Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa

Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa
Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa
Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa

No back info for this video but it’s pretty obvious that it is from somewhere in Africa. A man being lynched crawls around looking like something straight out of a horror movie.

He is on fire and the crowd feeds the flames with scrapes of his clothing and debris. No telling the hoops he will have to jump through to get out of this one, or tires. He eventually just gives up and sits, in the most uncomfortable of ways, all while proving that we are all pink on the inside πŸ˜‰ The camera man gives us a nice panoramic view of the crowd at the end.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:


New longer version video. This is how it all started for the young man who stole a mobile phone from a lady somewhere in east Africa as Swahili language can be detected.

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    1. Mercy it is. If I had to experience such a condition, then I would finally lose all interest in material living. What could be a greater mercy than complete disinterestedness in material affairs? What could be a greater precursor to complete surrender, than absolute hopelessness from the material? From all material phenomenon – birth, growth, decay and even death? What could be a greater motivation to attempt transcending this world of illusion and inevitable defeat? That soul will start again. He will learn from his previous terrible condition. Understanding that this world is suffering incarnate, that everything shall end, he will finally turn to the ultimate goal. Yes he has received the mercy of the Almighty.

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  1. Usually I just flush mine….but setting one on fire first….I didn’t know you could make a turd scream like that….and then it will try to crawl out….that is the shit of nightmares.

  2. Come onnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We watch these vids to see what they claim! All those people with cell phones, and all we get is 30 secs????
    We’re supposed to see him beaten, doused, and touched repeatedly till he’s burnt to death, charred black and smoldering!!!!

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  4. there’s no way Hitler would have allowed any of these Africans into Fortress Europa, with its capital Germania.

    But of course the Allies lost their colonies in order to stamp out a German Empire…

    Yet why did the UK, France, Holland feel compelled to bring in these now ex-colonials (who had just received independence) into their homelands?

    So now Europe must fight the same goddamn war to cleanse itself of non-Europeans and Marxist traitors who support them.

    now you see that Hitler was a political genius, a futurist…just born a hundred years too soon

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  6. Hey guys. Sorry i couldn’t see the post earlier.

    They’re speaking swahili. With a coastal accent. Probably mombasa or somewhere in the outskirts. Or even tanzanian. I Can’t really tell. From the few phrases i could actually hear, one says “uzuri wa wizi ndio huo.” which directly translates to “there goes the beauty of theft” but in context means “that is what stealing /theft gets you.” in the background someone says “oya mwanangu” which is slang for “hey man”. At the very end someone says “akaniibia simu na memori kadi” which means “he stole from me a phone and sd card”. Most probably a cheap android with a 2GB sd card : which is more than what most have killed for.

    Peace out.

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