Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa

Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa
Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa
Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa

No back info for this video but it’s pretty obvious that it is from somewhere in Africa. A man being lynched crawls around looking like something straight out of a horror movie.

He is on fire and the crowd feeds the flames with scrapes of his clothing and debris. No telling the hoops he will have to jump through to get out of this one, or tires. He eventually just gives up and sits, in the most uncomfortable of ways, all while proving that we are all pink on the inside 😉 The camera man gives us a nice panoramic view of the crowd at the end.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:


New longer version video. This is how it all started for the young man who stole a mobile phone from a lady somewhere in east Africa as Swahili language can be detected.

178 thoughts on “Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa”

  1. Okay last video for the early morning. This is disgraceful and I ashamed to see people of color acting this way. Where is his family members because I would of surely intervened. There is nothing that bad that you would have set someone on fire for it. is not meant to harm. Africa was always thought of as this beautiful place but then you see videos like this and it just really brings you down. They need to stop these senseless killings.

  2. yknow the funny thing is, I come here for entertainment when im bored and I dig horror. but im the type of person who couldn’t kill a butterfly without feeling bad about it and if this type of stuff happened right next to me, id freak tf out. please tell me im not the only one lmao.

  3. We may have all been created equal but that was many many moons ago.
    And evolving cultures now show an entire different species of human beings throughout the world. A cell phone thief tortured and killed by the town’s people? And they think this is justice. I couldn’t disagree with them more. I would like to have given the thief a glass of water,buy him a meal and lock up the rest involved. But I’m just a stupid ruthless selfish American what do i know. But i do love best gore for giving us a glimpse into what the rest of mankind is up to. I’m currently sipping a Coca-Cola outside my Memphis hotel (which currently has the highest murder rate in America)”inside the gated property obviously” watching the Africans mull about with their 40ozs and festive clothing. Wondering if they would do the same if given their own state in America. Probably 50% the rest would wanna stay with whitey.

  4. Damn that was fun to watch! To short though, he was still alive and moving. But just watching him sit there and burn. The pain! Fuck, this is very fappable.
    And that large crowed just stood there and watched. No matter what race, color, religion or whatever, people enjoy watching others suffer and die in agony.

  5. It’s funny how you notice the little details like, as they chase this poor bastard down they’re all very careful to avoid the puddles. Sure, making a man burn to death is fine but you mustn’t get your feet wet! And all this for a mobile phone. Priorities seem very skewed in bongo-bongo land.

  6. pissed me the fuck off watching this. As a Black I’m glad i don’t live in one of those Backward caveman countries. this is why corona have to wipe out half the map like thanos but aim for the right people… if someone steals i support a good ass kicking (dont get me wrong), throwing them in prison is fine… but bashing them over the head with rocks? setting them on fire? Nooooo too far. then again one they they’d feel what he felt when they’re burning in fucking hell for all eternity

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