed to. By the way, the U.Shit people are the biggest consumers of cocain of the world 😉

  2. Although I don’t live in Colombia I am from Colombia and have been there numerous times and I don’t recognize that uniform. I even did some google search on their uniform and didn’t see anything similar. Their uniform is usually dark military green with a fluorescent green vest. Black is usually worn by the anti riot police but that police isn’t wearing anti riot gear.

  3. That goes to show how useless and faggots cops are, he didn’t do shit! even tho the shitstain probably deserved to be burned alive, the cop was a fucking coward! he saw a bit of fire and ran away lol

  4. “We are here to protect and serve… just not when we don’t have them outnumbered and outgunned 20-1. Then we’re a bunch of worthless pussies who run off and touch dicks until we work our courage back up.”

  5. That is just pure fucking evil man! The only way i could ever be ok with someone doing this is if the person it was done to was a rapist child molester sex trafficker or pedophile they deserve nothing less than an excruciatingly painful and death

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  7. Wiki says to PNC ( abbreviation on the uniform of the Officer)
    “The Policía Nacional Civil (Guatemala) (Spanish: Policía Nacional Civil de Guatemala or PNC) is the armed security force of Guatemala and is an agency of the Guatemalan Ministry of the Interior. The PNC is in charge of protecting public order, and along with military divisions forms part of the Armed Forces of Guatemala. ”
    So, it did not happen in Colombia

  8. That is Guatemala, PNC means, Policia Nacional Civil.
    Im sure that guy just shoot someone in the head because of extortion, he deserves it piece of shit. I used to live in Guatemala as a psychologist I tried to place a clinic, but the first day one of this bastards came in and told me I had to pay for being there, so I had to close the next day, if you sell food on the street, no matter how poor you are, they also will ask money from you or get shot, like this guys victim. Greetings to all.

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