Man Blows Himself Up in Car After Pouring Gasoline Around It and Inside

Man Blows Himself Up in Car After Pouring Gasoline Around It and Inside

Man Blows Himself Up in Car After Pouring Gasoline Around It and Inside

In an undisclosed location, a man blew himself up in car after pouring gasoline all around it and inside. There’s an explosion and the dude ends up engulfed in flames.

After the explosion, a woman filming screams bloody murder. According to the info I got, there was a lovers’ squabble and the man was super pissed.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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221 thoughts on “Man Blows Himself Up in Car After Pouring Gasoline Around It and Inside”

          1. What he did was for show. This guy did it because of manic depression encouraged by stupid bitch. Too late to change your mind when deed is done.

          1. Ohh.. this was before posted up that woman trapped behind security bars slowly burns to death… Think you seen it by now 😀

            That really was more brutal than any African necklacing for some reason… It’s a special video to me, cause I don’t really get a rush anymore, like I did on that one…

          2. Oh yah, I’ve seen it now. I didn’t think it was bad at all. It had little effect on me. Necklacing looks worse to me for some reason.. Plus they are usually beaten/stoned before necklacing which makes it more brutal to me.

  1. Irony/stupidity is having a bitch – who isn’t on fire – scream more than a guy who’s literally on fire, the most *burning* sensation imaginable. Yet hoes still find ways to try and get attention through the most illogical shit. She clearly needs to visit bestgore and desensitize herself to this shit.

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          1. Just typical nigger behavior polluted, as for her screaming how is the sheboon going to feed her nine sprogs and pay off the bank for the car? We all know she had shit for insurance and no fire coverage. He should have put them all in the trunk and then had the fire sale.

        1. hahaha gasoline alley where i was burn…never live in the same house as the woman. Now that one will scream bloody murder and move on to the next mug in a week

    1. Thanks stuby, yep he’s dead by the looks of it , i see by another video it’s Trinidad and Tobago. Well killing himself solved nothing. I always say, nothing good ever came of losing your temper and those black women will push your buttons. I think she might have been cheating on him, he should have gone mgtow

        1. True i think it’s in the black mentality though to go too far with things, it gets heated but there’s a time when you have to back off and let things cool down, but you’re right stuby, women of all colours can be button pushers alright , remember the indian fellow a few videos back, all those fat hairy indian woman were pecking at him and he just did the same thing. I think those fellows are gentle people, they didn’t do anything to the women but just ended it. We’re back on that suicide thing stuby

          1. Some people just love to fight. Excited misery. They don’t feel like they’re really living unless there’s shit being flung, they’re fight junkies. Not only that, how painful that had to be…doh!

          2. @illegalsmile55 Yes that’s right, there has to be drama or they’re not sure if they’re loved. Ass holes the lot fo them. This is more prevalent among the indians in india and in the caribean , they kill themselves at any problem whether it be to do with education, marriage, work..they usually drink poison or jump over the kaitura falls , of course we know that in india/pakistan(all the same) they lie on the tracks

          1. Hahaha, no thanks, Stuby. Really, it’s nothing to fuck with.

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  2. That was pretty badass. Interesting case in psychology though how she screams AFTER he went through with it, yet made zero attempt to get him to stop from going through with it. She very clearly wanted him out of her life; the screams were just all show.

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  3. What he should of done was stuff that car full of high-yield explosives and drive that car into the dictators palace (while the dictator is home) and blow up the entire building leaving a hole that is 5 to 10 mile radius leaving the entire town blasted completely off the map

  4. I’m live with the burnt up negros girlfriend.
    Can you tell us what exactly happened here?
    “I dun told dat dum nigga, I sez, Tyrod you bess not eat dat spicy catfish! I sez to him, I sez yo ignament ass dun blowed up muh last car wit yo stank ass. He ain’t di’int lisen to me. Shout out to Sha’nyquil at da hair did salon!”

  5. What the fuck? You scream like he meant something to you. You sit there on the porch calmly filming the dude, no one makes an effort to stop him, you know what’s about to happen. I feel bad for the guy. The women probably drove him to do it. He was probably sane before he met whoever that broad is.


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