Man Burns to Death At 2013 WeHo Halloween Carnaval in Hollywood

Man Burns to Death At 2013 WeHo Halloween Carnaval in Hollywood

Wearing a ghillie suit (used as wilderness camouflage by snipers) as his Halloween costume, 51 year old Gilbert Estrada went to party at the WeHo Halloween Carnaval in West Hollywood on October 31, 2013. Then something caused his highly flammable ghillie suit to burst into flames, turning him into a giant fire ball within a second.

The Halloween Carnaval crowd must have thought it was a stunt as most didn’t respond to the fire in any way, and some even cheered like they were witnessing a cool special effects stunt. Later, as the victim lay motionless on the ground, some party goers even laughed and hackled him.

One girl is seen in the video dancing with her arms in the air before she realizes the guy is not being edgy, but is actually in a lot of trouble. I wonder how she feels looking at the video, realizing that she danced to someone dying a painful and agonizing death. The guy commenting on the video with “That’s insane, woooo!” must feel like a real jackass now.

Hard to blame the initial reaction, or the lack thereof, on the people going out to party, though. They were probably high on drugs or drunk…

Gilbert Estrada suffered severe burns and was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was pronounced dead the following morning.

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    1. Just a brief comment and request. We have all banned together to support Mark in his effort to maintain free speech for everyone. I know a lot of gay men that are helping with this battle as well. Give us some credit as we know how to battle these fucking right wingers and religious nuts.
      Would it be too much to ask that we work together during this time and maybe just for a while get of the gay bashing. There are some huge assholes out there that would like to get rid of us all. Why don’t we attempt to fight this fight together and let the Republican’s/Baggers/ Democrats etc have their own battles.

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  1. Oooo! Dying by fire or drowning seems to be of the most mentally torturous ways to die. Both of which prolong agony before someone finally succumbs to death. Both drowning and dying by fire give the host WAY too much time to acknowledge and think about what is happening to him.

      1. I think that the thoughts of a Buddhist monk would be very different than that of an average person being set on fire. A monk sets himself on fire on purpose for a particular cause thus being prepared for what is going to happen and also, if i am correct, I believe monks adapt themselves to being able to block out pain. Either way though!Feeling your skin being burned alive and knowing that even if you wanted to do something about it you couldn’t must be absolutely terrified! Same goes for falling through ice and being trapped under the thick slab and being in completely panic mode while trying to find an opening while the air in your lungs slowly slips away.

        What do you think would be worse? Burning alive or being trapped under thick ice and not being able to breath no matter how badly you want/need to?

        1. @LilMissSunshinexo You must be thinking I’m some kind of dumb fuck in regard to those monks. I knew all that and trust me I’ll take drowning any time, but burning alive? No fucking way, I’d rather jump from 30th floor the higher the better than burn alive. Maybe it was wrong example? Would those burnt by the retards in holy motherfucken church be better example?

      1. Yea you’re absolutely right. I don’t think I could possibly pick between the two though…. both would be such a horrific way to spend your last moments. Then again, burning alive quickly kills all of your nerves and will possibly feel really cold instead of intensely being hot while not being able to breath would be terrifying no matter what and there is absolutely nothing that will block out any of the mental and physical pain while death slowly finds you

          1. Definitely! I think we all would like to leave this world peacefully in our sleep. Seems like the most painless way to go of all. It sucks though because it’d be silly to think that we could all leave that way and we’re more likely to die in an agonizing, painful way which is scary to think about. I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of dying in a way that my last moments alive will be full of horrendous pain.

            I think about continuing to live while being so old and basically non-functional also. It’d be cool to live such a long time and have so many memories and life experiences but I would hate to be so old that I have to depend on others to do the simplest tasks. That just sounds miserable. It’s hard to imagine which would be better, to live a long life until you’re old, wrinkly and slowly lose your mind and all your bodily functions or to die before when you still know what the fucks going on around you haha

          2. what you just wrote about death is so perfectly
            on point its insane!!;-)

            because death isnt an object, mankind cant tangibly fear it. and an object that creates fear will allow a person to come to a conclusion whether he/she likes it or not…
            but death is stingy and doesnt give us any leeway. it will always be an unknown (cause you cant SURVIVE its moment) and that uncertainy . an the unknown cant create real fear only a state of wondering anxiety( remember there’s is no real object there)

            fuck i need a shot of arak on ice in my cup after that

  2. why do sheep get such a thrill from these huge public parties? i mean, i’ll go to a metal show, but shit like this? just to be a fucked up retard with a bunch of strangers….as gay as it sounds, i’d rather read a fucking book.

    1. cause these sheep are pop music lovers. they would die if music flew out of a guitar amp instead of a dj’s disk.

      think y ou they would enjoy the great fine time of headbanging to classical music on distorted imstruments like thrash black and death

      1. Metal shows have turned into a giant trend cluster….everybodies trying to out kvlt you….full of posers and trendy followers…..
        Metal…..extreme metal is not for the weak…….its for the lone wolf who knows and feels the dark embrace…..yadda,yadda,yadda!

      1. oh, i’m an avid reader. i was speaking facetiously as partying, drugging, social butterflies seem to consider that which is quiet and intellectual as “gay”.
        i thought my previous use of “big” words throughout this site was enough indication that i was well-read.

        1. Well, one must express themselves as they are, not as how the majority of false sub-humans understands……
          Why should we lower ourselves to the weak, submissive they are to be made!!!………………..

  3. 51 years old partying with teens and tweens what the fuck did this Mid-life crisis joke expect …..Isn’t he a little too old to be hanging out with kids, if you ask me miss karma had something to do with this undercover pedophile………

    1. Halloween is awesome, One of my favorite holidays, everyone gets to wear a costume. Millions of girls in new york city bars all dressed up like sexy superheroes, and miss universes, free candy for kids in every house 🙂 . All happening while you guys play FIFA on XBOX.

  4. Being an owner of a ghillie suit, one of the rules of thumb is to keep them regularly sprayed with fire-retardant. Otherwise, you can go up like a match like this poor fellow.

    So if any of you out there either own or aspire-to-own a ghillie suit, please keep them sprayed with fire-retardant. There are several very good, low-odor fire-retardant sprays available. But they only work if you actually use them regularly.

    RIP, poor bloke.

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