Man Is Branded with Slogan for Stealing Gas from Neighbors in Mexico

Man Is Branded with Slogan for Stealing Gas from Neighbors in Mexico

Man Is Branded with Slogan for Stealing Gas from Neighbors in Mexico

According to the backinfo I got, in Edomex, Mexico, a man was branded with a slogan for stealing fuel from his neighbors.

Gotta love the preparedness of los Mexicanos for human-branding. Makes you wonder if they have a slogan for each group of criminals?

Props to Best Gore member @1purple8 for the video:

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130 thoughts on “Man Is Branded with Slogan for Stealing Gas from Neighbors in Mexico”

    1. Awesome vid. Love how they pressed it in, rocking the instrument back and forth, ensuring a deep, long lasting brand. Viva mexico! Nice touch with the full face gag as well. Agony. Pain is necessary.

          1. They should do this more often. A few brands and it makes even idiots think twice before committing crimes. Also it makes it real easy to see who the criminals are.

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  1. I really enjoyed this video.
    Another shady latino filth was suffering in his own country . Country turned shit-and-hell hole by himself.
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    1. ‘Por ‘ means ‘For’
      RATA means RAT
      Literally means ‘For Rat’
      Its a tough call maybe he ratted someone out.
      Or they changed the meaning to their advantage being that anyone who steals from them is considered a Rat.
      Open to Interpretation I suppose.

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  2. im not sure if this was for gas, rata means rat, which everyone knows means a snitch, i think this guy snitched on some people and they marked him for it so everyone else will know that he is a snitch and cannot be trusted

  3. Any update guys on por rata? How’s he doing? And most importantly has the branding healed? This is one epic video of agony and pain. The suffering is felt in his screams. Watch this video on load just to enjoy the screams! Thanks best gore !

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